Written by DJAW

28 Aug 2014

My names Paul 56 and my wife's Dee is 54. Deb is a size 12/14 with a lovely round arse. We have been married for 33 years and as far as i know i am the only bloke that Deb has been with. As with all marriages our sex life has gone a bit stale and i have tried to freshen it up. When we have sex i regularly mention to having her shagged by someone else and Dee joins in but that is as far as it goes. During the warm summer me and Deb went out for a meal midweek near Epsom race course. Deb was wearing a summer dress with buttons up the front. After the meal on the way home We stopped in a car park where you can see over London. There was a couple of cars parked up but didn't seem to be anybody in them.I started kissing Dee and after a while to my surprise she started to rub my cock over my jeans. I then put the seats back and undid a couple of buttons and got her tits out pinching her nipples. Dee then undid my zip and got my cock out. I moved my hands down to her legs and slid it up to her knickers rubbing her pussy over her knickers. At this moment i noticed someone was at the car window on the passengers side. I thought if i told Dee she would stop so didn't say anything and carried on. It was Dee who said i think were being watched. Whats he doing i said, wanking i think. I then undid a the rest of her buttons thinking any moment now shes going to stop me but didn't. Pushing my luck further i started to pull her knickers down and got them off. I then said im going to turn the interior light on to which she said go on then. I could not believe my luck. I looked up to see a big black cock and its owner at the window. I said to Dee have you seen his cock she said yes its massive isnt it. Why dont you give him a hand to wank it. We then undid the passenger window I then got Dee on all fours with her arse at the window and pulled her fanny and cheeks apart fingering her pussy and arse. Can i touch he said Dee said yes hands only and as i pulled her pussy apart he fingered her roughly pushing first 2 then 3 fingers into her. Dee then said stop and thought thats the end of it but she said i,ll wank you off if you like. She could not get her fingers round his cock but gripped it hard and started rubbing it. After a few rubs he came in bigh blobs hitting Dee and the side of the car. He said thanks put his cock away and left. I then gave Dee the best fucking we had for ages. We have spoken about this and agree it was a sexy expierence and will do it again soon