Written by alwaysagentleman

9 Jan 2013

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This is a rewrite as well, i felt i needed to update a previous story to make it more accurate. We had been home for over 6 weeks and hadn't really discussed what had happened i guessed it had been a holiday thing and things would get back to normal. I had been searching the Internet but it wasn't as useful back then. I had registered with an american website which had a large British contingent including swingers singles etc and had a section for more adult content. Is it called reality porn i don't really know but i was quickly hooked on amateur pictures readers wives swinging and dogging which i had never heard off before.

Ailsa announced one Saturday morning she was going away for the night to do shopping. I asked if Sally would be there she said yes. I reminded her we had promised to be open about what we were up to and she told me that this arrangement was made before we had reached that agreement so it didn't really count.

So was home alone on a Saturday night i got a number of texts from Ailsa saying sorry that she loved me then around about 8pm she sent a text she was in a bar and definitely wouldn't be home as she had hooked up with someone, but would tell me all about it when she returned in the morning.

I have to say i felt helpless i did want to go up to town and find her but really what would that achieve. Ailsa had decided she was going to have sex with a stranger and i had to accept this. The idea of hearing about it tomorrow was some comfort but i did get angrier and angrier to be honest.

i went on line but rather than going to a porn sight i went on the website forum and discussed the situation the advice was get out there and get some action. Great idea but how and where. Then i got a message describing a local spot where couples went dogging and maybe this would be an idea. It was only 10 miles away and i thought ok what is good for the goose etc.

I needed to drive and I headed the few miles to the coast and a car park just of the main road. I pulled in and there was one other car parked at the far side . after a few minutes the interior light of the car started flashing and I immediately became curious. I walked over not really believing my luck as a women's bottom was exposed at the rear window. I reached the car and the electric window lowered Dave? It was friends of ours, Sharon and Dennis a couple in their fifties and now extremely embarrassed as Sharon pulled down her skirt and Dennis attempted to hide his not inconsiderable penis.

I was asked to get in and sat in the front seat looking at Sharon, a lovely looking women who ran half marathons so had a slim body with still pert breasts and a tight bum. She was wearing very little a tiny black mini skirt and a white vest t-shirt cut very low in the front showing of her pink wonder bra.

They had sent the message after noticing i was not far away but didn't realise who it was. They had been dogging to spice up their marriage, both Dennis and Sharon had played away and though had always reconciled Sharon's impulsive nature often caused problems. I thought Dennis may be lacking in the bedroom department but not on this evidence he was bigger than me 8 inches at least and maybe 6 inches in girth. Sharon wanted an open relationship not wanting to cheat on her husband and Dennis was willing to go along in order to keep their marriage going. Very similar to Ailsa and I, except she was 40 miles away probably being fucked right now.

Dennis told me that when Sharon was having an affair her sex drive increased and he had problems keeping up with her. But dogging seemed ideal Sharon got the excitement and occasionally a new partner if she fancied them enough.

'I quite like watching these men wanking as Dennis is riding me, knowing I am turning them on is enough. Most of the time' she said.

Her eyes looking directly at my crotch. She kneeled up on the back seat and pulled up her skirt over her naked thighs. Her panties were clearly elsewhere as I saw the auburn hair of her pubes become exposed, neatly trimmed but naked around her pussy lips and the pink soft tissue was still wet from her session with hubby.

Her hand undid my zip and she started to rub my dick ,

'well Dave do you want to join in?' asked Dennis

'I haven't a condom' I said weakly,

Dennis smiled and said dont worry 'lets give Sharon a roast she hasn't had one'

'not with you darling' replied Sharon.

Dennis knelt behind her and entered her quite roughly and started to rotate his hips with his eyes closed. Sharon pulled my dick out of my pants and began to lick and suck. To be honest I am a wee bit sensitive to blow jobs and it doesnt take long for me to come, luckily neither did it for Dennis and he emptied himself into Sharon after about 3 minutes and I saw her flush and shudder and she clearly was coming, I still had a bit to go to be honest but relaxed and it didnt take too long for me to shoot all over her face.

She licked the dribble on her chin and said 'you shouldn't have pulled away Dave I dont mind'

I leant forward and gave her a long deep kiss. This was a mistake as Dennis objected, I still had a lot to learn around etiquette.

He did forgive me though.

Shirley and Dean have invited Ailsa and I round for dinner and i can't wait to tell her.