Written by alwaysagentleman

6 Jan 2013

We spent most of the week talking about what had happened on the Ferry i recognised how important it was to Ailsa that we at least explored having sex with other people. 'I wasn't sure how to tell you so i was relieved that you caught me'. I was realising this had been set up with that intention.

Now I do think i am broad minded and seeing Ailsa shagged didn't provoke the jealousy and anger it could have done, in fact i was excited about it, and was already looking forward to this happening again. I have to be truthful i was also nervous about this new lifestyle. Like any man i had thought about this and the opportunities it offered but to actually be faced with it was a different matter all together. Ailsa was calm and logical whilst i was more emotional another change in our usual behavior. I was worried about the fact i was over 40 out of shape hadn't been with anyone else but Ailsa for over 20 years and also didn't know how i would measure up. Also getting turned on by watching other men fuck my wife whilst i watched, what did that say about me. She pointed out i was always a bit of a voyeur and after watching porn i was always up for sex, i had stopped denying looking at porn about a year previously when Ailsa said she didn't mind and even began to watch the Adult Channel with me. This would be around the time she began the 'shopping trips' with Sally and Kevin.

Ailsa was reassuring about my concerns, and that it would be good for us both to see others together or separately we both enjoyed the physical side of sex and had never let what others think stop us doing things. She did say she was surprised as she thought i would literally jump at the chance to shag other women with her blessing.

The reality was she had already started this and was regularly seeing a couple and had a few one night stands as wells. I really didn't have much choice if we were to stay together as Ailsa had started down a path and was not willing to stop, at least not yet.

We agreed some basic ground rules, we would tell each other everything and keep safe. Also no friends family or neighbours though we broke this one very quickly.

The night before we returned home Ailsa and I went to the local pub. It was full of relatives and friends from her childhood as well as her 30 year old pregnant niece Tina. They were quite close and spent nearly 2 hours in intense conversation. I mingled mainly chatting football or about work, Ailsa has two female cousins about her age and i enjoyed 40 minutes flirting with them. They both wore similar dresses low cut and very short giving me a good look at their cleavage as they lent over to talk and regular flashes of their panties as they swapped seats or got up to buy drinks. Ailsa was dressed demurely in comparison she was wearing a purple satin blouse with one or two more buttons open than necessary and a skirt which had a split up the side revealing her stockings at the top. This was a lot more provocative than Ailsa usually dressed and she and her cousins were getting a lot of attention from the men in the bar.

Ailsa came over and said she wanted to talk to me. We went out the back door and across the car park. We began kissing and she quickly had my trouser around my ankles and my dick in her hands. Did you like looking at Kath and Paulines tits? i tried to deny it but her hand gave my dick a sharp tweak making me yelp. 'are they better than mine?' No i quickly said my dick still recovering from this rough handling 'I want you to wank over my tits' she opened her blouse revealing the black bre she had bought on her shopping trip which she had matching knickers. She used one hand to pull out her breasts her nipples hard in the cold air and used the other to move my hands one to her tits and the other to start wanking. Now i have always been shy of wanking in front of Ailsa, she had asked me to do it in the past but i never ejaculated probably linked to her previous distaste for fellatio. But i was now in a pub carpark squeezing my wifes naked tits as i wanked.

'Aunty Ailsa, you never said how big David was' it was Tina, heavily pregnant which made her already large breasts swollen and she was touching them through her jacket. I tried to cover myself up but Ailsa pulled my hands away. 'Don't stop Tina doesn't mind' she beckoned Tina over who stood next to me and took hold of my dick. Her jacket was open and she was naked from the waist up, pendulous breasts and huge nipples on display. 'look what this dirty bastard is doing to you, old aunty' Tina giggled and started to wank me. Pushing my dick deep into Ailsa's cleavage whilst Ailsa had one hand on my right buttock and her other between my legs pushing a finger against my arse. I wanted to grab Tinas tits but to be honest i needed both hands on the wall i was leaning against to keep steady. i didn't last too long and a large stream of spunk soon covered Ailsa's breasts. As i began to ejaculate i felt Ailsa finger go up my arse which increased the intensity in a shocking way for me whilst Tina made sure every last drop was milked. Tina smiled at me 'now there is a happy chap' she kissed me on my cheek then bent over to lick the last drop of spunk from my dick.

There was then some voices a man calling for Tina 'damn sorry Uncle i have to go, aunty call me when you get home' She stood up and walked away leaving with a promise of more to come.

'Well Tommy will get a good fuck tonight ' said Ailsa come on lets go home we need an early night. With that Ailsa turned and got into our car. Her skirt was up over her waist her breasts still exposed and glistening. 'Come on ' she ordered and i with my trousers around my ankles with my dick and arse throbbing followed.