• Written by julielikesit 21 Mar 2006, 14:58
  • Erotic

To be honest I was a bit of a slut in school. When I was 20 my hubby started to encourage me to dress more sexy and said I should go out with my friends and have fun. At first it was just harmless nights out with the girls but hubby said I should dress like my friends and show off a bit. I said that they wanted to pull guys and I was married so I shouldn't be like that. He kept on telling me too make the most of my self and that I was a sexy woman and he liked me to look good. So I started dressing to go out just like my single friends and was soon getting a lot of attention. I told hubby that men were trying to pick me up and he said if I wanted come extra cock it was OK with him. I kept saying that I was married and that I wouldn't be like that but secretly I was enjoying the attention and one night a nice looking man asked if he could give me a lift home and I accepted. The car stopped in a quiet spot on the way home and ten minutes later he was pumping his spunk up my cunt.

I felt really guilty and when I got home I went straight to the bathroom and washed my cunt and put my soaking panties in the laundry basket and joined hubby in bed. Hubby wanted a fuck but I said I was tired. I was determined that it wouldn't happen again but a few weeks later I let another man fuck me. Hubby said I was late coming home and I said the taxi was late and I headed for the bathroon again. When I joined hubby in bed he felt my cunt and said I was very wet. I said I was horny thinking about fucking him when I got home. He got his cock up me and fucked me hard soon adding his cum in my used hole. I felt so guilty but so naughty too, having two cocks in one night.

Things carried on like this and over the next year about once a month I got fucked but I still couldn't tell my husband even though he had often told me he didn't mind in fact he liked the thought of my cunt being used by other men. But each time I was getting in later than before and sometimes the men were fucking me 2 or 3 times before taking me home. Each time I headed for the bathroom to clean up and hid my cum soaked knickers in the laundry and each time hubby was waiting to fuck me. Then one night I got in about 2:30 with a cunt full of cum and as I was about to wash the bathroom door opened and hubby stood there with a huge hard on. He told me not to wash but to bring my used cunt to bed. He made me kneel on the bed and pull open my arse cheeks and show him my cunt. He said he knew that I'd been fucking other men and he'd found my knickers in the laundry. I asked why he hadn't said anything and he said he didn't want to put me off and that he was happy to have a slut for a wife. He knew that once I had fucked a few guys I would want more and he'd like nothing better than to let me share my cunt as often as I'd like. My cunt was full of cum that night as the guy had dumped 3 loads up me and hubby said it looked fantastic. He shoved his fat cock up me and fucked me hard but he was so excited that he only lasted a few minutes before he emptied his balls up me.

He wanted all the dirty details. He knew I was fucking but how many times had I done it and was it one guy or different guys and how many times did they cum up me. I asked what he'd prefer and he said differnt guys and lots of cum in my cunt. I told him that we could count them up together and I told him about each man and how many times they fucked me. By the time I'd got to six men he was rock hard and he fucked me again. When I'd finished the count had reached 17 different men that had fucked me in about 14 months. He said I was a right dirty slut and that now I didn't have to hide it, I could have all the cock I wanted.

So that's how it started with fucking different guys and bringing home my well used cunt for hubby to enjoy. I guess he was right I am a dirty slut!!!