• Written by paul 13 Dec 2010, 15:48
  • Fact

For the last six months or so my wife has been right off sex, the best I get is an occasional hand job.So I have taken to wanking at least once a day.
This week the mother in law is staying with us as we live near milton keynes and it is easy for her to go xmas shopping.
Sunday afternoon I came down with an upset stomach and went to bed early,monday morning I still felt rough so took the day off work and stayed in bed.By 8am my wife had gone to work and Ann my MIL was up and about doing things and popped in from time to time to see if I needed any thing.
By about 11am I started to feel horny and lie back to have a nice slow wank,about two minutes in to it ann walks in and asks if I want a cup of tea,she must have realised by my expression that I was up to something.I said no thanks and she left but I started thinking about her.She is 5 feet tall tiny little 32a tits an quite attractive for a 72 year old.While I was thinking all this I was back to my nice slow wank eyes closed fantasising about Ann. Suddenly ann says"that would be a waste" and I opened my eyes and she was standing there watching me.
At this point I didn't know what to say so I pulled the duvet off and said it's yours if you want it. Without taking her eyes off my cock she stripped naked and got into bed.
At this point it got a bit embarassing for me I didn't know whether she wanted a quick fuck or the full monty. luckily for me she left me in no doubt we kissed and her lips parted to let my tongue in and she started to rub my cock.Her tiny little tits were very firm with rock hard nipples and a glorious full bush.
Ann asked if she could suck my cock as her late husband hadn't liked it and she had always wanted to do it,her technique wasn't great to start with but with a little instruction she did quite well.Very soon I was ready to cum and I didn't want to yet cos when you are 55 years old it takes a while to get it up again.When I told her I was going to lick her fanny she looked horrified and said no but afterplaying wih it for a few minutes she said she would try it but if she didn't like it I must stop.
Oh boy within 2 minutes of my tongue touching her clitshe was having a massive orgasm and it just didn't stop she seemed to go on forever and eventually she said fuck me please fuck me. well I wont say it was a marathon fuck probably more like 60 seconds
but we both enjoyed it.lying there after she said she hadn't had a man for 13 years and knew I would be up for it as my wife had told her she had gone off sex.
That was yesterday I took today off work as well and last night I went to see a friend of mine. today has been a fun day Ann is in the shower I have still got a hard on and my wife gets home in 45 minutes, might have time for one more.