• Written by Twisted - Sister 27 Dec 2003, 21:40
  • Erotic

I have had a great deal of fun over the years with glory holes since I was in my earley teens.

It means you can get your cock sucked or screw some one with only the image in your mind to say who is sucking you off, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Matt Le Blank any one could have been on the other side of the was, unlikely I know but one can always dream.

Travelling as I did around the country, I should have written a book about glory holes around the UK, but who would bother buying it?

On a couple of camp sites I found holes between male and female, after finding out about one from the male side I went back a few days later dressed as a female and sat in the ladies and that evening quite a number of guys headed into the compartment on the male side.

Some of the guys were shy, but others were very bold and pushed their cocks through to be greeted by a pair of eager lips, from the notes passed through the hole by each guy as they came in to the cubical, it seemed very popular as there was a line building up outside of straight guys wanting to push their cocks through the hole. After each guy had shot his load they would disappear as fast as they appeared.

Any guy over 18 who would like some fun with a mature trannie please get in contact. Please send a face pic and any other pic's you think might interest me.