Written by Happy Hubby

6 May 2008

Steve arrived early, I liked that it meant he was keen as long he didn’t finish too early! I t was a bit difficult, as it always was although I had spoken to him on the phone he was still a stranger. I was at the same time very excited that this was going to happen at last, all my thoughts of different scenarios ran through my mind. My worry was that it would all be over too quickly a big rush and an even bigger anticlimax still we would have to see. He sat in the lounge and I made tea, such a great British thing tea did for everything from funerals to threesomes I put on a film that I had selected for its content two guys and a girl hoping that our afternoon would follow the path of the film. We chatted he told me of his recent split from his wife after ten years of what he described as boring sex he had always thought of experimenting but knew his wife would be horrified at the even the suggestion of anything other than the two of them in bed her flat on her back. He asked excitedly about our experience as he watched the action in the film get underway. It was always a gamble getting someone with no previous swinging experience mostly because most men talk a good job till it came to meeting up and then would just let you down usually at the last minute when you had got yourself all worked up. I told him about our fun in the past and he listened intently as he gazed at the women on the screen on her knees sucking long and deep first on one man then changing quickly to the other and back again. I looked at his crouch I could see a lump beginning to appear as he became aroused by both our conversation and the action on the screen. I asked him his biggest turn on although I new from our conversations on the phone, it always turned me on to hear other peoples fantasies although I was already very wound up. The trick now would be not to come as soon as the action started I was thinking as Steve chatted excitedly about dp ‘my wife wouldn’t even try anal’ he said with obvious disappointment. The three characters on the screen had moved on one man now licking furiously at the very trimmed toned pussy of the girl the other man sucking and squeezing her breasts as she squirmed with obvious pleasure. “That looks good” Steve said as he watched the screen closely, I could see his massive hard on pushing inside his trousers like an excited animal waiting for its owner to release it. I stared at it, it looked huge he had sent me a picture online and I had visualised it pounding Jane furiously many times in my head. Now it was here in the flesh, all of Steve’s nervousness when he arrived had now evaporated as his animal instincts started to take hold. I knew from previous experience that even the shyest people were capable of anything once aroused. We both stared at the screen as the girl opened her legs for the very well endowed guy on screen to penetrate her, gasping as he pushed his ample cock inside her. “Oh that looks fucking great” I said following it up with “think its time you met Jane don’t you?” Steve nodded not taking his eyes off the screen, rubbing his bulging crouch. I got up, “just need to use your loo if that’s ok?” “Sure” I said and told him where it was. I went into the bedroom Jane sat nervously on the bed “I can see your wound up” she prodded my hard cock through my trousers “very” I eyed her body. She had her maids outfit on which although she had had for couple of years I still loved, it had been worn many times usually not for long! “You ready to get fucked?” it was more of a statement than a question. She looked at me “don’t think I have much choice?” giving me a very sexy smile. Of course she had a choice she knew and so did I neither of us would even contemplate pressuring the other let alone forcing each other to do something but for today as part of the game she didn’t have a choice she was in my charge and what I said went no question. I knew she was nervous I also knew it would both reassure her and turn her on if I took control. I took her arm squeezing her breast with the other hand and kissing her as she stood. As we entered the lounge there was furious fucking happening on screen, the girl was sitting astride one guy with the other penetrating her tight arse she was howling with delight at the attention the two men were giving her. Steve turned and smiled “hi Jane” he stood up covering his erection like a school boy caught by his mother. I turned the TV off “think we can make our own entertainment now” they both nodded in agreement, Jane was looking at Steve’s crouch his cock stuck out awkwardly like a cucumber in his pocket “ told you her tits were great didn’t I” my not so subtle ice breaker “they are lovely” Steve said eying Jane intently “ let the man have a feel then” Jane walked towards him, he met her halfway and put his hands to her tits and squeezed them this is going be great I thought.

In the past things had been awkward at the start but this guy seemed ok he was not pushy and I new I would be able to direct things which was just what I wanted. Oh yes this was going to be a good afternoon. We stood either side of Jane pulling at her outfit in a moment she stood bare breasted, Steve sucking and squeezing her tits intently his eyes closed and his stiff cock twitching in his pants as Jane stroked it. I kissed her, my tongue searching inside her mouth teasing her, she moaned with pleasure and I knew all her inhibitions were melting away as she became more and more aroused. I looked down as Steve lifted her short lacy skirt, his hand rubbing over the mound of her shaved pussy Jane closed her eyes and let out a sigh as his fingers found their target I kissed her neck as she began to squirm on his hand. ‘Get on you knees’ I ordered her, she complied ‘now suck him’ I stood back and watched as she began to unzip his fly, his trousers dropped, as Jane pulled at his pants she gave out a delighted little gasp as they came free to reveal his cock. It stood upright in front of her face at least nine inches, very thick, the skin stretched tight over it and his balls hanging loosely below. He put his hand on her head as her lips closed over the end “oh fuck” he exclaimed as she began to suck moving her lips up and down his massive shaft. I sat down on the sofa and watched intently as she drew the pleasure from him a small sexy smile on her face I knew she was enjoying every inch. My balls ached as I watched Jane work, licking his balls as she stroked his shaft before switching her mouth back taking as much of his cock as she could bare cupping his balls as she did so. My gaze switched back and forth between her mouth and his face. He stood his whole body relaxed, eyes closed then open as he watched her, one hand on her shoulder the other on the back of her head as if he needed some reassurance that she wouldn’t stop. She wasn’t going to stop she was enjoying it as much as him, I was tempted to stand beside him and join in but I knew if I did I would cum for sure he on the other hand was showing no sign of cuming, just standing the soaking up the pleasure, Jane moved up onto all fours, her bodies way of unconsciously telling the males in the room she was ready to be mounted Steve stared at her arse as I began to rub my hand over it then down between her legs pushing my finger into her soaking pussy my thumb rubbing her tight arse. She began to moan loudly I knew it would send her over the edge she loved her arse played with and licked it made her very dirty. She was at this moment what every man wanted his wife to be, a dirty slut! Well wanted her to be on a part time basis anyway. “You want to fuck her Steve?” he nodded not saying a word, with a load pop Jane pulled her mouth from his cock, ‘you want that big cock’ I whispered in her ear ‘emmmmmmmmm’ she nodded she stood up touching Steve’s cock as he brushed past her as though she needed to confirm the size of it she couldn’t quite believe what she was about to get. She knelt on the sofa her legs slightly apart showing her great arse I could see her swollen pussy wet and tight I knew his cock would soon stretch it. She loved this position I was so turned on by the pleasure I knew she was feeling and would soon be getting even more of. Steve moved round behind her his face glazed over, his whole body taken over by desire, Jane does give an exceptional blow job I thought as I looked at his cock twitching in front of him. Jane looked over her shoulder as I parted the cheeks of her arse it had long been a fantasy of ours to guide another man into her and I knew she was turned on by the thought of it as much as I was, I took his cock in my hand as he moved closer and gripped her thighs. Her back arched slightly as his cock touched the outer lips of her wet pussy and she moved her position slightly to accommodate him as he entered her. I stood back slightly to get a full view it didn’t get any better than this I thought as I watched him push the first three inches into her ‘oh god’ she exclaimed ‘good’ I said encouragingly ‘oh yeh’ came her reply as she gasped Steve withdrew an inch or so it was obvious that he was used to letting the woman take her time because of his size, Jane was in no mood for waiting she was wound up to the point where she wanted cock and wanted it now. As he pushed in for the second time she pushed back onto him taking his breath away and making her squeal with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His cock fitted tightly inside her well lubricated pussy and she felt her first orgasm build as he cock filled her. Steve needed no more encouragement if she wanted his whole length then she would get it he paused deep inside her for a moment feeling the waves of her orgasm roll over his cock now clamped deep in her. He withdrew, her come all over his cock an uncontrollable urge inside him now took over, he began to pump her rhythmically slowly at first but very quickly building to a fast pace. I watched his large cock closely as he pushed it deep inside Jane again and again each time seeming to go deeper inside her, she for her part adjusting her position slightly with each stroke to maximise his penetration. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene, I knew I was supposed to be joining in, it was a threesome after all! But this was too great to miss any part of my body tingled with excitement as I watched these two fucking and that was what it was raw, natural and fantastic to watch. I wanted it to last forever so I could look from every angle first the penetration then each of their faces in turn, his arse pumping rhythmically, her breasts keeping the same time there was so much to take in it was a sensual orgy of pleasure and the best was yet to come. Steve moved her around from time to time changing the position and the point of pleasure, Jane erupted into each orgasm he brought her to with renewed vigour from time to time I would join in kissing Jane as her body shook with each of his firm strokes. I put my cock in her mouth and she sucked eagerly as Steve pumped her furiously from behind it felt as though my balls would explode this was beyond arousal for all of us. Steve had moved Jane over onto her back and began to pump her more slowly and deliberately his groans of pleasure were becoming loader he sucked at Jane’s nipples in turn his white buttocks rising and falling between her thighs, I kissed her and we had a tender moment in amongst the raw sex that was going on around us even though there was another man inside her I knew there was only her and me in that room. I whispered in her ear ‘is that good baby?’ ‘Very’ she replied I stood back to watch as Steve stepped up a gear. His cock seemed bigger than ever as he began to grunt with each stroke pushing his cock deep inside my wife and seeming to hold deep within her for a millisecond before withdrawing almost all of his nine plus inches. The sofa cushion had a wet stain on it from Jane’s cum and Steve’s cock which had been so tight at the start now moved in and out of her like a well oiled piston, he moved up her body his chest pushing against her breasts pressing them flat to her body. This was the pinnacle for me he looked at her as their bodies worked together achieving the same rhythm hers rising to each of his thrusts. There was only one thing for him now, he needed to cum nothing could stop that, I watched them he was out of control but focused his instincts guiding him and Jane, she wanted his cum no needed it with every part of her body.

As they moved to the final stages my stare grew more intense I didn’t want to miss one glance of information I had spent so much time thinking about this moment we had talked about it whilst making love, this was it the moment. I was shocked to see Steve’s mouth find Jane’s hang on this wasn’t what we had said, we had always said no kissing it was a rule, strange to let another man fuck your wife but not kiss her. This was a distraction for me but it passed in a blink of an eye as I watched them, their bodies seeming to draw closer still Steve’s hands holding Jane firmly her gripping his thighs as his strokes eased I looked at them locked together his mouth over hers his body ridged and twitching as he pumped his hot load deep inside her, moans of pleasure coming from them both closely followed by sighs and panting as their bodies released from each other. Steve withdrew unceremoniously dripping cum from his rapidly shrinking cock as he did so he flopped back in the chair ‘fuck that was good’

Jane had gone from being totally focused on him to almost disregarding him it was as thought he were not in the room anymore a figment of our imagination. I knew with one glance what she wanted and she was going to get it I moved between her legs slipping my rock hard cock straight into her, her pussy squelched as my entering cock pushed Steve’s cum out of her our bodies locked together, my hands touched her body gently as I slide in and out of her. There was always something more for me I knew she had enjoyed this guy fucking her but I also knew this was different little things noises, movements and touches that were reserved for us we made love as Steve watched as though he were not there and soon I filled her with jet after jet of my cum a contented smile on her face as I collapsed on top of her kissing her sweet lips.