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1st July 

We had spent the night in an airport hotel and were up for continental breakfast early. 

We sailed through security Anna with her phone and toiletries, me with the rest in a small backpack.

"Do you see how they touch?" Anna said observing two cabin crew. "I bet they are fucking.

"No doubt about it." I replied,  getting a disapproving look from the woman sitting next to Anna.

A tour guide asked where our luggage was.

"All we need is a spare set of underwear, a day and evening outfit." Anna informed the gaggle of TUI guides.

"We travel lite." I continued. 

"You will have to give us lessons." One replied. 

"I'd love to." I managed before Anna pushed me gently towards the coach.

Anna sat in the relaxation area as I took a sauna. Anna loves a sauna but the doctor said no while she is pregnant. 

I was laying out when a man came in with a towel around him.

"Guten tag." I was ignored. 

A woman came in and said something. The man told her I was asleep. 

By the time I left he had opened his towel,  she was holding his hand and with the other gripping her towel. 

We went back to our room and got ready for dinner.

2nd July 

We went for a slow walk, part way around the lake, had a packed lunch and made our way back.

I went down to the sauna leaving Anna reading in the room.

The couple from yesterday was there. Him everything out. Her, her back to the glass, knees pulled up covering her tits, ankles crossed hiding her cunt. She was there for her husband. I went into the hotter room.

"Guten Tag, darf ich mich Ihnen anschlieรŸen."

"Lina, what did you say?" I answered. 

"Can I join you."

"I would never turn you away. What time is it?"

"About four."

"Where is Otto?" 

"Ficken Anna."

"Fucking?" I asked as the door opened. 

"You know the German that matters." Lina replied with a hint of humour. 

We settled into silence as two women occupied the other end of the sauna. Both with towels wrapped around them, one with straps over her shoulders. Can't they read the sign on the door in German and English 'naked  nudist'.

Lina pulled her towel off the bench as we left, making no effort to cover herself. "Will you fuck me?"

"You don't have to ask." I answered as loudly as Lina. 

"My room then."

"Do you know what I want?" Lina asked, opening her room.


She dropped her robe as I shut the door. I opened my robe and she took my cock in one hand and kissed me.

"Fuck my ass."

"Turn around."

I had no condoms. "Where are the rubbers?"

Lina rushed away and returned with a packet. 

I ripped it open and pulled it on. I almost forgot about her pleasure fucking her hard and spilling quickly. 

"You needed that." Lina observed.

"You wanted it."

"..but I haven't yet."

She had turned around.  I pushed her on her back and began eating her shaved pussy. 

"O yes, o yes." Lina encouraged me. 

I lifted my head, but she pulled it back to her cunt.

I opened the door. Anna was kneeling on the bed. Otto was fucking her gently. 

"I knew I should not have left you alone." I told Anna.

"Fuck you." Anna replied. 

"We did." Lina confirmed. 

"I thought you were a long time." Otto contributed. 

Lina took up position on the bed. I found a condom and took her. She bent her head up to see her husband's slow rhythmic probes into Anna as I took her with more vigorous pumps.

"We're going to have a good fucking week." Lina informed us.

Otto let out a grunt and retreated letting Anna sit on the bed. 

"Fuck her hard." Anna instructed. 

With those words I filled the condom, but not before Lina had cum twice. 

"He holds himself back when he fucks me." Anna continued. 

"Your belly moves uncomfortably." I counted. 

"I know. You can fuck me hard for Christmas."

"Before then I hope."

"Maybe." Anna said playfully. 

"Let's have you." 

"Anytime." Anna confirmed,  rolling herself onto her back. I carefully pushed my naked cock into her. Taking most of my weight on my bent legs and some on her bent knees. 

I've been known to last longer, but watching Otto fuck her and them both watching us must have excited me. I burst my load into her and almost instantly left her to straighten up.

"Tony has a spunky cock Otto. Spunky is right , yes." Lina observed. 

"Spunky and pussy juice." Anna confirmed. 

Otto surprised me by sucking my cock. I felt obliged to encourage him. My cock hardened a bit, but not stiff enough. 

Otto looked at Lina, I could not read his face. He said something in German. Her face brightened. and she went down on Anna. Anna squirmed and came quickly. 

"Lina, that was nice." Anna stated.

"I hoped it would be."

We spent the next hour talking about the last year and showed them the swinging hotel. The Web site is very dull talking about exclusive sunshine. When you log in it shows some fucking and pictures of the amenities. 

"Christ, we have dreamed about a place like that." Otto exclaimed.

"He has." Lina confirmed. 

"This is the prices." I changed pages.

"That is more than we can afford." Otto sounded disappointed. 

"Perhaps we can share the price and a room." Anna gave him hope.

"Do you think they will let us?" Lina asked.

"I've known the owners for years. I can ask. Give us some dates you can go, but not this year." I replied, rubbing Anna's belly.

After dinner we went back to our room and fucked. 

"Can we swap for the whole night?" Lina asked.

I was concerned for Anna and the baby bump. but Otto had proven to be gentle and when Anna gave our secret yes signal I agreed.

We fucked our own partners once and I left with Lina for their room.

I fucked her three ways and fell asleep. 

3rd July

In the middle of the night I found a woman climbing on me and sitting on my balls. My eyes were closed and I slowly became aware of the simple fact that it was not Anna. I opened my eyes to the darkness and remembered I was in Lina's bed.

"I hope you have a condom." I informed her.

"You are not in me. I'm just playing."

"So you don't want me in you?"

"I may."

"Get a condom."

Lina leaned forward. I felt the warmth of her cunt on my cock. Her tit brushed my face. I licked her tit as she dragged her tit back.

She rolled the condom on and I felt her cunt engulf my cock.

"Did you like Otto sucking your cock?" Lina rolled her pussy.

"I did, but was surprised."

"Did me doing that to Anna surprised you?"

"Not as much. What did he say to you?"

"He called me a dirty slut and told me to lick your filthy mess out of Anna."

"Was it filthy?"

"No, I want to do it again,  and his."

"His sperms."

"You want to lick his cum from Anna."

"From a cunt." Lina retreated. 

"Not Anna then?"

"Can I?" Lina ground her cunt hard and came.

"Not today."

Lina continued to move. Raking her cunt back and forth. I came.

"It would have been nice if Anna could lick your filthy mess from me."

"You are pushing." I cautioned. 

"You wanted us bisexual."

"We did, I will talk to Anna, but we all run risks with bareback."

"We were tested two weeks ago, and have only been with each other since."

"Go to sleep." I told her, realising too late I hated Lyn saying that to me. It was something I was not glad to see the back of that phrase when Lyn left.

Lina turned away from me.

"Would you like spunk here?" I asked, dragging my finger along her ass crack.

"Yes please." 

My cock hardened and my hand searched for a condom. I pushed my cock into her ass. 

"Slowly please." Lina pleaded.

"If we were in our room we would have lube."

I pulled out, and wiped pussy juice along her ass and slowly pushed in. As I did I thought 'If she was fucked bareback she would be better lubed.'

"Better?" I asked as she adapted to my cock.

"Better, yes."

I changed position and upped the tempo. I came but she did not.

I reached between her legs and fingered her clit. She came.

We woke in the morning and I took her on her back, regretting the need for a condom. We went to find Anna and Otto. Anna was getting dressed. 

"Good night?" I asked, kissing her.

"Wonderful,  Otto was very considerate."

"Get used, did it?" Lina asked brushing Otto's cock as he came out of the bathroom.

"Not as much as your cunt I suspect."

"I'm sorry Otto, I am not up to the same antics as last year." 

"It's OK I understand,  it was good spending the night with you."

We went down for breakfast and then Otto drove us to Krimml Waterfalls.

Anna sat in the front, with her bump and Lina pulled my cock out and started wanking me on the back seat.

Anna heard my appreciation and looked around. "Be careful, that's the only trousers we brought."

Lina's reply was to start sucking.

"All clean." Lina announced triumphantly after swallowing. 

I packed my cock away.

Anna smiled back at me.

Walking back from the falls Anna and I had a chance to talk. 

"Lina wants bareback." I told Anna.

"How do you know?"

"She tried it on."

"The slut. You did refuse?"

"I did."

Anna squeezed my hand. "I do feel sorry for Otto. Perhaps we should. Do you think they are safe?"

"Lina said they were tested negative and have not been swinging since."

"How do we tell them?"

"Ask Otto if he wants to eat me out of Lina?"

"...or ask Lina if she wants to eat Otto out of me."

"A little bi-action was a pleasant surprise."

We had our time in the sauna and found Anna reading in the relaxation area.

"Making new friends Anna." I asked, seeing the two women from the sauna. 

'"Just chatting."

They looked surprised as we left.

We both fucked both wives, using condoms. Then went down for dinner.

We never had much for dinner.

We fucked our own wives and Anna invited Lina to clean her.

"Would you like Lina to be licking you out of me?" Anna asked.

"Wunderbar.." Otto replied. 

"Would you like to eat Tony out of Lina?"

"We talked about it." Otto replied, obviously hoping.

I slide my naked cock into Lina. No one complained. Lina made an uumm sound but never stopped eating Anna. Anna was smiling or starting to cum, maybe both.

I slowly built my tempo. 

"We have trusted friends, Lina could be really filled."

"Otto wants to fuck me." Anna observed.

I allowed Lina to move then took her on her back. She kissed me savagely. I fucked her hard.

Anna offered herself doggy. Then cautioned. "Not so ruff."

I pulled myself up, looked at Anna getting fucked.

"That's better Otto." Anna relieved my concern."

"Go on, eat each other." I suggested.

Otto descended on Lina's can't. Lina pulled his cock to her.

"That's good, fucking others properly." Anna observed, propping herself against the head of the bed.

I ran my hand down his back, over his buttocks to find his balls. Otto buried his head deeper into Lina's cunt,  she bucked and came. Otto was a few moments later.

"We have friends we trust, you should visit, lots of cocks and cunts to experience properly." I reminded them of what Anna had told them.

"If we can." Otto replied. 

"The invitation is there." Anna confirmed softly. 

I spent that night with Anna. I did not fully trust Otto in his excited state.

4th July

We went up the mountains in the cable cars and did the sauna when we got back. 

Later Anna told us how the two women had told her about Lina inviting me to her room. They said it was not right, me going with others just because Anna was pregnant. 

Anna thanked them and asked if they would like to go to bed with me.

Apparently they were not pleased. Anna told them not to interfere in others' marriages.

That afternoon we fucked bareback. Otto was excited fucking Lina after I filled her.

I slept with Lina that night.

5th July

In the morning Otto let himself in and woke us to fuck his wife. He spoke in German and English saying something like she was a whore still wet from the fucking she had been given. The words are not what I would have said, but they both enjoyed it.

After breakfast we went to a town, at the advice of the hotel receptionist, a cake shop. I must find a way to thank her.

That night thunder rumbled around the valley. So we did not mind making a little noise on the bed. 

The rest of the week went the same way. Breakfast,  sightseeing, sauna, fucking, dinner, fucking. 

We hope Lina and Otto will visit us.

Written by Tony

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