Written by godzilla84

20 Nov 2012

Sorry for the long delay in my posting this. Rachel and Tim get to read and edit this before I post it and Tim hasn’t been well for the last few months so it wasn’t high on their list of priorities. All is well now and here is the next chapter.

In case anybody was wondering. I found the ticket stub and programme from the Liverpool match I went to with Tim. It was Liverpool Vs Leicester City and the reds won 2-1.

A good 6 weeks passed before i heard from Tim and Rachel again properly. In the meantime i had continued to give the odd knowing smile to Tim as and when our paths crossed at the car park but aside from that, we behaved as though nothing had happened. One morning when I was on an early shift, I saw Tim as he came into work and he passed me an envelope. “Open it when you are alone.” he said and rushed off to his office.

As soon as i had a chance, I nipped to the gents and opened the envelope. Inside was a note which read: “if you’re free later come over around 4.30. Hope you have been keeping yourself smooth. Rachel xx” I instantly felt guilty realising that I hadn’t even thought about shaving below my belt since the last time I saw Rachel. I knew I finished work at 3, which gave me 90 minutes to go home via the supermarket, buy some razor blades and get a shower and a shave and get to Formby.

Three o’clock came and I made the trip to Sainsbury’s and then home in record time. I was in the shower by 3.15 and as i worked the shaving gel round my nether regions my cock grew, my mind wandering to what Rachel might have in mind for this afternoon. I finished shaving, rinsed the remainder of the foam off and as i dried myself I noted that Rachel had done a much better job last time. I got dressed and jumped in the car. It was 4.28 when I pulled up outside their house.

As i got out of my car I noticed that Tim’s Range Rover wasn’t there and remembered as I was leaving last time Rachel had mentioned that next time I would be taking turns with Tim. I ignored that thought and rang the doorbell. Rachel answered wearing jeans and a tight fitting jumper that showed off her firm chest brilliantly. “Good afternoon handsome.” She smiled as I walked through the door. “I hope it will be.” I replied.

Like last time, Rachel kissed me passionately in the hall way, i returned the kiss as my cock hardened. “Mmm, I’m looking forward to having that later” she said as she felt it press against her. She offered me a drink and I asked for a cup of tea because it was a cold November afternoon.

I followed her to the kitchen and we chatted about what we had been up to since we last saw each other. “I showed Tim the pictures you took of me last time” Rachel told me. “When he got home, I described what you did to me whilst he fucked me” she continued.

“He wants to see you fucking me again.” she grinned. “Is he going to be here tonight?” I asked. “Yes but he said for us to start without him. He wants to ‘catch us at it` when he gets home. Rachel answered. “Well I guess I’d better finish this cuppa and get on with it. It would be a shame if he caught us having a chat over a brew!” I laughed.

We downed the last of the tea and i followed Rachel out of the kitchen and upstairs to the bedroom. As i walked into the bedroom she caught me slightly off guard and pushed me onto the bed. I landed on my back and Rachel jumped astride me. I sat up and kissed her before she started to remove my t-shirt. Franticly we undressed each other throwing clothes all around the room until we were both naked on the bed.

I lay back and Rachel knelt at my feet and slowly took my cock in her mouth. She licked the length of my shaft a couple of times before taking the head and swirling her tongue around it. I had been watching her sucking me but i let my head drop back, I was in heaven. A few minutes of this and i was already close to spunking. “Slow down a bit, I don’t want to cum yet!”

Rachel’s reaction was to shift her position so that she was knelt at my side still with my cock in her mouth. I realised she wanted me to finger her while she sucked me so I reached between her legs and found her shaved slit. She was already wet and straight away i got two fingers in her right up to my knuckles. Using my thumb i teased her clit while swirling my fingers round inside her. “Mmmm, can you get another finger in there?” she gasped between mouthfuls of my cock.

With a third finger deep inside her she struggled to keep still and stopped sucking me but licked my balls when she was more composed. “Ooooh! Freshly shaved?” She asked. “About an hour ago, but you did a better job last time.” I replied, trying to concentrate on what I was doing.

Suddenly she convulsed and screamed. “I’m cumming!” I felt the walls of her pussy contract then i felt a trickle of her juices running down my forearm to make a little damp patch on the mattress. I pulled my hand from between her legs and Rachel collapsed on me, still shaking as her orgasm subsided. “It’s a long time since i have cum that hard” she panted.

After less than a minute she had my cock back in her mouth giving me the sloppiest blowjob i have ever had (to this day). She was sucking my cock like a woman possessed. “I really should have my cock in your pussy by now, shouldn’t I?” I asked.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She mumbled with her mouth still full of my cock. I was laying at the foot of the bed with my feet on the floor and Rachel stood up and straddled me, lowering herself onto my cock.

She slid down the length of my cock easily, she had left it slick with saliva and she was still soaking wet from the fingering i had given her. The warmth of her cunt felt good around my shaft. She rocked her hips back and forth contracting the muscles inside her pussy as she did making my cock throb inside her.

I tried to sit up and kiss her but she pushed me firmly back down in the middle of my chest. “Stay there, I want to use you as my sex toy for now.” She sighed. “Who am I to argue?” I replied. I lay back and enjoyed the view of her large but firm tits as they swayed with each movement of her hips and the sensastions i was feeling through my cock

I reached up and cupped her tits, her nipples were red and solid. I pinched them between my thumb and forefinger making her jump a little and then push forward against my hands.

She then leaned back taking them out of my reach and using her right hand she reached down and started to tease her clit while supporting her weight with her left hand. I could feel her fingers brushing against my shaft as she played with herself.

“I’m gonna cum!” i warned her. “Hurry up then, I want my turn!” Said, Tim from the doorway. We hadn’t heard him arrive home. Rachel ground herself harder against me as I thrust up unleashing what felt like a torrent of cum inside her, she felt me tense up and let out a little moan with every twitch of my cock.

Rachel lifted her leg over me and i felt a blob of my semen splash onto my abdomen as it dripped from her pussy. Within a second Rachel was lapping it up and then taking my now limp cock in her mouth sucking it clean. In the few minutes this had taken place, Tim had shed his clothes and taken a position behind his wife. She gasped as he thrust into her in one quick movment.

“You have no idea how good it feels to be fucking her when she is full of someone elses spunk.” Tim grinned at me. I smiled back, “Glad to be of service.” Rachel paused from sucking my cock to speak “He definitely serviced me!” and then continued. My cock was already hardening again with her expert attentions.

It was very sexy watching Rachel’s face as she was being fucked by Tim as she slurped away happily on my cock. Once Rachel was satisfied that I was fully hard again she stopped sucking me and moved away from Tim. She gave a naughty smile and said “I want both your cocks in me at the same time.”

I remembered this from the first time we played together and as I was already on the bed I took the position Tim was in last time underneath his wife as she lowered herself onto my cock. Tim moved into position behind her and suddenly i felt his cock enter her pussy alongside mine. I was expecting him to be fucking her arse while I fucked her pussy, this was new to me as well.

Rachel saw the look of surprise on my face and laughed, “You have never been this close to another man’s cock have you?” I smiled back at her “No, but i have had a few first times with you so far, so im sure i will enjoy this as much as the others.” “You WILL.” She promised.

When Tim was fully inside his wife alongside me, we started to thrust into her alternately. The warm sensation of Rachel’s pussy round my cock, combined with the added friction of Tim’s cock rubbing against mine was heavenly and I was struggling not to shoot my load too quickly. I think Rachel noticed I was concentrating a bit too hard on not cumming and said “Don’t hold back! We both want to feel you flood me with warm spunk.”

That was all the encouragement i needed and i thrust into her a couple more times before i grunted and filled what little space was left in her cunt with a surprising amount of spunk considering I had shot my load earlier too. Rachel moaned as she felt her insides warm up with my cum and i felt Tim quicken his pace too before he thrust extra deep and added his own cum to the two loads i had already deposited in his wife.

I felt each spurt of his cum leave his cock, the little twitches of his shaft against my own, still rock hard cock. It was one of the sexiest sensations i have ever felt to this day. Rachel wasn’t making a sound, she had her eyes closed and was biting hard on her bottom lip before she looked down at me and kissed me deeply, her tongue was swirling deep in my mouth. I responded, probing her with my tongue.

Tim pulled his softening cock out and there was a loud squelch sound and i felt my balls chill as the air hit the mixture of spunk and rachel’s pussy juice coating them. Rachel climbed off my cock and sat on the edge of the bed in front of Tim. “I’d better clean you both up hadn’t i?” She said before taking Tim in her mouth. His cock was still slick with the same sticky mixture of spunk and pussy juice as my own cock and balls.

She sucked the spunky mess off his cock and he stooped to kiss her. Their tongues met as she shared the creamy goo with him.

I stood alongside Tim and waited for my turn. She did the same with but there seemed to be more on my cock until Rachel had finished. I surprised myself by being very keen to get my share of the mess from her mouth and even more so, i found myself fingering her to get a little more from inside her soaking wet hole.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table and it was 8 oclock. I looked at Rachel and said, “Three and a half hours really passed by quickly.” She laughed and said “time flies when your being entertained by two horny men!”

We took a break and Tim popped out to the takeaway for some food. I chatted with Rachel while he was out. She commented about me enjoying the spunky mess in the bedroom. “Well you said I would have to get used to it. Although it was a bit odd having Tim’s spunk in there too.” “Dont worry, it doesn’t mean you are turning gay. Far from it, you are becoming a very adventurous lover who I can see myself getting addicted too.” I blushed at that comment.

Tim returned with the food and we sat in contented silence eating before Tim made an announcement. “We aren’t going back upstairs to fuck after this. We are going out for a drive.” I was looking forward to some more bedroom fun and Tim saw the disappointment on my face. “You will enjoy this”

Im going to end this part of the story here and make this a to be continued.