Written by swingerhubby

12 Jan 2012

We have been swingers for many years with us now in our 50's and still swinging. We used to only go with other couples for some time but then my wife started to enjoy separate room swinging with married males at couples parties and then with single men. She is a blond size 10 lady with 36D tits and always dresses for sex with classy outfits and stockings. We have had many excellent experiences over the years and she thinks she has had 300 cocks in her during our swinging lifestyle. She has now taken to enjoying spit-roasts as her preferred sex and in a couple of weeks time we are going to try a gang-bang night at a club in Europe. The following night we will be returning for the normal couples and singles night and she will wear the normal clothes for this particular club which will be, in her case, hold ups and a see-through slip so that her tits and pussy will be on show all night although slightly obscured by the thin fabric. No doubt she will have a good time on the second night but it is the first one that will be different.

There are special conditions about this night which very daring even for experienced swingers. The club will send a taxi to our hotel to pick us up and she will enter the taxi wearing her coat. Underneath she will be wearing only hold ups and high heel shoes. She has to take off her coat and travel to the club naked otherwise the driver will not take us (the club pay for the taxi). She can wear her coat in the taxi returning to the hotel but of course the club want to make sure she is a willing participant in the sex. We have been many times to this club and that is how we were invited as they know she likes men a lot.

During the evening I will not be allowed to have sex with her but can watch as the rooms to be used all have glass walls. She is very this club and has often taken a man or more often two men into such a room and had good sex with them while I stayed at the bar or watched through the windows with the other men enjoying seeing her taking cock at both ends and when not fully satisfied watching her open her legs and openly wank off after the sex before cumming and then coming out of the room to join me again.

We will be attending with a local couple we have been swinging with for about ten years and like my wife she also enjoys sex with lots of men and wants to try the gang-bang. They are coming to our hotel and going in the same taxi and will also willingly take men into the playrooms. We are a very relaxed foursome - the last time they stayed I came into the dining room that has a gas "real" fire and is a very relaxing atmoshere in candlelight. I came into the room after dinner one night and was met by my wife standing in front of this fire wearing only stockings with our friend fucking her from behind and his wife sitting nearby with her hand up her skirt having a slow wank watching her husband's cock going up my wife. When she saw me she said "I want to do that too" so she stripped off and I fucked her in the same position right next to my wife. As I carried on fucking her my wife suddenly turned round and got on her knees sucking off her lover and looking up at my cock going in his wife. She felt my balls encouraging me to cum up his wife and at the same time she took a mouthful of his cum. She than kissed his wife and shared his cum, something they have done for several years.

Being together at the club will help them both to enjoy the men. Apparently they cannot take less than three men in a room and as both our wives have done that before this aspect will not be new. What will be new is that they will be expected to repeat it several times as lots of men will be attending.

We once went to a lovely European party where there was only champagne to drink and most people were very comfortably off where my wife had ten men in her during the evening - this is the most she has had but she thinks she will have more on the gangbang night. They intend to take only three men each at first and if they are both in the mood they say they will help each other take four or five men in with each of them and hope to have the men at the same time then have a chat after about how it was.

Their plan is if they do enjoy this they will go in the same room together and invite six men in with them to have both of them, assuming their pussies are up to it so that each is guaranteed three cocks and possibly up to six. That means if all goes well each lady will have between eleven and fifteen cocks.

Will let you know how it went.