10 Feb 2016

I was first in the bathroom/shower in the morning and was washing my hair, wife came in and said Ann needed a pee, I said OK with me if OK with her! The shower had curved clear glass doors but I was facing the wall with shampoo streaming down my face so did not see a thing, only heard! Over breakfast Ann commented that I had a nice bum, a good start for what turned into an interesting day! Men's bums sometimes get women going!

We were in a small complex of holiday houses with a pool in the middle. Late that evening, after a lot of wine, Ann suggested a dip in the pool, a skinny dip even, as it seemed quiet but we decided to play it safe. Just as well because wife, Ann and myself followed the path to the pool in the dark, got in, then realised there were others lying on the grass in the dark. Chatted a while then wife got out, a few minutes later as I started to follow Ann tried to pull my Speedos down with a great tug that pulled me underwater, was that a bit of fun?

With the three of us back in the house, Ann’s partner flaked out upstairs, Ann strips completely to dry herself, we followed suit, thoughts of three in a bed crossed my mind! Dried and now with towels wrapped around another glass of wine each, wife disappeared upstairs, I said to Ann ‘if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me’, she smiled just as wife came downstairs to finish her wine and said she was off to bed. I backed away from the bar where we were standing and took my towel away so I faced Ann naked, she came over, dropped her towel put her arms around my neck and with a passionate open mouth kiss and our tongues engaged, then she rubbed her tits back and forth against me, mmmm! More kissing as she ground herself against my cock which was starting to harden but then we heard a noise from upstairs and pulled apart and put towels back on.

It was bedtime so went to bathroom first, when I came out Ann was on landing, more kissing and I reached down to her nicely trimmed pubes to find her clit but she pulled away and said ‘goodnight’. We talked a few days later and she said it was the alcohol talking but have got that feeling that when we are alone together again naughtiness might continue ……..