25 Sep 2017

This happened on Saturday evening and follows on from what happened a month or so (read Birthday Treat). we decided to dip our toes in the water at a party in Hertfordshire.We were both rather nervous/apprehensive/excited all at the same time. Carol was showing off her fabulous figure with green velvet thigh length boots and and what almost was a little black dress which showed off her amazing boobs (had them done in March). We arrived around 10.30, were shown around. As soon as we were introduced to a few people who were already there, I could see every pair of eyes (male and female) were undressing Carol. We had a couple of drinks and made some idle banter and of course we were asked what experience we'd had and our answer was of course none apart from the birthday treat story. We moved to the dance floor area and as the drinks began to take affect we danced and watched other couples as they also relaxed.

Being unsure of what to do next, we took ourselves off to look at the other rooms. In one room a couple were fucking on the bed happy for us to watch, which we did for a few mins before taking ourselves off to another room. We decided to have some fun by ourselves and Carol stripped to her lingerie and we started getting it on when another couple came in and sat to watch. With this being our first time we were a little spooked by this but carried on. They moved on after a few mins and we also decided to back to the party.

Other party goers soon started to close in on Carol and it was very apparent she would be the focus of a few of the women there as well as the men. We had our own ground rules, the main one being the only cock she would have inside her would be mine...everything else we'd take that as it came. So after a few mins one guy was chatting to Carol whilst I spoke to his wife making it clear to her that Carol thought she was hot!

After another minute or so, one of the other women came over, smiled at carol and basically snogged her face off, quickly joined by another blonde who did the same. Things were definitely getting steamy and while watching this unfold I chatted to the woman's husband and he asked what was on the cards, so I explained our ground rules and that we'd take things as they happened.

Then we were asked if we'd like to go upstairs and we followed two couples to one of the rooms. My heart was racing as the three women were quickly entwined with lots of kissing touching and soon all three of them were naked on the bed. I thought quite smugly to myself that although carol was clearly the oldest woman, she had the hottest body by far and the two other girls could not get enough of her. Watching my partner at the complete mercy of these two other more experienced women was incredibly horny and I was soon down to my boxers with a raging hard on. One of the girls had her tongue deep inside Carol's pussy while the other fingered her sucked her beautiful firm tits and kissed her passionately.

I joined Carol at the head of the bed and joined in the fun kissing and sucking whatever bit of flesh was left spare! She loves being held down and I gently held her throat as the two other girls brought her to a very loud shuddering orgasm.

At this point I thought the girls would all change positions, but they hadn't finished with her and although her pussy was sensitive after cumming, they went at her again, Carol lying on her back and another of the girls straddling her pussy to pussy. While this was all happening the husband of the girl straddling Carol moved behind his wife and was fondling her and feeling her pussy while she had her fingers inside Carol slowly bringing her to another climax. Then his wife reached forward and started squeezing Carol's boobs and had her other hand on my shoulder...it was only then I realised it was her husband who had his fingers inside Carol's pussy, which although very horny was a bit of a surprise and knowing that another man had his fingers inside a woman who I love. Carol had her eyes closed all the while and soon she came hard and it was only when her orgasm subsided she realised it was another guy who'd made her cum.

At this point everyone stopped for a break and needed a drink...to be continued.