Written by Mike

27 Aug 2007

My wife Viki and i have always had a very enjoyable sex life but the older we get the more we like to try new things. Well they do say life begins at 40 and it did in Mexico earlier this year.We had made friends with several couples over the first week and had many nights of late night drinking with my wife flirting as usual. As the second week started we got very friendly with one of the couples and spent the days with them by the pool. I had a little to much sun and decided to go back to our room for a while and left Viki with our new friends. On getting to the room i realised i had left the key so i went back only to find Ron sat on Viki`s lounger rubbing oil into her lovely tanned body. I stood in the trees and watched as his hands massaged upand down her back then her legs. He seemed to be spending plenty of time on her inner thighs and couldnt beleive it when Viki opended her legs wider. With that Rons fingers went inside her bikini bottoms and rubbed my wifes shaven pussy. Now i must admit i have watched plenty of films and sex shows but nothing prepared me for the feeling of watching another man slide his fingers inside my wife. My cock was at bursting point so i moved to adifferent place as not to be seen. All the time this was happening Viki was talking to Rons wife Pat but i couldnt hear what was being said.Ron was obviously doing a good job as i could see the familiar look on viki`s facec as she clamped her thighs around his hand. What thoughts were going through my mind an incredable turn on but where do we go from here. I was about to find out as all three of them got up and walked toward the hotel which gave me chance to grap the key. As i walked down the corridor i watched them all dissapear into Rons room. Off i went to mine with my thoughts and my hard on.

After a couple of hours Viki came back and lay on the bed beside me with a huge smile on her face and i knew why. We had talked about swinging years ago but had done nothing about it so at this point Viki tells me that Ron and Pat are into swinging and that she had been to there room and had the most amazing time and dexcribed everything to me. She could tell by my hard on that i had no objections so i told her what i had seen. The last 3 days of the holiday were amazing, being introduced to the world of swinging has given a huge boost to our sexlife and watching Viki with both Ron and Pat WOW.