Written by alwaysagentleman

20 Jan 2013

I didn't really recognise my wife anymore. She had turned into , well not to be contrite, a whore!

From what i thought would be a dalliance into wider sexual experiences she had made it clear she wanted to fuck, suck and generally shagged stupid by as many men and women as she could. I had now seen first hand how she was quite happy to be fucked by complete strangers as well developing a healthy interest in making me watch her as it happened. I hadn't come in her pussy for months, she would take me in her mouth or let me wank over her breasts.

Having lost touch with Kevin and Sally Ailsa agreed to meet up with Dennis and Sharon. We met in a local pub for a meal, Dennis did the Pub quiz and was chatting up the teenagers but getting no where fast.

Ailsa had never seemed to be interested in women before but it was clear she fancied Sharon. The three of us sat together the girls sipping malt and reading the signs i had moved onto soft drinks, brewers droop is not an option for Ailsa. Sharon was regaling us with stories of her sexual escapades, Ailsa hanging onto every word asking questions as Sharon told us about the time she had been fucked by two guys.

Sharon marathons and goes running at least twice a week, it was in the summer a Sunday and she went out as usual but decided to do some hill work and headed in land up a back road. It was early morning and The only people she saw were two guys in their late fifties out for a walk, they undressed her with their eyes as she ran past, not that she was wearing much a pair of trainers, blue cotton running shorts and a lycra vest.

'was it these two guys who fucked you?' asked Ailsa

Sharon continued 'It was really hot and I decided to turn back and met the guys again. I stopped and chatted and noticed they had some water and so asked for a drink. It was straight vodka. I almost gagged which is not a normal problem i have!' the three of us started laughing and Ailsa put her hand on Sharon's thigh inside too far up to be anything but a sexual gesture.

'What did they look like, were they old? I had some old cock but not really old old'. Ailsa was gibbering away and i tried to quieten her a wee bit as i wanted to hear what Sharon had to say. Ailsa flashed one of her do not interfere looks, she looked flushed and excited now holding hands with Sharon who seemed not to notice the interruptions.

'They were brothers and in their sixties', Sharon said 'out having a walk to keep healthy and have a wee refreshment. I took another drink and noticed the first guy put his hand around my back rubbing me up and down. Not very subtle of him but both were taking a chance. 'Come on hen do you not fancy us,' asked the second guy and it may be the vodka and the heat but I felt excited and thrilled about the chance to have sex in the open with 2 pensioners.'

'Ohh pensioners and what did they look like?' Ailsa again.

'They were not good looking at all but still youthful in build quite muscular strong legs from years of walking.. The first guy Charlie was his name well his dick was almost breaking the seam of his shorts. I felt my nipples hardening and before I could answer Bill had his hand inside my running vest and started rubbing my tits and tweaking my nipples. And do you know what the cheeky bugger said? That i had nice tits for an auld bird .'

'well you have ' Ailsa beat me to this line and her eyes were transfixed on Sharon 's still pert breasts and cleavage. 'not that you are old.' We again laughed but i started to realise that Ailsa was engrossed in the story to an extent i hadn't seen before.

'Charlie agreed and he lifted my vest up and started licking my right breast.' Ailsa reached up and squeezed Sharon's breast, 'this one you mean. They giggled 'not here Ailsa what will the neighbours think' and Sharon gently removed Ailsa's hand. 'later maybe' Ailsa blushed and said yes please kissing Sharon on her cheek.

I looked open mouthed. What had been meant to be a chat and get to know each other session had moved up a gear. Dennis came over to join us. 'need to watch these tow David right pair of minxes,' This was not a warning but an invitation.

'Well what did they mean old' continued Sharon 'i took my top off as i am proud of these girls but Bill and Charlie were ahead of me. They each pushed a hand each into my shorts Charlie roughly parted my pussy lips and tucked a couple of fingers inside me rubbing and pushing his thumb against my clit. At the same time Bill had slid his hand between my bum cheeks and shoved his finger up my bloody arse.'

Ailsa gasped 'what was it like? Tell me'.

'I literally shrieked I had anal before and Dennis loves rimming me but it was a shock all the same. I could feel both sets of fingers pushing against the wall between arse and cunt and it was good.'

'Two inside at the same time.' Ailsa was making a mental note.

' There is no substitute for experience' Sharon said looking over at me and smiling.They actually lifted me of the ground a hand each on my breast squeezing them to death and the others giving my arse and cunt a good exploring. They carried me over the verge shorts around my knees and behind some rocks. There was a ruck sack and some porno mags they explained that they were just going to have a wank and saw me running along so chanced their arm.' Well that was good luck for me ' Sharon smiled at the memory and i noticed her nipples poking up through the cloth of her dress. She had also oped her legs and was letting Ailsa move her hand up her thigh. ' The guys proved they knew the way around a women, I stopped to flirt and may be flash them but these two would not stand for such nonsense, old school they were.'

Dennis lent forward to get a look at where Ailsa had her hand but to also put his on her knee. It moved up under Ailsa's skirt. 'So I was leaning against the rock and they made me lick their fingers the sweet taste of come mingled with the earthy taste of my arse. And no i didn't gag . Well Bill had removed his shorts and stood in front of me he was big 10 inches and maybe 7 inches in girth.' Now both Ailsa and i gasped at the thought of this monster dick.

' It looked dirty and had flecks of old cum on it, he pulled my head down and I found my mouth full of cock licking it's head and cleaning it of debris. I looked over and and saw Charlie totally naked with a long skinny dick he walked behind me and entered my pussy smoothly, They lifted my legs up forcing me to grab on to Bill's hips and forcing more cock into my mouth and pussy. I was suspended between the two and utterly helpless as they moved swiftly into a swinging movement, one penis pushing down my throat and the other sliding to the point of leaving my cunt and then pushing back in. I had no control and when I heard 123 the buggers coordinated coming and i was being pumped full of spunk from both ends. After they finished i was dropped naked on the grass, still horny and wanting to come myself.'

'You didn't come with two cocks?' Ailsa again interjecting. She had her hand right up Sharon's dress and i knew she was inside her panties playing with her, whilst Dennis was himself playing with her.

'No the two gits walked of with hardly a goodbye.

Dennis smiled ' that is always a good story, and you deserve it for being a slut'.

Ailsa 'was looking like she was about to come, the story really turned her on.'they just used you and you didn't mind?'

'of course i bloody minded, i would have loved to ride both of them, they just did their business and left. Still i enjoyed it and Dennis shagged the arse of me when i got home.

'talking of which its past last orders, and if we are not careful we will get chucked out' Dennis then asked if we fancied a night cap.

Ailsa stopped him removing his hand and said just 5 more minutes finish what you are doing. Dennis ignored her and stood up, an erect penis obvious beneath his trousers. 'No come back to ours the landlord doesn't have a swingers licence'.