Written by cuckoldsissy

4 Apr 2011

1st time of writing and not sure where to start but as the title says I have just celebrated 3 years as my wife's cuckold.

At the same time we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary so a quick run through of the first years seems a good place to start. The first 40 years can best be described as almost unforgettable from a sex point of view, neither of us were sex animals and how we managed to produce 2 children can only be put down to a miracle.

10 years ago we retired to Spain and 4 years later we entered the swinging arena here.

It all started when I spotted an advert in a local paper and took my life in my hands by suggesting to my very prim and proper wife that we should join, you can not imagine my surprise when she readily agreed.

I soon had the web site on the computer screen and wrote a profile which was submitted with haste before the wife changed her mind!!

The only restriction my wife wanted was that we should only swing with couples and not with single men, for me a shame but beggar's can not be to fussy!! Over the next few weeks we met with and enjoyed the company of a number of couples and really enjoyed our new found sex lives. We did however receive a number of request from single males but my wife would not even consider them. After approx. 3 years of this new way of spending our spare time the couples contacting us seemed to dry up and slowly we were getting back to our old ways.

However at about this same time we had been receiving a lot of e.mails from a single young Spanish male who was working in a hotel near where we live. The male, I will call him Jose, all names have been changed but all the rest of this story is 100% true, was less than half my wife's age and younger than our son at 31 years. The age was a further barrier for my wife to cross but cross we did when she finally agreed to meet him for a coffee and chat!! My wife is a very good looking woman for her age and has a fantastic slim figure being only a size 10 with beautiful school girl like breast of just 32A plus she has wonderful long slim legs which look great when worn with her short skirts and high heels. The day we met with Jose was a hot sunny April day, our wedding anniversary, so my wife Jennifer wore a short skirt, her high heels, no stockings, a white almost sheer top, no bra and certainly no panties, I was hard just looking at her.

We had arrange to meet at a bar near where Jose lived and I knew instantly by the way he reacted that he wanted to fuck her, every one in the bar was taken in by her appearance and I could see that a number of other guys would also jump at the chance. After a few minutes of talking I could see that Jenny was also up for a fuck so suggested that we move on. At last I was going to watch my beautiful wife fucked by a single male and the bonus was he was half her age. A couple of drinks later and we headed to his apartment which luckily was only a short walk away. In the lift up to the apartment Jose exposed Jennifer's beautiful breast and was already sucking her nipples, this is going to be a great 43rd anniversary I thought, little did I know where this was all heading but 3 years down the road things have progressed to the point where I am now well and truly a Cuckold and have also been turned into a crossed dressed sissy( and I love it).

Well I think I have written enough for starters, if you wish to know how that meeting with Jose went and how we have got to where we are now please leave comments, I have a lot more to tell you if you find the story interesting enough. Love Mandy(my sissy name)