Written by girls-cum-1st

3 Feb 2007


Over the next few days the weather was a bit indifferent and while Les would laze on the beach I set foot on St Vincent armed with camera in search of my rare bird. We saw little of the others, I think his fear that our casual friendship would run into something deeper kept us apart. Meanwhile we lapped up the sun, ate like horses and fucked like rabbits.

Early one evening near the pool I did manage to get a moment alone with Sue who reminded me that Saturday night was disco night and perhaps we could all meet up for that. She added that if last Saturday was anything to go by it would be great fun.

“I shall look forward to that” I grinned

“So shall I” she whispered, kissing me softly on the lips and pressing her bikini clad breasts into my chest. I started to grab her ass to pull her into my groin but she pushed me away “Too public Tom” I reminded her that wasn’t a problem the other night but she just laughed and padded off to her chalet in her bare feet, wriggling her ass at me suggestively

One afternoon on the beach following some laboured trawling the mountainous roads and paths in search of the nesting place of my endangered bird a large grey duck plopped right down in front of us and gazed at us nervously as it perched on a vacant chair. When eventually it flew away and I gave up trying to follow its path back to the main island Les remarked “So the bird does exist and it wasn’t just an excuse to have your wicked way with me after all then?”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but that duck was not the duck I want, mine has much longer legs, is brown in colour and lives in the trees. Wrong duck!”

“Oh duck!” she laughed

We had booked to take a day trip to Barbados and asked Richard and Sue if they would like to join us; the fare was only about US$90 return each. At first Richard declined, but after being worked on by his girlfriend they agreed at the last moment. We took the earliest flight on Friday and a friendly taxi had us in Bridgetown in time for a breakfast of eggs and bacon, an item sadly missing from the menu at our resort

We all had a happy time that day, although sex was never mentioned a certain tension was evident in the air. Les remarked to me quietly “We are all going to shag together like crazy soon, or go bloody mad!” As we explored Cave Shepherd for T-shirts and celebrity hunted along Sandy Lane beach our friendship grew and it seemed natural for me to hold Sue’s hand and for Rich’s arm to be around Les. In the darkness of the underground tour of Harrison’s Cave I gently kissed my new girlfriend and I sensed that behind us the others were following suit.

Our return flight was late as is the norm for the Caribbean; ours had come from Jamaica with six calls ending up in Grenada, and was full, and noisy! We doubted the hotel would cater for us this late so we snacked on hamburger and chips in Kingstown and by the time we reached the hotel we were all exhausted and crashed out after promising to meet up for the disco the next night

Saturday dawned grey and windy, it was the approach of the hurricane season, and after a light breakfast we decided to stay in bed expecting, as indeed it worked out, a very late and active night ahead. The sun appeared in the afternoon but our friends were mysteriously absent, we discovered later they had gone back to their favourite pirates haunt, rain or no rain.

For the disco the restaurant tables were all placed around the walls and the floor dusted heavily with talc so we could dance barefoot. There were a lot of new arrivals this day so we were able to acquire a quiet table in a fairly secluded corner, a very useful acquisition as it later turned out.

Les wore a long colourful Caribbean dress she had bought yesterday in Bridgetown, straight cut across the chest but not enough to hide her reasonable cleavage. Her red hair was tied back in two plaited ponytails and she was sporting two huge dangling earrings, her fingers covered with rings of every description. I was in cream chinos and a bright red short sleeve shirt with the motto “I am a diver and do it in water” that Sue had bought for me. We were on our third rum and coke when our friends spotted us and Richard bought margaritas all round.

We sat around the table watching the room slowly fill up. The disco and the dancing area were out in the open next to the beach, I wondered how they coped if it rained. We chatted generally about what we had been up to, me and my ornithological hunt, them their pirates adventure until Sue whispered conspiratorially in my ear “Don’t you think the beach looks inviting tonight, and its not raining either!”

“Too dangerous” I replied grinning, “Too many people about, we will have to find somewhere else” I winked

Until the disco got going we kept the drinks flowing, the girls staying on margaritas, the men on beers and of course the conversation naturally turned to a sexual nature. When the band did eventually arrive and started playing a mixture of Caribbean and western music some people got into the mood and drifted out on to the floor, Sue grabbing Richard for some indescribably noisy piece. Les and I watched and sat it out but when they returned Sue grabbed me by the hand “Can I borrow him Les?”

“Sure” Les grinned, and before Richard could sit down she grabbed his hand too “Come on mister, you’re not missing out on this” and we all headed out into the sweaty throng of dancers

The music had switched to calypso and I gyrated awkwardly with the rhythm as I watched Sue swing her body easily to the music. She wriggled her hips licking her lips suggestively and I returned the gesture. The music suddenly changed to soul and several couples headed for the bar but she drifted into my arms and we swayed together near the band, our charged bodies hot and glued together, my erection pressed hard against her belly

I nuzzled her neck, my lips finding her ear and I whispered, “I want you”

“I already knew that” she smiled, rubbing her belly against the rigid outline in my pants

We reached a dark corner out of sight of the tables and she threw her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine, her tongue probing urgently into my mouth. Our tongues clashed momentarily and she drew back gazing mistily into my eyes

“I want to fuck,” she mouthed to me silently

“I want to fuck you too” I replied silently, and as we danced back into the light I posed the obvious question “What about the others?”

“I think that problem’s already solved” she nodded over my shoulder. The other two were no longer engrossed in conversation, they were in fact snogging heavily back at our table, even in the limited amount of light I could see his hand discreetly exploring her breast and hers were nowhere in sight!

“Wow” was all I could say as we drifted back to the table. We approached slowly enough for them to see us and collect themselves. As we sat down Sue wasted no time and grinned at the other two “Sorry Les, I seem to have given your man a rather healthy looking hard-on” and squeezed my cock through my chinos as if to prove the point.

“Well first of all Sue” retorted Les “he is not my man and secondly I think I have gone one better than you”

She then surprised us both by turning towards us and exposed Richard’s lower half, his erection was also clearly outlined in his low cut pants, the head of his long cock just peeping out above his belt.

Sue laughed “Boasting again Rich, that’s going to get you into trouble one day…” and more seriously as Les placed her hand over his cock to hide his embarrassment “…now what are we going to do?”

There was an embarrassing silence until Richard spoke “I was afraid of this, it’s ending up like some sordid wife swap…”

“No it’s not,” objected Sue, squeezing me even tighter

“…the sort of thing they do on council estates”

“But we’re not wives” Sue jutted in “we are all free spirits and free to fuck who we like, and right now I want to fuck Tom, and he obviously wants to fuck me” pointing to my hand which was exploring deeply between her thighs. She jumped as the edge of my palm came into contact with the wet crotch of her pants.

Les nodded “I agree, and anyway how can it be wife swapping if none of us are married?”

It was time to put my oar in “Can’t we just think of it as some harmless sexy fun amongst good friends?”

The girls both nodded eagerly, and Richard half smiled “Well. I guess if you put it like that, it’s just that I don’t want to go down there” pointing to the beach “I want to be alone with someone”

Then inspiration hit me “ Hey, how about we do it like this?”

“What?” they all chorused

“OK” I paused for dramatic effect “Richard, may I have the pleasure of borrowing your girl friend tonight please”

He looked puzzled for a moment and then grinned with a relieved expression “Of course you may, but only if I can borrow yours for the same amount of time and…” as the girls clapped their hands in delight “...only if you return the goods in the same condition you found them!”

“What? Do you mean horny Rich?” laughed Les

The need to have sex lay very heavily on us all, I already had a tell tale showing in my pants and Sue quietly confirmed she had soaked hers already. Our hasty departure from the restaurant did not go amiss from the band that had been studying our antics in the corner. A few lewd remarks from them and we were past and hurrying to our chalets, Sue and I to hers and Les and Rich to mine, we had agreed to all meet up for breakfast at 9.00 in the morning.

We literally fell together on the bed laughing and pawing at each other and slowly got lost in a very deep kiss, our tongues lashing together in total passion, our hands ripping at clothing. As we kissed I was half on top of her pressing my erection into her thigh with slow thrusting movements as though I was already inside her. Our mouths parted and she let out a long breath and then pulled out from underneath me and quickly moved out of the bed to stand next to it. She shed her skirt and top in one swift motion and jumped back onto the bed to kneel next to me. We were kneeling facing each other now, her lips sought mine and she reached down to start pulling my pants off too, her hands more often stroking my cock than doing any real good at disrobing me. By the end we were both panting and the only clothing left was her tiny pink thong and my boxers which were doing nothing to hide my strong arousal and a very wet patch at the front, the rest of our clothes now in a heap on the floor.

Laying her back onto the bed again my hand went back to the juncture of her thighs to continue my exploration of her delightful body. Her lips parted easily in the wetness and warmth of her arousal as my fingers moved more insistently at her lower lips. As she moaned and pressed herself up against my hand I inserted a gentle finger into her opening being careful to stay away from her clitoris. With my free hand I continued to stroke the bare skin of her arms and stomach while my finger moved in and out of her. I inserted another finger and then leaned down to put my mouth near her clitoris and lightly dragged my tongue across it while I worked. I let my tongue move gently against my fingers as I pushed them into her, she tasted like heaven but I couldn’t do what I wanted in this position. Sliding down the bedspread I moved down between her thighs and spread them wide to give myself better access.

My hands returned to the paradise between her legs and I chose to torture her clit with soft circles of wet tonguing. Her hips gyrated as she pressed herself up against my mouth striving for the satisfying pressure of my tongue. I fingered her more quickly as she seemed to enjoy the sensation of my hands moving roughly within her. My tongue moved against her clitoris, flicking lightly in time with my stroking hand.

She moaned often and was tossing her head back and forth in pleasure and calling out my name, urging me on. Finally I relented easing off of her sensitive button and when at last she was near orgasm, I focused on keeping the rhythm she wanted, fingers deep inside, thrusting. The end came quickly as she suddenly stopped breathing, froze as if her blood had turned to electricity, and then erupted in moans of pleasure, her thighs clamping down on my hand. Grinning like the proverbial cat, I helped work her down from her orgasm, mercilessly and slowly driving my fingers in and out of her to keep the pressure high but not so much as to be uncomfortable. She shivered as she lay in a sweaty heap on the covers.

“Come here” she said, pulling me up to her, between her legs. Pulling her knees up slightly she reached down between them putting my cock in line with her pussy. I instinctively held myself up on my hands as she rubbed me once on her clitoris and then sliding me down and then in between her lips. With a groan I lowered myself until I was fully inside of her and her arms went around my neck pulling me tightly against her. She was incredibly wet and the heat around my cock was amazing as she pushed hard up against my thrusts. So I fucked her, driving deep inside of her. I slowly drew one of my legs up from where it was laid out and this subtly changed the angle at which I entered her, forcing my strokes up towards her g-spot. Dragging her arms from around my neck I gathered them in one hand and pressed them hard above her head into the soft pillow as I pushed into her with more passion, her eager thrusts meeting mine stroke for stroke. She hunched her head forward in pleasure, whimpering, and the bed began to squeak loudly. We paused when we heard a noise outside and I chose the moment to suck on her engorged nipples. “Mmmm” she groaned, “bite them.” Holding her breast firmly I took a nipple gently between my lips and slowly drew it forward grazing it with my teeth until it plopped out of my mouth. I repeated it with the other nipple and switched back and forth chewing a little harder each time as she started moving against my cock again.

Sue pushed me all the way out and got up on her hands and knees and pulled me forward. I guided my hard cock back into her from behind as she grabbed the headboard, almost kneeling on the pillows, her hands gripping the heavy wooden frame. The wet engorged lips of her pussy beckoned me as I went back into her in a single smooth stroke and I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back onto my aching cock. We began to fuck strongly, my thrusts forward meeting her vigorous thrusts back toward me, not caring at this point if the bed fell apart, let alone a little squeaking.

The sound of our sweating bodies pressing together accompanied by our panting and moaning was the only sound as we moved frantically together. She reached back and stroked my chest lightly as she leaned forward against the headboard, her head turned trying to watch me in the dark as I fucked her strongly from behind. Knowing I had not yet cum she began to squeeze her muscles around me as I pumped into her and I reached around in search of her clitoris.

I groaned out loud as I thrust into her one last time, unable to survive the pleasure she was exerting on me, and my cock swelled once, and then exploded inside of her. I pushed in as far as I could as she rocked back against me, moaning with pleasure. My knees almost collapsed as I moved slowly in and out enjoying the feeling of the steaming hot wetness we had created together inside her trembling body

After a few minutes I pulled out from her and rested back on my haunches, breathless, watching my cum seeping out of her. We both lay down facing each other our bodies glowing with sweat, and I inserted my cock again in an effort to contain our love juices. We kissed tenderly as we held each other closely, my cock moving gently squelching inside her soaked pussy

“That was the best” she whispered still trembling “that was really up there, I just knew you would be good”

“I can honestly say that was the best ever for me too, I just hope you are on the pill” I replied as an afterthought

She grinned, “If I wasn’t then we have just created the most beautiful baby!”

“It’s a bit late but we didn’t think about a condom did we?”

“Well, Les told me that you both did it without and you both seem sensible enough, and I have always played safe and Rich says he always wears one. I had been waiting so long to do it naked I thought tonight would be appropriate, and I’m glad we did” she smiled, kissing me on the nose, and wriggling her soaking pussy on my cock, keeping me erect “Anyway I don’t see how you would get one to fit this fat thing,” squeezing her vaginal muscles against my cock

“It does give Durex a problem,” I joked, kissing her back on the lips, forcing them open searching again for her tongue. My cock remained hard as we started moving together again, through the combined juices that we had just created in our passion. But this time was far less urgent, more a deep loving expression of our union and as we continued to kiss and our bodies trembled and thrusted slowly at each other in unison, we both knew this was the very start of our unspoken love for each other. We climaxed together in a wave of passion and tears and fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

A nocturnal bird woke me in the dark to find I was lying behind her, my arms around her chest, her nipples hard against my palms, my cock erect and pressed into the crease of her ass. Sue moaned in her sleep as I sought her entrance and slipped easily inside her pussy, easing slowly into her warm wetness. Once fully inside her I lay still, enjoying the heat of her and I was thrilled to feel her start to move her hips against me inviting more. Side by side we slowly fucked. I lifted her leg over my hip as our moved together in unison and our fucking increased in intensity and speed and whereas she had been quiet before she started to cry out “Fuck me Tom, fuck me with your big fat fucking cock”. I was trying to rub her clit as she slammed back against me and all to soon our orgasms overtook us and as she shook with her climax I filled her with more semen. We quickly fell asleep again but not before I heard her whisper “I think I love you.”

I whispered softly in her ear “Love you too.” realising that perhaps there was more than a ring of truth to my automated reply.

We awoke to the ringing of my mobile; Les was asking if we could make it an hour later. “I can guess what they’ve been up to” she smiled through sleepy eyes.

I made some tea and passed a cup to Sue as she sat up on the bed her breasts looking invitingly succulent in the bright morning light. Her eyes followed my stare and she attempted to cover them with false modesty. She took a sip from her cup and then putting it down on the little table she gave me a serious look “Come here you.”

I sat back on the bed beside her, my cock hardening in expectation of yet more attention, but she took my hand and looked earnestly into my eyes

“Would you believe me if I told you that last night was the most wonderful sex I have ever had…and I’ve had my share too”

“Well” I replied, moving my hand down between her legs “ this is the most delightful pussy I have ever had the pleasure of putting my cock in, if you must know and...” I held up my hand as she started to reply “I have never known anyone move the way you do when you make love, there’s nothing I like better than a woman fucking back at me”

“Well, I believe it takes two to fuck”

My finger started to slip into her pussy as she reached for my cock, then suddenly pushing me away, she leapt from the bed “No Tom, we mustn’t be late for the others, and look at the state of us” pointing to the two very disheveled characters in the mirror, “we must shower.” I admired her tight round bum as she headed for the bathroom, she paused at the door “by the way, am I dreaming, or did we do it again in the night?”

“If you can’t remember I’m not telling you” I laughed and pointed to the bed “Maybe you had a wet dream?”

“Yes, very wet” she smiled seeing the huge wet patch on the sheet, “seems too much there for a dream though” she laughed

It won’t surprise the reader to know that we of course showered together and the resultant mutual soaping of each other roused us to the point that we had stand up sex in the little cubicle. It was a quick satisfying fuck and somehow cemented this new relationship that was starting to form. It was agreed unspokenly that our affair, if you could call it that, would continue.

As we dressed we talked about our partners. “I hope they had as good a time as we did Sue”

“Well, if she likes long ones she will have been in heaven, personally he’s just a bit too much for me, he hurts, no wonder his fiancée deserted him!”

“How big is he then?” Remembering the exposure in the bar last night

“Nine inches he says, and I believe him” she laughed, and squeezing my groin she added, “much prefer fat rather than long though” She reached up and kissed me and patted my groin “more to grip you see”

As we left the chalet and headed toward the restaurant she whispered, “I want to do that again before we leave here”

“So do I, but I guess we have to check with the others first”

“We could always meet back at home”

“But what about Richard?”

“That will not be a problem, there is something I want to tell you about him, but now’s not the time”

Les and Rich were already picking at what remained of the buffet when we arrived; it was kisses all round followed by an embarrassed silence until Les spoke. “Well, all I am fit for today is another horizontal position, this one in the sun.” We all laughed and suggested it might be tactful to split with our own partners to eat after which we all agreed to laze together on the beach for much of the day

“So how was it for you?” I asked Les quietly as we settled in our loungers pretty much out of hearing of the other two, although Sue kept glancing at me winking secretly

“Not as virile or desperate as you darling, but very satisfying. I think I gave him the best time he’s had in a long while.”

“I could say the same about Sue I guess,” I laughed, immediately regretting the statement.

“Oh thank you very much, you just made my day”

“Sorry it wasn’t meant that way, Sue is just….different, you know?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been passed far worse complements” she stroked my arm smiling “Anyway, there is something very fascinating about Richard and if you don’t mind I want to investigate further”

“What, the nine inches you mean? Didn’t you get all of them then?” I joked

“Ha ha, no problem there, you forget I have met all sorts” looking at me seriously “and don’t you dare tell anyone…you haven’t have you?”

“No, no way. But you will have to tell Richard if you get serious”

“I will, in my time. And anyway I know something about him I bet you don’t”


“It’s not for me to tell you”

We heard the other two giggling over something before we settled down to read or sleep. Once or twice Sue smiled and blew me a kiss, licking her lips with promise in her eyes. After dozing a little I awoke to see Les and Rich in the water frolicking and splashing and Sue beckoned me requesting her back to be oiled. “Les said there is something I should know about Richard?”

“Tell you later, I’m not ready…mmmmm that’s nice, bum as well please”

“I want to fuck you again”

“I want you too Tom. Rich seems besotted with Les, perhaps we should ask them if they want to swap over again?”

“It wasn’t swapping, it was cementing new relationships!”

“Oh is that what it was? Then you left some cement in me I think!”

The others returned and Richard and Sue informed us they were going off on one of their guided tours but we should all meet up for dinner. Les and I grabbed a burger at the bar and returned to an afternoon of sun, sand and sea, interspaced with regular quantities of the local brew. “You seem to have hit it off with him” I observed as we watched them leave

“Do you think so? I am very wary of men at the mo, and you know the only two reasons I came here with you”

“Sun and sex” I laughed

“Two minds think alike. So what happens now, do you mind that I am attracted to him?”

“Not at all Les, I want to sleep with Sue again so I guess we are all square, she suggested bringing up the subject at dinner”

“By the look of the rings around your eyes you two didn’t do much sleeping!”

“God, show that bad? Anyway, what really attracts you to Richard?”

“He’s the first man I’ve met who is actually interested in me and my work and not just my body. And he’s the first man I’ve met who doesn’t use that ‘c’ word”

“Apart from me” I smiled

“I think that was only because you thought I didn’t like it”

“Not really, I think it’s crude, just a form of verbal abuse, doesn’t apply to something as nice as sex. Anyway, what’s so sexy about antique books?”

“Tom” she replied a little impatiently “there is more to books than just reading them ok?”

“Oh ok, perhaps I can read mine now please” and as she peered to see the title “and no I don’t want to know the ending thank you!”

She put her hand over my book “So, my turn. What attracts you to her, apart from the blonde hair and tits?”

“Her pussy actually, I still have to work on the rest” We both laughed and settled back to our sunbathing and reading

At dinner, the girls were dressed quite demurely is if to deter us from getting too excited but the subject of continuing the liaisons was brought up quickly by Sue “I thought what we did last night was a great idea and one of life’s great adventures.” She paused looking at all of us in turn as we nodded our heads in agreement. “Who’s for giving it another go?” We all grinned with relief and confirmed what had more or less been individually agreed, all that remained was the timing.

“I would like to spend the whole day with Les” Rich surprised us. “And night too please” added Les with a sly look

“Sounds cool, okay with me,” replied Sue “how about starting tomorrow morning cos I think I need to sleep tonight, I am totally knackered”

“After breakfast then?” I suggested, “Twenty four hours sound good?”

“Twenty four hours it is” we all raised our glasses. We all ate heartily and decided to head off into St Vincent in search of some local entertainment.

After enduring a lewd cabaret accompanied by a dubious flying fish platter we returned to our chalets and fell into a deep sleep with our own partners and looking forward to the next day’s activities