Written by Jimbob

11 Dec 2007

About a month and a half ago, my wife came home with one of her work mates and told me that she was going to stay with us as her husband was abusive towards her. She got a restraining order against him and therefore had no place to stay, as we had a granny flat at the back of our premises I had no problem with it. By the way, the fact that she was a good looking blond about 28 – 30 years old made the decision that much easier. She kept pretty much to herself (much to my dislike) and we hardly saw her after she retires to her room after work.

However this past weekend, my wife had just taken a shower and was rubbing her back and legs with cream when Cindy called my wife from the lounge area, my wife told her to come up to the bed room, I was quite surprised by this as my wife was still naked on the bed when she entered our bedroom. Cindy looked just as surprised as me, she herself was only dressed in a skimpy nighty and just wanted to know what my wife thinks of the night dress.

After informing her that it looked very sexy, she made her way back to her room, but I’m sure my wife felt the huge bulge growing in my shorts as I lay next to her, so she asked Cindy where she was going, to which she replied, “back to my room as I too need to get ready for bed and still needed to comb my hair and put cream on my legs”.

Then came the biggest shock, as my wife told her to stay as I could just as well put cream onto her legs, to which she came and joined us on the bed, lying next to my wife with me at the bottom end between them. As I still had the cream in my had I told her to roll onto her stomach and started applying cream to the back of her legs, starting at the ankles and slowly moving up, as I reached the thigh area, I was breathing as if I had just run the London marathon, I slipped my hand between the two thighs to apply cream to the inner thigh, I felt her legs moving away from each other, suddenly my wife removed Cindy’s night dress and I started working on the buttocks as she was now only having a g-string on, while my wife worked cream onto her lower back, then my wife told Cindy to roll over, to which she did.

What I sight I had in front of me now, Excalibur the mighty sword was now at full strength as I continued rubbing cream to the inner thigh but subtlety making sure I rub the outer lips of her pussy with every stroke. As my wife caressed and massaged Cindy’s size 36D’s I gently removed her lace g-string and started fingering both their pussies, rubbing both their clits to point where they could stand their ground with Excalibur. The next thing my wife was on top of Cindy eating those tits like an ice-cream cone, on her knees with her pussy in my face, so as I started putting two fingers into Cindy’s tight but very wet pussy, while licking my wife’s pussy.

It did not take long before I felt Cindy contracting down on my fingers and warm love juices was oozing down over them, then we swapped places, my wife was now down on her back with Cindy on top of her, as I inserted Excalibur into her pussy, I know licked Cindy’s pussy and very soon we all climaxed in sequence, then I was on my back with Cindy on top of Excalibur riding it like seen out of a rodeo while my wife was sitting on my face allowing me to lick to my hearts content as they kissed and played with each other’s tits.

You see it pays to lend a helping hand to people in need, the returns far exceeds the needs.