Written by girls-cum-1st

3 Feb 2007


Next morning I sent a text to Les.

“Hi sexy! Thanks for last night and especially for sharing. I don’t care who you are or what you have done, ur a very special person and I want you on my holiday. Txx PS and in my bed!

Her reply was immediate “Thanks, ur rather cute too, only you and my mum know about u no what Lx PS what we did on my sofa was very nice I still tingle!

“So do I when can we do it again?”

“Soon. Same pub at one ok?”

I spent the morning catching up on some planning drawings for my City client and showed up in the pub a little early only to find Les already well into a bottle of Bud and of course dressed in her dowdy librarian attire. But the delicious sexy smile she gave me would definitely not be seen in the library! I grabbed a beer and we found a little table by the window. “I had sex with your twin sister last night” I joked, frowning at her gear and wondering how one of her punters would feel if he saw her now.

“I’ll have to ask her if you were any good, she’s very choosy you know,” she laughed.

“She was very special actually and the sex was the best I have had in yonks, she seemed very experienced in the art of delight”

“She’s had a lot of practice!” Slowly the smile disappeared from her face “So….”

“So...” I replied, one eye raised in question, wondering where the conversation was going

“Listen, I know what’s on your mind, I think you should know that part of my life ended two years ago.

“I realise that, but if I may ask what made you give it up if it was so lucrative?”

“A girl I knew got badly beaten up by a punter and that was enough for me, and it was about the same time that I got offered this job” pointing to her badge “and of course it’s more socially acceptable”

“It’s OK, I have no problem with it, I’m thrilled that you took the courage to tell me, you didn’t have to you know”

“I know, and I don’t have any regrets because I did it all for Mary, and my mum got looked after too before she got herself a new man.”

“Look, I was pretty promiscuous before I got married, and even I can own up to going with a couple of those girls while I was with my wife, I thought that better at the time than being unfaithful. It was pretty meaningless sex though”

“I hope you stayed safe.”

“Of course I did, I was even safe with my ex girl friend because I knew she had slept around a helluva lot before we met. And afterwards too” I added with a resigned smile. “I have to admit that I hate bloody condoms though.”

“We all do, but that’s the world we live in, I confess I really miss that feeling of a man releasing himself completely inside me. What happened to your marriage?”

“Well, I went from a very active sexual life, I was in the Navy for a while, into marrying a woman who had peculiar values in that department. She was a Methodist and believed that sex was purely for the procreation of offspring. After a few practice runs she suspected I was just shagging her for the fun of it, which of course I was, and more or less called a halt to the sex. She accused me of not trying”

“How long were you together?”

“Twelve years, we split up two years ago. I had one or two meaningless flings to let off steam then met up with Lisa and that lasted until May, it would seem now that for her it ended last year”

She leaned forward and whispered “So when did you last have sex, before last night I mean, you seemed to go at it like a man possessed…not that I minded!”

“Was it that obvious? Boxing Day actually, so...ummm... about six months I guess”

“Mmmmm, thought you had been saving it up” she grinned, finishing her beer “In my work I was very used to handling frustrated husbands!”

“Mmmm…wish I had met you when I was in that category. Another one?” pointing to her empty glass. She nodded and I fetched two more Buds

“So, may I ask how long had it been it for you?”

She took a swig from the bottle and stared hard into my eyes “Would nearly a year surprise you”?

I gulped on my drink making her laugh “I have been devoted to making up for lost time with Mary, she had spent so many evenings with my mum”

“So no one else then?”

“Just a fling with a married guy last summer, only I didn’t know at the time that he was married, I just seem to attract married men…until you came along the other day I had lost interest, or I thought I had,” she added poking me in the ribs and grinning

“It was totally spontaneous for me too you know, I don’t usually jump in that quickly.”

She looked down at her dress “Yes you were very brave, I guess this is not totally sex appeal! And now I want more” she whispered “a lot more. Do you think you will be able to handle me?

“I think I managed ok last night!”

“That was just a warm up darling, you haven’t seen me in full flow, and I do come with excellent credentials!”

“Sounds good” I replied, “would you care to show me your CV this evening?”

She held up her hand “No Tom, that’s why I wanted to meet you here. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I would like us to be celibate until we get on holiday, I want to repeat what we did last night, but ten times better, and for me that means saving it up again.”

“Oh” I replied, trying unsuccessfully to hide my disappointment

She took my hand “It’s something me and an old boyfriend used to do when we went away together, the intensity was almost frightening”

“OK, In that case I think I can wait 4 weeks”

“And no fingers or hands either”

“Oh shit, that will be really hard”

She laughed “Good, keep it that way, really hard, but save it for me, I will make it worth your while Tom. Just think of the reward at the other end,” she added

“I’m thinking of the reward at this end” I joked, pointing to my crotch and she giggled as I added “I would much prefer lots of little daily rewards, and on that sofa too”

“Please, for me?”

“Ok, I’ll try”

“Good, and we can still meet at lunchtimes to check on each other?”

“If I meet you in that gear all the time, then it should ease the problem,” I joked

She looked down at her sweater “You might find it hard to believe but I have got some even mousier ones than these!”

“You better wear them then if I’m going to last that long!”

We had another beer and shared a sandwich while we discussed the travel arrangements, and then parted with a formal kiss on the cheek, hardly the farewell I expected from someone I had screwed heartily on her sofa some 12 hours ago.

Over the next four weeks I lost myself in my work, interspaced with texts or phone calls from Les. Mostly the texts were about holiday arrangements but others like “I love your beautiful fat dick and want it in my wet pussy, hurry up the 28th” did not help me to concentrate on my work. If we got the slightest bit horny with each other on the phone we would agree reluctantly to hang up. We also met up a couple of times a week at the pub and all the time she in her sexless librarian gear, it certainly helped to keep my ardour down and never once did I touch myself except in the bathroom and she assured me of the same although she admitted she hadn’t felt so horny in ages. We chatted a lot about the holiday, what each of us was taking and the things we wanted to see and do, including the sex. I didn’t mention the two dozen condoms I was packing