• Trevor Walker. 19 Oct 2005, 23:59
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One Saturday night, late this summer, I was in a crowded bar with my wife, Kerry, who is 48. Kerry has looked after herself and keeps fit by cycle racing and swimming and she looked really sexy, as she sat yhere in her short skirt and tight lycra top I got up to go to the bar, for drinks and on the way back, I saw a young man of about 25 talking to her. When he saw me, he walked away and joined his friends at the bar.

I sat down and Kerry told me that the young man who was called Brian, had asked her to go out with him. She told me that she had turned his offer down, but he had given her, his mobile phone number incase she changed her mind.

She showed me a piece of paper with a telephone number written on it and then she put it in her purse. As the night went on, I could see Kerry watching Brian and making eye contact with him on a number of occasions. I noticed that her breathing had become heavy and when I looked down, below the table, at her lap, she had put her hand up her short skirt and was playing with her pussy.

I asked her, "Do you want to fuck that guy." and she just nodded her head and let out a short gasp. I assumed that she had just come on her fingers, so I reached down, lifted her hand and felt that her fingers were wet and covered in her juices. I knew that she was in heat, so I reached her my car keys and mobile phone and told her to just phone Brian and get it over with. I said that I would meet up with her in another bar when she had sorted herself out.

Kerry got up and left the bar, without saying another word. A few minutes later, Brian answered his mobile and then, he too left the premises. I finished off my drink and walked outside. Our car had been moved to a dark area, under some trees, at the far side of the car park and the windows were misted up.

I walked about a mile across town to a small pub in Belfast's Dockland where I knew most of the regulars. A few of them asked where Kerry was and I told them that she would join me, later on.

About an hour passed before Kerry arrived at the pub. She walked in and chatted to some of the regulars, before joining me on a stool at the bar. She was calm and relaxed again and she had that look of a woman who had just been shagged like a slut.

Kerry handed me back my mobile phone and said, "Have a look at the pictures, but don,t let anyone else see them. I sheilded the camera and looked at the images. They showed her, naked, except for her stockings, lying in the back of my car and in some of the shots, she was sucking on, or playing with Brian's cock.

The dirty slut had let him take pictures of her, as he fucked her. There was even a picture of his cum, running out of her cunt and one of thick strings of spunk around her lips.

Later on, as she drove me home, she told me that she had treated Brian to a blow job, because she knew that he wouldn't last long and that when he recovered, he was able to fuck her for ages, before he shot his spunk inside her cunt.

The next day, Kerry told me that Brian had texted the pictures he took of her, back to his mates in the bar.

Isn't it great, being married to a dirty slut like Kerry.