• emma & john 8 Dec 2003, 17:47
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I had always moaned and moaned to emma that I wanted her to get fucked by other guys, but she was never up for it.
After years of being married, she asked me if it was still my fantasy for her to fuck another guy. Immediately my cock got solid. I replied 'Yes, it's still a fantasy,' and questioned her if she was up for it.
She said that as it was approching my 30th birthday she may organise a special birthday treat for me.
Although I was extremely turned on by this, I always thought that she was probably just winding me up.
The week leading up o my birthday, she kept asking a few questions, like 'how far am I allowed to go with another guy', 'do you want to watch me get fucked, or would you prefer that I told you about it', 'what do you want me to wear?'

During this week we had incredible sex, because I was constantly horny thinking of her being screwed by someone else, bearing in mind she had only ever had sex with me.

The night before my birthday, a Thursday night, Emma had arranged to go nightclubbing with a couple of her friends from work. The girls she was going out with were always going on at her to snog other guys when she went out, saying I would never find out about it. Before she went out she was getting done up at the dressing table, she put on some really red lip stick, heavy eye make up and a see through black top, with a wonder bra underneath, she was a 36dd, so her tits looked huge. I drove her to the pub where she was meeting her friends, she asked me if I would pick her up later on although it may be quite late, I said of course I would, I often pick her up at about 3-4am after the night clubs close.

I went home and thought about what she might have in mind for my 30th birthday the following day, not knowing what she was up to tonight.
I fell asleep aroung 11pm and was awoken by the phone at 7am, it was emma, she had went to a party after the club with a group of guys that she had met there. So I went to pick her up from the flat where the party was, when I got outside, she rang me on my mobile and told me to come up. When I got up to the top floor where the party had been, a guy opened the door and asked me to come in. I went in and emma shouted on me from behind one of the doors.
I walked in to the room and emma was lying in bed with two guys, she had her tits out, her make up was all over her face and her hair was every where. I got turned on and had to sit down.I looked at her tits from the chair and noticed that they were covered in love bites and dried up spunk.
Emma introduced me to the two guys in bed with her, none of them seemed to care that I was her husband.
I asked her if she had a good night, she said she had had an amazing night. She said she met a group of six guys at about 1 am and went back to theirs for a party, her workmates had left her with the guys.
While she was telling me about the night before, one of the guys was openly feeling her tit and playing with her nipples.
She told me that all of the guys had loved her big tits and urged her to take them out, she said that for about an hour or so the guys had just been staring at her bare breasts and grabbing them, while they were all dancing and talking.
One of the guys told her to take her trousers off so they could have a look at her cunt as well. As she was up for a challenge she obliged and spread her legs on the couch and pulled her pussy apart so all the guys could have a good look.
She then said to the guys that it wasnt fair that only she was naked and demanded that they take their cocks out.
she then told them that I had always wanted her to get fucked by other guys, so each one of them had to fuck her as hard as they could and fill her with spunk.
She sucked the six cocks, and had each one up her cunt, four of them also fucked her arse. All six of them came in her pussy.
About an hour later three of the guys were fucking her again, one up the arse one in the pussy and one was fucking her mouth. this time she told them all to cum over her face and tits. they all obliged. she lifted the duvet cover and showed me her creamy pussy, she asked me if I would like to see her in action for myself, I said of course I would. She then proceeded to suck one of the guys lying next to her in bed, while the other one squeezed her tits. She then sat on his cock and bounced on him while it went up her arse. The other one went on top then and started to pound away at her pussy. I couldnt believe it, I was watching my wife get fucked by 2 younger guys and she was loving it.
The door opened and the four other guys who had fucked her the previous night came in and started wanking their cocks over her while she was getting fucked. she told them all to spray their spunk all over her face. she was totally covered in it and you could hardly recognise her. Th eguy fucking her arse came deep inside her, and the guy up her cunt came in there. She rubbed all of the spunk into her face and tits, kissed me and said hapy birthday!