• Written by M 19 Sep 2005, 12:08
  • Erotic

This story is 100% true and happened earlier this year. July to be exact. My wife and I had never been involved in the swinging scene but we watched the various programs on tv, Real Wife Swaps etc. We often talked about what it must be like in the clubs. After a couple of months I suggested we go to a popular club in Sheffield. My wife was quite shocked but after a couple of days agreed to go. The intention was to go, but not take part. Just watching the other couples and playing between ourselves. Not the way it turned out though !
We decided to buy R a new outfit so she wouldn't look out of place. We went into Leeds to buy a Sexy underware set which constisted of a black Bra, Matching G String and black lace top hold up stockings. A pair of strappy high heels finished the outfit.
On the Saturday she spent ages getting ready. Waxed her legs, Trimmed her fanny. After about 2 hours geting ready she appeared. She looked fantastic. We set off to the club. When we got into the club it was reasonably quiet. After about an hour a bloke came up and started talking to us. He seemed ok, nothing special but was very polite. I went to get us a drink for the bar. On my return I was suprised to find R had disapeared. I looked around but couldn't find her. I then realised she must have gone through to the playrooms so I went through. I looked all over and found her stood with the man from the bar watching a woman being fucked by a bloke. She had stripped down to her underware and was being felt up. She saw me and was shocked. She kept saying sorry she'd just got carried away. I told her not to worry. I was turned on and wanted her to have a good time. She smiled. The guy led her had towards a bed, R said she couldn't do it with me watching as this made her feel uneasy and would prefer me to go back to the bar and come back in abit. I was unsure but the guy assured me he would look after her, his wife was the one in the other room getting shagged. Hesitantly I left, After about 10 mins I could stand it not longer, I went back in and hid in the dark corners. I saw my 25 year old wife on a bed with a stranger, he had stripped her down to her stockings and was licking her out. She was moaning loudly. We climbed up her and started to kisss her. He knelt up and opened a condom packet and rolled on a condom. He had an average sized cock. Nothing special. He then mounted her, He started fucking her hard. She was screaming. I've never heard her come like that. I started to feel annoyed that she was getting shagged like a whore having a great time whilst I stood like a tosser watching. I left and went through back to the bar to get pissed.
After about an our the bloke arrived at the side of me, smiled and offered to buy me a drink. I asked where R was, he said she's in there finishing off. I angrily went through to she where she was. I eventually found her in a differnt room. She was riding a black man with a massive cock. She was coming so loudly and there were about 6 people watching. The black bloke rolled her off and mounted her missionary position. The fucked her hard for about 15 minutes. Then he shuddered as he came. As he pulled out I saw loads of spunk dribble out of her. He had obviously fucked her bareback. She just laid there panting. A woman put her head between her legs and started to clean her out. R just laid there and let her. She has never been with a woman before but did nothing to stop her. R finally got up and dressed. We had a drink together and went back to the hotel in Sheffield centre. We had a bit of a row as we only went to see what went on and never agreed to play with anyone else. I was very annoyed she had shagged 2 blokes. Then the truth came out. She had shagged 3 blokes in fact. I had seen her with the first bloke and black bloke. There was another in between. She only fucked the black bloke bareback, the other two with condoms. She had also sucked off 2 men whilst she fucked the second man. Not forgeting she had been licked out by a woman. After a while she stripped to get a shower. She had dried spunk in her pubes, her stocking tops were soaking and she had love bites all over her tits. She looked a right Whore. She laid down and told me to fuck her. I stripped off and started to fuck her. It was the best fuck we have ever had. We will go again but the wife has promised next time I'll get to fuck who I want. We are now both full time swingers. More stories to follow.