Written by cuckoldsissy

1 Jun 2011

Part 3

So on the way home Jennifer again informed me that she had enjoyed Jose’s cock so much that she did not wish for me to fuck her ever again. I could not believe her words but that was what she wanted so who was I to argue. She went on to say that she also enjoyed watching me being humiliated and that if she could she would look for another bull to carry on my humiliation.

2 days after our visit to Jose’s my wife informed me that she had again made arrangements for another visit and that this time we would be staying overnight as she intended to stay with him all night as he wished to show her off to some friends. I was o.k. with these arrangements because to tell the truth I was looking forward to watching them fuck again!

The next morning after I had prepared my beautiful wife for her next session, shaved her cunny and helped her choose her clothing she threw a bag at me and said you will wear these today. Imagine my surprise at looking in the bag I found a matching set of black bra, panties, s.belt and stockings. I looked at my wonderful Jen and said you must be joking, she just shrugged her shoulders and said from now on you will only wear female underwear at all times under your male street wear. I knew by the look on her face she meant every word and I was left with very little choice but to follow her instructions if I wanted my marriage to continue. To this day I still only own female underwear which I constantly wear at all times.

Later that morning I dressed as instructed and have to admit that I felt totally different in my new undies but I was also terrified by the thought of going out in my clothes especially as my wife made me wear a white shirt over my black bra which I felt was a give away in that the straps could be seen through the shirt. However Jennifer was adamant that was all I was to wear so off we set for our meeting. I was petrified of being stopped by the police and felt sure that I would be exposed, I now think nothing of dressing this way but it was a shock at the time.

We arrived at Jose’s apartment and Jennifer immediately ordered me to strip my street clothes, Jose took one look and said ‘ see I told you things would change’ now you are not only a cuckold but a sissy as well. He then took pictures of me dressed in my undies and said that he had a further surprise for me. He switched on his computer and soon was talking on MSN to his aunt Rosa before making me stand in front of his web cam and making me expose myself to her. Whilst I was on the cam Jose was stripping Jen of her only item of clothing, a short summer dress, before also showing Jen to Rosa. Rosa said that he had done well to find a girl like her and also making me into a slut so quickly and that he should fuck Jen in front of the cam so that she could watch. However Jose said that he wanted to take Jen out to show her off to his friends and that he was going to leave me tied up out on the balcony in my underwear and in full view of the block opposite whilst they were away but that when they got back he would call Auntie again and if she wanted to watch then he would fuck Jen for her then. Rosa agreed that it was a good idea and so it was done. I was tied into a chair, placed in the middle of the balcony and left whilst my beautiful wife and her young bull set off for the bar where we had first met Jose

Part four and final part to follow