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Hi, here's one of my favourite sessions we had continuing the Dogging Gangbang in Yorkshire (1,2,3).

We decided this time we'd get a hotel and have some relaxed no holes-barred fun. J is still the sexy 35 y/o dark haired slim petite slut she's always been.

I advertised that a slut needs a gangbang again and gots tons of replies. We both vetted the pictures and picked 3 guys for the task in hand. She wanted slim hung guys under 40 and over 5 foot !

I got my new dig-camcorder ready and the guys arrived in the hotel lobby on time and we had a quick beer and exlained the rules - of which there weren't any apart from to stop if she doesn't like something, and that I'd keep their faces out of camera view.

I called J and told her we were on our way up and she said she'd already cum once just thinking about it.

We went in the room and the guys were confronted with J dressed in just one piece tight black fishnet body stocking, 2 fingers in her cunt and 1 up her arse.

We all got naked and I zoomed the Cam in on her face and asked her to explain what was going on. "Hi I'm J and I'm a cock loving slut who's going to get fucked senseless by these 4 cocks. I want to suck them all off, get my cunt and arse fucked by each one and have all my holes filled at least once by everyone".

I reminded her of my fantasy and she added "oh yes and to finish the night off I want a full porno style cum finale - all 4 of you cumming in my mouth, face and tits"

J then got on her knees at the end of the bed and asked to be treated like the slut she is. Within 1 second cock1 was thrust in her mouth and she was wanking cocks 2 and 3. I was happy to just watch and camcord for the time being. She then alternated sucking all 4 of our rock hard cocks, making sure she kept eye contact with each of the guys and the camera.

As usual her fingers were slipping up our arses everytime she took each cock in her mouth - then sucking her fingers and lubing up as she swapped around fingering us. I had to concentrate not to cum too soon when she dragged me closer and slipped her tongue into my arse - gently flickin my hole !

After about 20 minutes of sucking she then laid down on the bed and said "who's going to fuck me first?" Apart from 2 sessions previously I've always made sure she was fucked with condoms, but she asked if she could go bareback just this once, as she hated condoms - and I dutifully agreed

Cock2 was the first one in and slipped into her dead easy - she's always nice and wet. Cocks 1 and 3 then knealt each side of her head and fed their cocks into her mouth, all the while my camcording up close the action. J had the sexiest look ever - all her birthdays together !

The 3 guys took turns in fucking her and getting sucked off for about 20 minutes, then I gave the Cam to cock2 and I took my time fucking her well-fucked cunt. Still none of us were allowed to cum yet and J said "here's the best bit". She got on her knees on the end of the bed and spread her arse cheeks in front of us, then lubed up her middle finger and slowly finger-fucked her arse. It was one of the horniest things I've seen her do.

Her command "i want you all take turns fucking my arse" quickly got our attention. I bent down and tongue-fucked her puckered tight little hole for a few minutes and J asked them said it was only fair if they all got to rim her before they fucked her. It was then a mad dash of heads and tongue's fighting to rim her arse quickly.

I then proclaimed as she was my slut that I got to fuck her arse first. It was so horny to see my gorgeous slut on all fours in front of 4 rock hard cocks knowing she was about to be anally violated by all 4 us. I've fingered, licked and fucked her arse loads of times but this was amazing.

Cock3 was handed the Cam and I slipped my cock head against her tight arse, slowly easing it in inch my inch till my cock was buried about 4 inches into her well lubed ring. Then I started to slowly fuck her arse, slowing down so the Camcorder could get a nice close up. After about 2 minutes I gently eased my cock out of her and said "next".

Cock1 was the next into her arse, slightly bigger than me and J was coming out with all the porno style commentary, "yeh fuck my arse, i wanna feel your hot cum pumping into me etc etc".

Cock1 was replaced on my orders after a couple of minutes with cock2, who wasted no-time in slipping his 7 inches up to the hilt in my gorgeous sluts puckered ring. He started giving her it a bit harder - full strokes in and nearly full out of her arse. He was also highly verbal, things like "do you like my big hard cock in your tight arse you fuckslut etc etc" with J matching it with the same back.

I then took the Cam from cock3 and told him it was time for her 4th cock up her arse. I got a close up of her well fucked hole before he stuck his cock in too. He was only going about a minute and said he couldn't hold back and he was gonna cum. J then shouted well come on then, fuck my arse and fill it with cum! Before he'd cum I could tell she was coming again - probably the 3rd time so far.

Cock3 then went into overdrive and hammered his cock into her arse and telling her he was cumming - he was filling her arse deep with his cum. After 30 seconds of very gentle fucking he pulled out and J stuck her finger into her arse and then proceeded to lick it - then did it again 3 times.

This was all too much for me - I've seen her being fucked in her cunt before and then I've shot sloppy seconds in but i'd never seen her with a cum-filled arsehole. I gave the Cam to cock3 and I slipped my cock into her now even more slippy arse, gave her about 3 strokes and shot what felt like 10 gallons into gaping arse. What a feeling it was - probably one of the strongest orgasms for years.

I kept my still hard cock in her arse for a while then pulled out and she collapsed on her back with a massive smile on her face. Without giving her a rest Cock 2 then climbed aboard and started fucking her cunt hard - you could tell he was close to cuming and so could J. She gripped his arse and pulled him tight as he got faster and she then got her first cunt-fill of cum. cock2 kept pumping away slowly and said he could feel J's pussy milking all the cum out of him. J had an even bigger smile by now.

When Cock2 pulled out of her cunt she again gave it some finger licks and just waved her finger to Cock1 who had yet to fill my slut with his first cum of the night. I asked Cock3 to get some closeup shotsz of the cum oozing from her pussy and arse and she obliged by spreading wide and pushing out some more cum for the camera.

Cock1 finally got his fun and much like cock2 gave her a pretty short fucking then loudly shot his load deep into her cunt.

J then got all the three of then to lie down next to her while she gently stroked their cocks, ready for the next session.

As this has gone on a bit I'll pen the rest of the night in a new mailing soon.

to be continued ... look for Dogging Gangbang in Yorkshire (5)