Written by Roger

19 Feb 2018

I posted the tale on here a while ago of how my wife, Cathy, and I had a little bit of fun with friends just before Christmas many years ago, and how this established the ground rules for our open relationship. Shortly after those first incidents, we moved to a different part of the country, where we knew nobody socially to start with, and we had to go through the process of making new friends, usually via our children’s friendships at school.

One incident that does stand out for me was when our neighbours from across the road held a New Year’s Eve party one year. The hosts were Keith and Julie, a couple slightly older than us, but with children of a similar age, who had things in common such as Saturday morning football with the kids, so we got on well with them.

As the party was just over the road from our house, Cathy and I had agreed we would do our own babysitting, with one of us popping over to check on the children regularly. Sometime after 11 pm, it was my turn to check on our children, so I was wandering out through the kitchen at the back of the house to exit via the backdoor when I met the hostess, Julie, who I thought seemed slightly tipsy. She slurred “I haven’t had a Christmas kiss from you yet” and she threw her arms round my neck to give me a passionate kiss. I must confess I had fancied Julie ever since we moved in over the road – blond hair, small framed, with motherly curves and boobs to match - so I was very happy to kiss her back. I was worried Julie wanted it to go on forever, when I was supposed to be over the road checking on our children, so I was forced to break the kiss and make my excuses.

Julie said she could do with some fresh air and volunteered to come over the road with me. As we walked across the road, I realised Julie was not as drunk as she had made out. We went through the front door, and I left her in the hall to check on the kids upstairs, they were both sound asleep. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, Julie threw her arms round my neck and said “how about the rest of that Christmas kiss”. Having been warmed up over at her house, it quickly became more than passionate, with her grabbing my bum so she could grind herself against me, and me mauling her boobs through her clothes.

I realised someone might be able to see us through the glass in the front door, so I took her into the kitchen at the back of the house to continue our exploration of each other. I hitched her dress up around her waist and was delighted to find stockings and suspenders, with some fairly skimpy panties, so I pushed the panties to one side so I could slide a finger into her pussy, which was already quite wet. I had lifted Julie up onto the edge of the kitchen table, frigging her with two fingers, needless to say, she was orgasming noisily. All of a sudden, Julie grabbed hold of my shoulders and said “I’m not on the pill, Keith has had the snip, so you’ll need a condom”. Needless to say, I didn’t have any and there was no chance of getting any at that time of night, so I should have felt instantly deflated. Never to be defeated, I said “OK, we’ll have to use oral only” and I knelt down in front of her, pulled her panties to the point where I heard something tear and thrust my tongue into her sopping pussy.

Julie was obviously well up for a lot more than a Christmas kiss, as she orgasmed noisily, her vaginal juices running all over my face, she tasted just as good as she looked. I could have kept her orgasming for ages, but I was conscious that we might be missed over the road, so I started to allow her to calm down after the 3rd orgasm. As I stood up, she wanted to lick her juices from my face, then she said “my turn now” and she pushed me back against the wall to start rubbing my erection through my trousers. In no time at all, she had my trousers and pants round my knees and began slurping my very stiff cock. Ever the gentleman, I thought I should warn her of what was coming, but she simply fastened herself onto my cock and swallowed the lot.

Afterwards, she said something about cleaning up, so I found a clean tea towel in the drawer to wipe her dry, my cock was already clean as she had licked me all over, and we popped the tea towel in the washing machine. I had, indeed, torn Julie’s panties, but she said she would go upstairs when we got back to her place to find a clean pair. When we got back to Julie’s house, I waited outside the back door for a few moments while she went inside, hoping nobody would notice us.

I got myself another drink from the kitchen and went back into the lounge to circulate. When Julie returned from upstairs we smiled at each other, I hoped that nobody had noticed us. After a few minutes, my wife Cathy, came up to me to ask whether the children were OK and I said “yes, fine”. Cathy said I had been gone a long time, so I said that one of the children had been a bit restless, and I had stayed at our house for a short while to allow him to settle. Cathy said “oh, OK” and nothing more was said.

The party went on until nearly 2 o’clock, when Cathy and I went back to our place to bed. A couple of days later, after we had put the children to bed, Cathy said what a good party it had been, and I agreed. Cathy reminded me that it had been her turn to check on our children at 12.30 am. She said that, as she left our house, she had met Kevin from a few doors along from us who was on the way over to check on their children. I said “yes, a lot of the couples close by seemed to have done that”. She said they had got chatting and she had wandered over to Kevin’s house and they had ended up fucking each other.

This was the first time Cathy had gone all the way with another guy and, in hindsight, I wondered whether I should have felt jealousy, or some other strong emotion, but I didn’t. Cathy went on to tell me some of the ‘gory details’ and I just felt happiness that she had clearly enjoyed it. Kevin had automatically assumed he would use a condom, which Cathy had found a bit of a barrier, but it hadn’t spoiled her enjoyment with her first ‘new partner’. Cathy had been on the pill since our children were born, so it wouldn’t have mattered if they hadn’t used a condom, but it made us realise we would have to adapt to new partners as the need arose.

Needless to say, I admitted to Cathy my own dalliance with Julie at the party, and Cathy said she had guessed when Julie came back into the house and went upstairs. Cathy had made eye contact with Julie briefly and the look on her face said it all. She said it had been partly that which had resolved Cathy to ‘go for it’ when she met Kevin outside.

It turned out that several of the couples around us were swingers (into wife swapping, as it was known then) and we became good friends with many of them. We had to ensure we kept a supply of condoms around as, whenever socialising with our neighbours happened and the children had gone to bed, there would undoubtedly be some fun to be had.

After a while, I had the snip too, which made it so much more fun when we swapped with Keith and Julie sometime later. Cathy told me that Keith had a large cock, so having him inside her bareback was brilliant. Julie didn’t seem to mind that I was not as big as her husband, she said the variety of a different partner made it for her.

Sadly, this only lasted for a few years as I was asked by my company to move again. Perhaps I had made a mistake by obtaining a professional qualification, which accelerated by career path rapidly, but we moved on to pastures new, where we met a new circle of friends. Even now, we do visit our old haunts from time to time, when we meet up with old friends, and some of them are still swinging all these years later.