Written by philjenny

22 Feb 2015

after the initial action downstairs, Jenny Gerald Joanne and myself headed upstairs to join the others and get some more action. I very firmly had my mind on finding Sue. Throughout the evening I had not really seen her since she arrived with Steve. All I could remember was that she came a very close second in the short skirt competition, and like all the other ladies had a blouse that had been straining to keep her cleavage in. Even though the evening had involved changing dance partners regularly after the initial meeting I had with Joanne, my mind had not been totally focussed on anyone else.

As we walked up the stairs I Joanne's lovely bum just inches in front of me, I could not resist putting my hand up and touching her again. Joanne turned and smiled, and when we reached the top of the stairs turned and kissed again while gently stroking my erection back to life. Jenny and Gerald squeezed past, Jenny casually running her finger down my spine as she knows what that does to me. I opened my eyes and caught the wicked grin on her face, from our previous nights I knew that Jenny was more than ready for sex again.

All four of us stopped and listened, from one of the bedrooms I could hear the distinctive sounds of Marjorie. Gerald spoke quietly, "Let's see who is with who". He turned off all the lights on the landing before gently opening the door. The low light in the room was just enough to show Marjorie siting astride Steve, and riding him for all she was worth. This once quiet, gentle lady was giving it 100%, as she rose and lowered herself on to Steve's admirable erection all we could hear was her encouraging Steve to give her the next orgasm "Keep it up there big boy, I'm having the ride of my life" was one of the tamer comments.

A noise outside the door caused me to turn, It was Joanne's partner Paul entering the room. That meant that Sue was somewhere else, I casually slipped out of the bedroom to find her. My initial thought was to look in the other 3 bedrooms, that should only take seconds. No need, as the bathroom door opened and Sue stepped out to stand next to me. Not a word was said, we leant forward and kissed. Sue took me by the hand and in to one of the vacant bedrooms. The light in there gave me a better view of Sue. I had to imagine she wore heels normally, as she seemed shorter than I would have imagined. Her breasts looked divine, and the wonderfully erect nipples indicated that she too was on fire. Her legs looked very inviting, quite muscly but very inviting. We moved to the bed, and hands started exploring. Sue parted her legs as my hand moved up her thigh. As I ran my finger over her lips she sighed and I noticed she was very wet indeed. "No sloppy seconds" she said "I've just had a tidy up" We carried on kissing and I slowly by surely moved down her body and guided my tongue to her lips. Sue moved her hands t my legs and gave me an encouraging little tug, I took the message and moved around so we could enjoy a delightful 69 which seemed to go on for ages.

There was nothing subtle about the change from the 69, Sue took her mouth off my shaft and just said "I need you to fuck me" We changed position and I slid effortlessly into her. We rode rhythmically together, it was superb and eventually came together before collapsing in each others arms on the bed. " We must do that again" was Sue's comment. "I need visit others first, but I'll be back" was my reply. Sue just smiled "Not tonight necessarily, but Steve and I would like to spend an evening with you and Jenny. Yu have our number"

This was a great stimulation and with Sue's hand proving very effective at raising erections we did have sex again before leaving the bedroom. "Better not be party poopers" was all Sue said as we went to see what was happening elsewhere.

To our surprise all the bedrooms were empty, we did then hear the sound of talking downstairs. We held hand and walked down to join the others. The lights were brighter in the main room, which caused us to screw up our eyes, fortunately I could see that everyone was still naked. We joined them in a drink as batteries were recharged for the rest of the evenings activities. It appeared that Sue and I had many visitors to the bedroom, but were so engrossed we never saw or heard them. "That's a bit unfair" said Sue "it's not fair that we have given you all a show and not had that chance ourselves. I think two people should give us a show now before we go back upstairs".

I caught Jenny's eye, she was looking for approval and I discreetly nodded. Jenny move to the middle of the room, everyone knew why she was there. She was parading, teasing her nipples, fingering her lips while she decided which of the 3 other men she would perform with. The tease was excellent, but we needed to see some action. Because of what Sue had told me earlier I thought that if Jenny took steve it would help with the next stage that Sue was so keen on. "As Sue and myself have just put on a show, why don't you have fun with Steve to keep things even" was my suggestion.

Jenny grinned, walked to steve and released him from Joanne's side. She moved provocatively to the sound of the music, and whenever Steve moved his hands to her breasts or legs she firmly put them back by his side. As she moved around him her body was pressing all the time. slowly she moved down until she clamped her lips around Steve's latest erection. Steve was struggling, but Jenny spotted this and managed to sit him down in a chair. As she knelt before him her head was bobbing up and down. She briefly stopped, politely apologising to Steve for the interruption before asking equally politely "Paul, be a darling and give me a good licking would you, I'm sure the others can find a way to join in"

Paul obliged, lay on his back and eased his head between Jenny's legs. She was now in heaven. Marjorie Latched on the Paul's erection, I joined on the Marjorie, Joanne Behind me, Gerald next then Sue. Bodies everywhere and everyone having fun.

After that things did quieten down a lot. As the energy returned the was some minor action for a little while.

In the morning it was Marjorie up first, again issuing instruction. "Find someone to shower with, then come down for breakfast. No clothes"

Before long we were all downstairs chatting away, stark naked, as if it was the most natural thing to do. As I surveyed the scene Sue and I made eye contact. She had been superb the night before and the memory stirred the start of an erection. Marjorie looked, looked again and then spoke "we will have to go our own ways shortly, last time for any more sex. at least two people are ready!" With that she took Sue by the hand, brought her to me before saying "You two need to get to bed now, we'll sort ourselves out. off you go."

Sue and I made our way upstairs. No foreplay on this one, we were gagging for it. It was also one of the best sessions on the bed, possibly because we were not in any danger of coming quickly but possibly because we were in tune wit each other once again. The rhythm picked up, and when we both came it was passionate, strong and loud. As we fell in to each others arms again we kissed once more. We sat up bolt upright when we heard gentle applause! We had been set up. We discovered that our previous nights performance was enjoyed by all, and they wanted an encore!

At least it set Jenny and myself up for a meet with Sue and Steve. I knew that Sue and steve were up for it from the previous nights conversation. The look on Jenny's face said she wanted more!

If you like this we will give the details of that more private meeting