• Written by Annette 10 Oct 2005, 18:55
  • Erotic

Hello all my name is Annette i'm a 37 year old mum,i'm told i'm attractive,and i do try
to dress nicely most of the time.I am a little plump,but it seems to have gone to the 'right'
places as they say.I married John a year ago after a messy divorce from my useless waster of
an ex husband.John is everything my ex was not,although he's a fair bit older at 55 he is still
far more energetic and hardworking,he is also a very caring and gentle man,my one son recently
started at university and lives away,John has been much more of a father to him.
The strange thing is though that John inspite of being such a wonderful man has introduced me to
an interest of his that shocked me at first but i have slowly come to accept and even enjoy.
You see my husband likes to spank my bottom,in fact he sometimes canes me as well.To begin with
i was very reluctant about something so humiliating and embarrassing,but John persuaded me to bend over his lap
as he sat in the armchair on that first occasion.I was wearing a pair of cream pyjamas and i was very aware that my
big bum must have looked very vulnerable in them,i felt a little embarrassed to say the least and i am sure i was blushing furiously as John played with my bum.
Soon his big hand was gently swatting my bottom,gradually getting harder until it was cracking down and stinging my backside unbearably.I protested
but John gently chided me and told me to take my spanking,i knew that this would happen more often,and being this submissive with my husband was
exciting me a lot.
John led me gently into the world of marrital spanking,and he progressed to using the slipper on my knicker seat from time to time.It really gave me butterflies
to bend over and present my bottom to John in this way.Nowadays i know who the boss is and if i'm honest i have to admit that i've always longed to be mastered
by a strong but kindly man.Sometimes John even has me running on the spot naked and other humiliating practices,this makes my big breasts bounce about which i find
a little painful,but John enjoys watching them swing about for some reason.
On saturday i recieved a 12 stroke caning on my poor bottom which is still sore as i write,for canings i usually have to touch my toes in the living room dressed
in just bra and knickers mostly,if i jump up i get extra strokes,so i have to bear the painful rod with gritted teeth.We have a wonderful sex life quite apart from
the spanking which more than makes up for my husbands little foible.In fact i am only to happy to present my bottom to this wonderful and caring man.