Written by Joe

19 Oct 2010

My name is CJ White and my mates call me knocker I live in Taunton Somerset. I have always had this fantasy of share my wife (Jules) with another man ever since I did the same with this guy in Norway. I was deployed there some years back with the Marines and she was my winter wife i.e. we hooked up each year I was out doing artic warfare training on AMF. Any way one year I looked her up and found she was now married, they are a funny lot the fish heads and she had gobed off about me and to shorten the dit we just carried on as if nothing had happened he just got 2s up. Back the main event…I finally talked her into it and had my op’o’ bessey mate Steve to come over one night unaware of what was in store. We sat around round drinking wets (beer) in the living room and after a while of talking about sex my wife said she had to use the loo. When she came back in the room she was wearing a sexy dressing gown. She walked over next to Steve and I asked if he would like to see what he's in for tonight? She opened her gown to reveal the sexiest white panties she owns. Then I asked if he wanted to see her pretty pussy?

Well by now my cock was hard as rock as Jules pulled aside her nicks to show him her neatly trimmed dripping wet pussy. Steve just looked for a second then reached over and slid his finger in her juicy hole. My wife moaned and I about to bust my nuts, she sat down next to me and said since he saw hers she wanted to see his. Well Steve wasted no time he got up and stood in front of her and undid his trousers pulled them down he was going Commando pardon the pun and his stiffening dick just sprung to the high port. My wife was really turned on by now and she slid his trousers down all the way off. His knob was about seven inches and his balls hung like two seaman’s kitbags. Jules grabbed it and started to lick it from top to bottom only to stop to lick his big balls one at a time. All this time I was rubbing her clit and smacking the monkey. That’s when I suggested we all go to the bedroom. Well we went in and all got our kit off and got in bed with my wife between us.

Steve went state down and started to muff her out slowly lick my wife’s bean. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen watching her moan and grind her pussy in Steve’s face. She was so hot now she begged someone to stick one up her. So Steve rolled her over doggy style and stuck his hardon in her pussy. He was really giving it to her good and proper when she reached over and put my dick in her mouth. It was about all I could take watching over the top of her arse with Steve gripping her backside and ramming her for all he was worth we just looked at each other and started to grin at each other just as the moment took hold the wife started to tense up and Steve’s face was a picture as he shot his load up my Jules un protected fanny. I couldn’t hold back and I shot my first load down her throat.

Even though Steve had come he didn’t seem to want to stop so I just sat back and watched as Steve banged her some more. She said that she was about to cum and when she did it was like a dog howling on heat. Juices squirted from her pussy all over his dick and balls which I hadn’t seen before. He kept pumping like crazy then said he was gonna cum again and he filled her up with what seemed like a pint of semen. Well having seen all this I was hard again and rolled her on her back and got a handful of the stuff and made her lick it from my hands, she said it tasted good and wanted more until it was almost all gone.

I looked up and saw Steve hard again so I got on top my wife and started to pound it to her she was going wild when Steve came over and put his dick in her mouth. This was the biggest turn on watching Jules give my mate a BJ while I was inside her pumping away bringing her to orgasm once more. She then pulled his dick out of her mouth and told me she wanted a DP Steve got on his back and she straddled him and guided his dick in slowly, whilst I watched fascinated as it disappear inch by inch until she was settled on top of his dick which was clearly buried deep into her fanny . I looked at Steve and he said he was ready Jules leaned forward and exposed her ring to me making it wink. I scooped up some spunk that had been squeezed out as Steve’s dick went in and lubed up her ass with 2 fingers. Once she had opened a tadge I quickly got in position and gave it my best shot guiding it strait in the brown pocket, Giving her time to settle we the got on with the assault on her 2 holes my Jules is only small and in this position she was well tight and it again only took us all about 5 frantic minutes before we were all spent.

I have been posted since that day but Steve is coming up to Colchester to visit and his bringing his new wife with him and all 3 of us intend to break her in gently not. If you want to know how it goes let me know and be prepared to pull up a sand bag. I forgot to say I’m a Para who said Marines and Para’s don’t get on!