Written by baron

25 Mar 2012

following on from previous meets met up with ruth and dave again on saturday at their place,ruth made us a coffee and left to get herself ready upstairs, dave and me sat talking i saw him look at my crotch so i undid my button and unzipped my jeans lifting up and pulled my jeans and boxers down sitting back in the chair dave knelt in front and licked along my hardening cock,i removed my top sitting in the stark naked with him sucking my cock.

we heard ruth moving on the landing dave said she would love to see this he called her down, i could see her coming down the stairs her eyes watching her husband sucking on my cock she had nothing on her lucious tits swinging freely and her hairy pussy in full view, she stood watching for a while saying it looked so sexy seeing two men together it was here greatest fantasy,she knelt down and shared my cock with here husband feeding it into his mouth,

after a while dave suggested we go to the bedroom, we went upstairs me and ruth went into the bedroom whilst dave said he would be in shortly me and ruth fondled each other she held my cock whilst i played with her pussy she layed on the bed opening her legs so i could see her cunt i leaned forward licking her wet cunt as she pulled her lips back she was pushing her hips up forcing her pussy onto my tongue.she said she wanted my cock inside her so i knelt between her open legs and rubbed my cock along her cunt she pushed it up as my cock slid into her she pulled her legs up and we both watched my cock sliding in to her her pussy lips sliding along its length she screamed as i drove my entire length into her again and again she was orgasming over and over again as she always does she is one lady who enjoys sex, dave had undressed and walked into the bedroom to watch his wife take another mans cock into her, he carresed my arse slipping his finger into me god my cock was hard isaid i was cumming she said to cum inside her i stopped fucking and just let my cock empty into her wet pussy, she was still moaning when my softening cock slipped from her pussy. dave licked my cock and his wifes pussy as we layed there,

we had a 3 way cuddle stroking and kissing each other ruth always enjoyed that,she told dave to get the lube she wanted to watch her husband fuck me,i laid on my back and pulled my legs up giving them a view of my hole ready for his cock he rimmed me for a while he knew i really enjoyed that its such a sensitive area,

he put some lube on my hole and on his cock i held my legs as he slowly fed his cock into me i slowly took his length into me until his balls touched my arse cheeks. ruth watched as her husbands cock fucked my arse harder and harder. she sat beside us watching she slid a hand onto my cock and started to wank along its length she placed her head on my stomuch and sucked my cock whilst watching her husbands cock fuck my arse, she told him she wanted to see him cum over my cock and balls he carried on fucking me until finally he pulled his cock out and spurted cum onto my cock leaving it covered in his spunk,

we all layed on the bed together cuddling together she rubbed the spunk along my cock until it was hard again, she said it was daves turn now he layed on his stomuch his arse in the air she lubed his arse and watched as i slipped my cock into him he has a lovely tight arse i love watching my cock disappear inside him ruth cupped our balls in her hands she was saying how sexy it is to watch her fingers slipped into her pussy making herself cum. she climbed on the bed and put her cunt in front of dave so he could eat her out he sucked on her pussy while i fucked his arse until i said iwas cumming again, i emptied my cum onto his crack and rubbed it in with my cock sliding along his crack. ruth was still cumming on his mouth in front of me.

we layed talking for a while .dave and ruth said before i left they had a woman friend who they would like to get involved in our 3sum ruth said she had been with her before on holiday.i said i would love to meet her dave said it is horny watching them together sucking pussys, i left thinking this could,nt get any better.