Written by Totally true

25 Nov 2010

I wont bore you with all the prelims, suffice to say, we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary...and both admitted that staying faithful has been great...but its a bit like never trying that other drink, that other restaurant etc etc...we realised our sex life had become somewhat predictable..so at her suggestion would you believe we explored sites like this!!

She is Alison nearly 45, we married very young....lol shes 5ft 9 tall...has always been fanatical about keeping fit/glamorous/sexy and now as she approaches mid 40s it has paid dividends, shes a size 12...lovely long brunette hair, long legs, and 36DD all naturally her own, and with being a gym freak she keeps herself trimmed to almost nothing, but insists on a landing strip to prove shes not a pubescent girl!!!

Over the years of our marriage we have both been in situations where cheating would have been easy, and at the time probably no big deal, but each of us managed to remember why we married , hence never done it, thankfully.

Anyway back to the story....I'm 49 and although we both love fucking each other it has become somewhat samey samey...hence her suggestion to look here.

We settled down to a night in, kids well and truly out...bottle of wine and laid in bed exploring the site...

The stories got her fascinated, and also the gallery of pics, its amazing just how different the male cock can be!!!

She "highlighted" several guys, somewhat younger than her, and after the wine had been consumed we talked about how she wanted it to go..I never fully realised she was a dirty slutty minx once the inhibitions were down!!!

Finally after an hour of browsing, we fucked and truthfully it was as if we were mid 20s again!!!

Over next few weeks our idea kept popping up whenever we were alone/horny until one night she simply said......Lets do it...tonight....go to town, pick up a young guy and let him fuck my brains out!!!!! I was nervous as hell as we got in the car...I dont drink hardly so taking the car was the easiest/safest option.

Into town, and went into a couple of bars, and to be honest she didnt see anyone that took her fancy....feeling somewhat frustrated we went to a quiet little bar off the main road and lo and behold there she saw her dream guy..lol

He was 30 worked behind the bar, supplementing his income from playing semi pro rugby....he was Irish, and I have to say...a really nice friendly guy, who Alison was flirting with almost immediately!

I went to the toilet, and upon my return he looked somewhat perplexed, I asked him what was up and he wouldn't tell me, simply said..ask your lady...

I asked her, and 4 large wines in, her inhibitions had left her...she said...i simply came out with it babe,,,,asked him back to ours see if he fancied fucking a naughty older lady!!!!! He was watching, obviously aware she was telling me...he looked sheepish, but also very excited...I spoke to him and said...look mate, its true, we want some excitement....are you up for it? he grinned, went to the manager and asked for the rest of the night off, which he got.

By this stage Alison was visibly trembling, as we walked to the car..she was arm in arm with Callum, and clearly as horny as hell, she kept looking at me as if to gain approval, i took her to one side and said...is it really what you want babe, its your decision, im happy, in fact im almost bursting out of my jeans, but you decide....she looked at me, and truth I will never forget the look in her eyes..it said...i love you...but want to fuck him........and she said...i want him babe, simple as that...i want to feel another cock inside me before we get too old to bother!!! lol good answer, and she was right..i ad took her virginity all those years before, and here were...full circle, and both as horny as hell for it to happen.

I dont really recall the drive home, other than they sat in the back, we have a big BMW X5 and i was almost lost in the front like a chauffeur while I heard them whispering...then some kissing noises, then the unmistakable sound of aroused moaning, i chanced a look back on the straight section of the dual c/way...and the sight that met me was AWESOMe....her shirt undone to wait, and his face between her tits, chewing on her left nipple, which i know drives her mad, she looked straight at me..and mouthed...is this ok...i smiled and grinned and said quite clearly oh yes!!!

After a more involved section of driving which needed me focusing on the road I saw her hand snake between the seats and her panties were dropped on the passenger seat...and it has to be said..just from looking they were soaking/sopping wet....i picked them up, they had that heady scent of her fave perfume mixed with her pussy smell......she had clearly perfumed herself prior to leaving the pub...

By now, from the noises in back it was clear he was fingering her pussy, she was gasping and almost burst my eardrums when she squealed as an orgasm ripped through her.......the road i was on has a parking area alongside a quiet section so without asking i swerved and stopped there...and slid round to watch what was taking place..........

Callum had by now removed her trousers, so she was naked from the waist down, and just a sexy white shirt with her tits pulled out of her bra on top.........now the next part was by far and i mean by far one of the sexiest things i have ever seen..ever...she sat up...undid his jeans and asked him to slide them off his thighs which he couldn't do fas enough! he was commando and sporting what i have to say was the biggest cock i had ever seen, even in pornos, im not small, but i could tell by the gasp from alison and the grin from him, that both knew it was a monster.

she again looked at me with that longing, almost aching look in her eyes, i merely nodded and she wrapped her hand almost round it and squeezed..letting out a moan of sheer pleasure, and from experience i knew just grabbing his cock had made her cum...she slowly started to wank him off....all the time maintaining eye contact with me....he knew this was a treat for me and alison but he was ok with that...lol he was getting suitably rewarded!

I was struggling to control myself but decided just watching was the order of the moment...so she slowly wanked him top to bottom.....and then, the sexiest part of it all up to now..she leaned forward, took hold of her soaking panties, wrapped them round his cock and wanked him off, running the silky parts all over his weeping bell end, he was groaning/fidgeting clearly trying to avoid cumming by now.....she passed me the panties which i pushed to my face and smelled,,,,awesome and very hot/wet...she leaned forward and slid her lipstick coated lips onto his swollen purple cock...now this was unbelievable...she never sucked me very much and here she was with a strangers cock deep in her mouth...and working it like she was a porn star...clearly the hours eating bananas had paid off...lol

He had to be almost 9inches and alison had got about 7 all the way inside her mouth, still looking at me occasionally.......which was the biggest turn on...to see your wife staring at you lovingly while swallowing another mans meat is a sight that cannot be described adequately on here.

It was obvious he was close to cumming....and his fingers had been busty in her pussy too, as she was panting.moaning, little yelps and squeals as she had one mini orgasm after another as his fingers probed her sloppy pussy hole.

She then took his cock out of her mouth and looked straight at me saying...i want him to cum inside me, please darling....what could i say...i was almost mute, my voice gone, i just nodded enthusiastically, and she knelt up, whipped her legs across him and an incredibly wet squelching noise emitted as his cock slid easily into her pussy...that was it...she went what can only be described as "mental" crying out, swearing and bucking on his cock like a wild bronco.....he held on to her hips and just let her thrash for a good 8/10 mins until she grabbed his arms/chest crying out fuck fuck fuck...im coming coming.......please fill my dirty cunt! a word she never ever used...callums hips rose off the seat and it was clear from the sight and sounds that he was emptying his balls into my faithful wife of 25yrs!

His cumming sent alison totally over the edge...she was scratching...thrashing around on his cock....and as i looked closely i could see his spunk weeping out of her pussy all over his thighs and her legs....once he had given all he could alison slid of him, shaking. trembling, obviously still cumming......he slid a couple of fingers inside her and deep fingered her ...i chose now to set off again....asking where to go...alison could hardly speak...she just whispered...take callum home babe....i have no further use for him!!!!!poor bastard..he just laughed..gave me the address which thankfully was only 10mins away...alison wrapped herself in her coat, and to be honest i think she was embarrassed..hence the need to get callum home!!

I dropped him off, shook his and, like we had bought/sold a car, and off we went!!!!!

Pulling up on the drive, i had to help ali out of the car, her legs were shaky, she had just her coat on and i could see callums spunk dribbling down her inner thighs.......she stumbled into the kitchen, held on to me, gave me a massive snog and said.....did you enjoy that......i think she knew the answer, i took her upstairs and i have to say, without going into boring details.....fucking your wife on top of a strangers spunk is the most intense, dirty fuck we had ever had.......next morning i had to rush her to the chemist for the morning after pill...lol what must they have thought, a respectable lady of mid 40s, with her hubby buying that!!!