• Written by medwaycoupleuk 9 Dec 2010, 18:15
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We recently bought a flat in south-east London, not to live in but as an investment property, we will probably let it out to students from the local university. It was brand new and all my wife Karen and I had to do was to take a day off work and furnish it. It would also give Karen an opportunity, later that evening to meet her lover there. Karen has been seeing Richard for over ten years. Most people who know us think he is a close family friend. However in reality he is her secret boyfriend. She goes away with him every couple on months for a weekend and comes back having been, in Richard’s words, “fucked stupid”. Sometimes we go to a concert together with him and he then “entertains” her in front of me after the show, either on the back seat of our car or in a hotel room if we have booked something. Other times they meet in London for shopping trips, he is a leg man with a stiletto shoe fetish so she has dozens of outfits and shoes he has bought for her over the years. He is a professional married man, an MD of a technology company. My wife is his cock whore.

When we managed to book our day off we hired a van and took a bed up to the flat and visited IKEA on the way there too, buying flat packed wardrobes and drawers. We spent the afternoon getting the place ship shape. We had also told Richard previously that we would be in the new flat that evening if he wanted to come down and see the place, have a drink and of course “sort out” Karen if he wished. Karen and Richard arranged with each other that he would come over after his work, so Karen bought a couple of outfits with her and went to shower and get ready for him as I left to drive to the local station to pick him up at 5.30. Also he only had an hour or so because by the time he got back to north London where he lived it would be 9 even if he left us at his planned 7.15. His wife wasn’t aware that he had a lover and he didn’t want questions asked. I drove to the local station to pick him up and take him back. By the time we arrived back at the flat she was looking fantastic, wearing a tiny mini skirt he had previously bought for her that I had never seen before, stocking tops showing when she sat down, high heels, the lot. After a chat and a cuppa he told me that he would like to take her alone into the bedroom "and maybe you could come in later". That was his code for not wanting me around. Although I had bought the camera it was an occasion that I felt would be ruined for them if I was standing there clicking away. So, they went into the bedroom and shut the door. Needless to say my mind was working overtime as I could only imagine what the dirty bastard was doing to her. I just got on with emptying the rest of the van which probably took half an hour then having a shower. The only time I saw anything initially was when, on the first occasion that I came back with something from the van, he opened the door of the bedroom to check that it was me coming back into the flat. At that point he was sitting naked on a chair by the door and she was on her knees sucking his cock, all she was wearing now was a white basque & knickers, stockings and her high heels. He saw it was me, said nothing and just closed the bedroom door again. Every time I passed the bedroom (which is adjacent to the front door) I could hear whispers, giggles, slapping noises and the sound of Karen orgasming from time to time!
I was fucking dying to open the door and have a look but I knew that I would ruin it for them if I did, there have been other times before when he has said that they would prefer me not to be around. I didn’t want to push my luck with him because the previous time that I had been with them when they were together he had let me film their fun so I couldn’t complain.
Anyway, when the time got to 7.15, I could barely wait any longer to know what was going on and of course, knowing that he had to get going soon I had the perfect opportunity to walk in......
Wow, the scene was amazing. Karen was on the mattress on the floor, lying on her back with her legs bent up and in the air. Richard was naked and lying on top of her but with his arms out straight so his face was directly over hers. His back was towards me so neither could see me there. They were in the very final throes of shagging with her panting and cuming and staring wide-eyed at him. He was giving her the most enormous thrusts. Cock pounding into cunt! Neither noticed me and it was obviously perfect timing because I heard him say "spunking" so I guess he was just beginning to empty his bollocks into her. Fucking dirty bastard!
I stayed and watched for the next 10 or so thrusts as he arched his back and shot everything he had up her and I closed the door as they started making giggling noises at each other. They hadn’t realised I had seen them, so in a way a bit of a result!
Anyway I guess that they must have just stayed cuddling and whispering for another 15 minutes before they came out. He was naked with a red cock and bits of drying tissue around the end of it. She had obviously soaked him before he spurted up her!
She was just in her white basque and stockings, red faced and completely shagged out and gave me an “I’ve been naughty” smile. He showered and they both dressed and I took him in the car with us to back to the station where we dropped her off.
Afterwards Karen said that she was surprised that I hadn’t come in at some point!!!!!!!!!!! I am not going to ruin it and tell her otherwise.
Let me know if you would like to hear what happened when I got her home.