• Written by lorraine 6 Sep 2005, 21:50
  • Erotic

Recently my husband John & I got up enough courage to write about our threesome adventure with Bishop my wonderful black lover, when we lived on a remote Island over 20 years ago.
Because of this I have had the courage to tell John that this was not actually the first time another man had fucked me. Ten years previously we had been posted to a military base in North Africa as civilians. We had been married for 4 years & already had 3 children, both of us very young, so obviosly fucked like rabbits.
John's position allowed us to use the sargents mess for socials, bingo & the like. Being very young & feeling that I was more than attractive, not just because I was, but basically because young women were in short supply & especially as the military were only on detachment from Gibraltar, so were on single status.
One Saturday dance & social evening after the drinks had flying frequently, I was approached by Mary, who was about my age, to go to the bathroom with her. Once we got there she asked me if I was up for a gang bang, which at first took me back & surprised me. Explaining further she told me that a few weeks previous she had been fucked by several of the sargents in the snooker room & they were up for it again & had asked her to find out if I was interested. Asking her what had it been like she told me that she had never had so much attention from men & had cocks coming at her from all directions, one fucking her, one in her mouth, with one in each hand & as one finished another would take it's place. It had gone on for about 40 minutes but she had wanted it last longer but she felt that if she stayed away too long, her husband would miss her & come to look for her. Relating her story to me had made me wet & certainly got me going. Here I was 4 years married, only ever having had one cock & never really had many years single to sample all that was out there. I told her I was game.
She told me to give her a couple of minutes & then come to the snooker room, she was off to set it up. When she left I slipped my knickers & bra off, hid them behind the toilet, then left for the snooker room, hoping for some good sex.
As soon as I got into the snooker room I saw Mary spread eagled on the snooker table with some one giving her a good fucking, she had a penis in both hands & a fourth was up on the table with his cock in her mouth. She was really bucking up at the cock inside her, taking the cock in her mouth to the hilt & pumping at the 2 cocks she had in her hands. God it relly turned me on to start getting sme of the action that she was getting. If I had second thoughts about letting John down, those thoughts evaporated by the orgy of sex taking place on the table.
From nowhere a hand took mine & directed me under the table, pushed up my dress & started to feel my pussy. I didn't need any fore play, my pussy was good & ready to get whatever came at it. He realised that almost straight away, as I was by now soaking wet. Quickly he slipped out of his trousers & underpants. I only had half a chance to catch a glimpse of what I was about to get. While not as large as Bishop my futer black lover, he was bigger than John. He slid all the way into me & started thrusting in & out giving me wonderful feelings. Suddenly I felt a penis at my mouth & knowing what it wanted I willingly opened my mouth to receive it, so I could pleasure whoever was on the end of it. Next I was holding a penis in each hand, so I started to pump them. Hands & mouths were at my breasts, how many men were around me I don't know, but I was really starting to get the hang of it & enjoying the feelings that my body was going through The first fuck made me come a couple of times as I remember. The second was multi orgasm, there after it was one continuous orgasm as the bodies kept rotating around me. My pussy was full of come, my mouth had taken several loads & my hands were gooey with the same. Best of all I was in seventh heaven.
Suddenly I heard the snooker room door open, looking to wards it I saw the bottom part of grey trousers & black shoes, immediately they turned round, closed the door & locked it. Mary said aloud that it had been Reggie Smith & had a look like thunder on his face when he saw her with her legs spread taking a cock , with other cocks being attended to by her. She felt that she was in trouble & perhaps I was also, although I should stay under the table as far back as possible so that I may not be seen, especially if the guys where to stand around the table trying to conceal me. This they did & as they left from under the table one or two said thanks, gave me a kiss or had one last feel of my tits. I arranged my dress as best as I possibly could & started to hope that Reggie wouldn't realise that there were now more guys around the table than when he had first looked in. A few minutes later I heard the door being unlocked, opened & heard several people come into the room. I could see large black boots with white gaiters, so I figured that they were military police. Needless to say by this time all of the wonderful sexual feelings that had been coursing throuhout my body had evaporated, now my body was trmbling with fear at possibly being caught. I can't remember all that was said because of being so scared. I heard names being taken & eventually heard them say OK young lady you are going to have to come with us to the guard room, at that everybody filed out of the room, closing the door behind them. My prayers where answered, they never locked it. It seemed like hours before I dared to come out from below the table, open the door gingerly & quickly make it to the ladies room, recover my bra & pants, clean up as best as possible & return to the bar.
John asked where I had been for so long, telling me I looked kind of rough. He believed me when I told him that I had been on the toilet with cramps, probably because of the curry we had eaten earlier & then had gone for a walk around the garrison to get some fresh air.
Later in bed that night when he was pumping away at me it did bring back images of the gang bang that had been so wonderfully sexy, but had nearly had me taken away by the military police like Mary.
Unfortunately for Mary she was sent home to England because of her lewd conduct. This could have hapened to me also & John would have found out about this 35 years earlier. Where ever you are Mary thank you for keeping me out of it & thank you to the soldiers that also kept quiet but also gave me such a wonderful fucking.