Written by girls-cum-1st

3 Feb 2007


Her lips were wrapped around my hardening cock as I rapidly gained consciousness and she smiled when she saw I was awake. “Enjoy” she whispered and took the whole length in her mouth to the back of her throat and just held it there while she gently squeezed my balls.

She stopped for a moment “Was there any of that champagne left from last night?”

I pointed to the bottle still in the bucket “I think so, why?”

She lifted out the bottle and took a swig “perfect, still fizzy,” and placed her mouth over my cock again swilling the champagne around in her mouth. The sensation was stunning, it was akin to being teased by a thousand tiny tongues all at once.

Slowly and expertly she sucked me off, pausing occasionally to dribble saliva and more champagne erotically on to the head of my cock. She squeezed the end releasing the built up love juices and smeared them over her lips inviting me to kiss her. Head spinning I nearly came there and then when she slid her lubricated lips across my own. When she felt that my climax was close she increased her sucking so that her head almost became a blur and finally when she slipped her finger in my ass I lost all control and literally blasted my cum to the back of her throat. She very thoroughly sucked every last drop from me and then did something so erotic I think I could have cum over again. She placed her mouth over my cock and slowly dribbled all my spunk back down over the purple head and then, smacking her lips licked it all off again

I was so madly turned on that I did something that I have never done before; I drew her head up to mine and kissed her hard tasting my juices in her mouth. She groaned as we swapped the liquid mouth to mouth, and kept on kissing until there was none left.

Only at this point did I become aware that I had two fingers in her pussy and when we eventually broke apart I offered my tongue in their place. “Not now Tom, this was your moment. This was a thank you for bringing me here”

“You can thank Lisa for that, remember it was my Christmas present”

“In which case thank you Lisa and…” blowing a kiss in a remote northward direction “...Happy Christmas for whenever. Your loss darling, my gain!” I laughed as she skipped off into the bathroom leaving me sticky, trembling and satisfied.

We had fruit for breakfast served on our own little private patio, all the time touching each other intimately and talking about paradise and of course sex. We wondered about the couple we saw and whether they were staying here or in one of the private villas on other side of the little island, we were soon to get the answer to that question.

The rest of the morning was spent lazing in the sun on the beach, very close to the place only a few hours ago we had had frantic sex on the sand. Les looked stunning in her little red bikini, two triangles barely bigger than her aureole, and a not much larger one down below, a hint of her few pubic hairs peeping above the hem. I lay on my side admiring her lithe body, a teeny bit podgy in the stomach but the most gorgeous tight ass, the cheeks separated only by a strip of red cotton. She smiled over her sunglasses as she saw the erection move in my pants. Mischievously she looked around and then discreetly slipped a finger inside her pants and offered it me to taste. I am not one to eat a lot at lunchtime unless a tasty morsel is available between two female legs, but the buffet looked so inviting we decided to abandon the sun for an hour or so.

A whole group of tables had been monopolised by a day trip load of Canadians leaving us with one sole unoccupied table by the little pool. Soon after we had loaded our plates we sat down and looked the other occupants of the restaurant. We had barely started to eat when a pair of Cameron Diaz tanned legs suddenly blocked our view, they were topped by an impossibly short pair of bright blue cut-off jeans, a tanned belly sporting a ringed crucifix and full round breasts barely concealed in a matching halter-top. The head of course did not belong to Miss Diaz, but it did belong to the girl from last night. All of this was absorbed in less than a second as she grinned at us and said “Hi, I’m Sue,” and at that moment I fell in love.

We pointed to our table suggesting she might like to join us and she drifted over to us barefoot clutching what appeared to be a fruit salad in a tall glass of pink liquid, topped by the traditional umbrella. She was so friendly and outgoing that any embarrassment from the events of last night were immediately non-existent. “Just waiting for sleepy head to appear” she nodded back to the chalets “We had a bit too much of this yesterday” pointing to her glass.

“Never mind” I laughed “hair of the dog I guess!”

Les caught me staring goggle-eyed at Sue, gave me a strange look and suggested again that she might like to join us while waiting for her boyfriend. “Richard is not so much a boyfriend” she said as she settled into the seat beside my girlfriend, “more of a lifelong acquaintance, we’ve known each other since forever” She went on to say that they had taken their platonic friendship to a higher level only two months ago and it was, she explained, not working too well so they took this holiday to see where it would go.

“Shit or bust!” I laughed

“More like fuck or bust” she replied with a wonderful smile, this was one very liberated lady

Sue insisted we go on eating as she and Richard were going on a tour as soon as he appeared. The subject of last night’s events had to come up sooner or later and Les was the first to raise it “That was rather pleasant last night.” I nodded vigorously in agreement as we awaited Sue’s reply

“It was lovely, no…I think exciting is the word” she grinned “but I was very worried that you thought we were peeping toms”

“Hardly” I interrupted “we did stop to watch you both too”

“Rich didn’t know you were there until we got up”

“I guess that explains why you ran off so quickly?” I observed

She nodded, sipping her cocktail and explained that they had had a heavy drink session at a prolonged lunch party and had spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach eventually falling asleep in the shade. Sue had woken up in the dusk but it was light enough for her to see us both splashing around in the sea and then kissing closer inshore. “ I could see you were horny for each other and it reminded me that I hadn’t had any in a while, so when you started fucking it really turned me on and I wanted some too” By now my erection was in danger of lifting the table as she went on “I realised you hadn’t seen us so I worked on Rich quietly while I watched you two enjoying yourselves.” She said that by the time we were about to cum she was hungry for Rich’s cock and climbed on top of him.

“When we spotted you we nearly left” I chipped in

“I am so glad you didn’t, you two watching made it really special for me. Rich didn’t know what had hit him until I explained later”

I was amazed at how open this woman was about her sexuality as Les laughingly replied to her “Well if you must know it turned us on too. I love to watch people having sex.” We all nodded in agreement.

“So where does Rich stand in all this?” I asked

“He’s a bit of a prude really, got very annoyed that I didn’t tell him you were both there and...” At this point a rather lacklustre Richard appeared from around the bar, Sue waved to him to join us. She got up and kissed his cheek and introduced us.

“Do join us Richard, fancy a drink of anything?” I asked shaking a firm hand. He was a tall guy, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans and like myself clean shaven with dark curly hair

“Umm just a beer please” looking at Les and I with a puzzled expression, his eyes also seeking an explanation from his girl friend

“Shall I make it four?” I asked, brows raised

By the time I returned clutching four bottles of ice cold Banks the girls had explained to him who we were and he had slid into my seat opposite Les. They were absorbed in conversation while Sue was fiddling with her mobile phone.

“Just checking what time we are being picked up.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the Pirates’ set on the main island, you know, Pirates of the Caribbean? It was filmed there”

“Yeah, great film”

“Come with us if you like, I expect there’s room on the bus”

Just as I was about to eagerly accept Les interrupted to point out that we were both knackered after the yesterday’s events and suggested we take a rain check

“Not surprised” Sue giggled “ you did both go at it like demons possessed!”

“She meant the travelling actually” I laughed glancing at the other two and saw that they had returned to their own conversation “but the other bit was well worth the effort too!”

“It was lovely” she replied softly “I haven’t been so turned on in ages”

We continued to make small talk while the other two seemed totally engrossed in some subject about antique books. Sue’s blonde hair was curly and blowing gently in the breeze, her eyes a smiling misty blue, she was a happy bubbly lady very much akin to Meg Ryan, but it was her lips that held my attention. They were full and soft and moist and I imagined for a fleeting moment the head of my cock pressed against them before they opened and allowed me pleasure inside.

“Tom” her stare said she knew exactly what I was thinking “what are your plans tonight?” Before I could reply a waiter appeared saying that their transport was waiting by the ferry

We said our goodbyes suggesting vaguely we might meet for dinner but they weren’t sure of their time of return “Maybe we shall see you on the beach again later?” Sue hinted with a wink as she reached under the table for her bag.

“I would love to watch you again.” I whispered lowering my head in reply, both of us out of sight of the others

“That would be fun” she grinned, her eyes quickly glancing at the rather obvious bulge in my pants “Especially if you bring that with you!”

“Have you had enough to eat” Les asked me ambiguously as we too left the table, me once again trying to hide a healthy erection

“Not quite” I smiled looking down at her groin, licking my lips suggestively

“Come on then, the drink has made me randy” she whispered into my ear “ I want you to make me cum”

Back in the room I did just that and took two hours to give her the extreme pleasure she desired bringing her to peak after peak until my jaw ached and she could stand no more. While my body concentrated on Les my mind was focused on Sue, wondering when and if we would actually have sex together or whether it was just a fantasy. But so far she had passed all the right messages.

The woman read my thoughts. “Do you think she was serious about the beach? I heard you two whispering.”

“I don’t know, could be fun though, what do you think?”

“I would love to watch them do it again, maybe up closer this time”

“And to see her watching us too, but I’m not so sure he’s as keen”

“I think he will be ok, he was telling me that he was due to get married at Easter and he and his fiancée went to a party a couple of weeks before. She went upstairs with some bloke, you know the way people do, and he never saw her again”

“Poor guy”

“So he is rather wary of women at the moment, unlike you,” she giggled poking me in the ribs.

“Is that what you were talking about at the table?”

“A little, he’s also heavily into antique books so when he knew about my job I couldn’t stop him talking!”

“Did you talk about last night?”

“No I tried but he hedged around it” She asked me what else Sue and I had been whispering about

“Oh, just silly old fucking, you know the way people do”

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” she laughed, and then on a serious note “you fancy her don’t you?”

“What would you say if I did?”

“No problem” she replied with a mischievous grin “there’s something about Richard that fascinates me too and…” as my eyes raised towards the ceiling “…no it’s not his cock!”

“Well, it certainly looked impressive last night!”

“He told me it’s nine inches. I must admit that I wouldn’t mind being the one to get it working again!”

We kissed gently and fell asleep naked in each other’s arms, my cock resting against Les, my thoughts upon Sue

Our new friends weren’t back in time for dinner but we did meet up with them later in the bar and right on cue it started to rain. “That’s a shame” Sue smiled wickedly looking over her shoulder at the deserted beach

“It is,” I agreed going with the conversation “ the beach can be so romantic in the dark”

“Mmmmm, especially in good company!”

“So easy to get disturbed though”

“Only by others with similar ideas”

We were all laughing and admitted we were quite horny at the thought of repeating the previous night, even Richard seemed to go with the flow after a few drinks and was clearly paying Les a lot of attention, as of course I was with Sue.

“Don’t fancy doing it in the rain though” he observed.

“Why not” said Sue “ I once shagged a bloke in his back garden at a party and it was pissing down. We still had our clothes on with just openings for the vital bits!”

“I bet that was amazing” I visualised the scene laying on my back on the sodden grass with just my flies open, Sue with her panties drawn to one side as she impaled herself on my cock

“We got applauded when we came back into to the house, we didn’t realise half the party had been watching! Fortunately he wasn’t anyone’s husband!”

We all laughed, and then went silent with our thoughts. Les put her hand under the table and discreetly stroked my cock, Sue grinned when saw what she was doing and started doing the same with her man

“When it’s fine, shall we do it again then?” asked Les finally approaching the subject that was at the forefront of all of our minds

“I thought you would never ask” Sue replied to her and I smiled at Richard.

“Sod this fucking rain,” said Sue looking out at the beach “If only there was some cover out there, I’m so up for it now.”

“Perhaps we could make a tent with the chairs?” I suggested

“Nah” said Richard “ draw too much attention to ourselves”

More silence as we all tried to think of a way out, all desperate as each other to repeat the other night’s events

Sue’s eyes suddenly lit up “what about pretending we are on the beach?”

“What do you mean? Like spreading sand on the floor of the bar?”

“No silly, I mean in one of our rooms. With the lights out and the shutters open we could pretend…”

The idea of all four of us screwing on the same bed was not lost on Sue as our hungry eyes met for an instant, but Richard replied looking unsure “Don’t you think we would all be a bit too close for comfort?”

“Not at all, that’s the whole idea,” replied Sue, “I think it would be really bloody sexy.”

“Me too” agreed Les, with a sly grin at me.


We all looked at each other, waiting for someone else to make the first move.

“I’m so fucking horny,” sighed Sue, wriggling pointedly in her seat

“Me too” agreed Les again, giving my cock a squeeze.

“No” blurted Richard suddenly standing up, “I can’t do this” and promptly stalked off to the end of the bar

Sue got up to follow him “I’m sorry, he still sees me as his long time best friend rather than his lover and can’t get around me being so sexy with him. I think we were much better as just friends”

“I didn’t get that impression last night” I remarked

“He didn’t have much choice the way I felt” she laughed, “I better go. Sorry. Perhaps we’ll see you around tomorrow?”

Les and I stayed at the bar a little longer “Another one I asked?”

“No thanks sweetie, all that talk got me horny, take me to bed and fuck me please” I did just that and a little later we fell asleep naked and sweating for the second time in a few hours little suspecting how events were soon to change our lives even further