• Written by Norman Barnes 16 Jun 2003, 15:51
  • Erotic

I have just returned from an amazing week's holiday in Cap D'Agde,near Montpellier,
South of France.
I stayed at the naturist village in Cap D'Agde where everyone can remain naked 24 hours a day.The self contained village,which also includes a couple of fetish clubs, is only a few minutes walk from the beach.
If you walk along the nudist beach for about five minutes you come to the part where all the swinger's congregate.All day long there are couples or more participating in live sex shows
with horny guys standing around watching,wanking or joining in the action.
In a nearby wooded area single girls often go to see just how many guys they can suck and
get covered in their spunk.One day I saw a lone girl surrounded by about fifty naked men and she carried on until she had drained them all.
Also in the wooded area there is plenty of gay action.
So Cap D'Agde has something for everyone.I am told June and September are the best times
to go as the police patrol the beach during the school holidays.I booked with Peng Travel