8 Jul 2017

I was on holiday with my best girl friend and my husband wanted a naughty story to help him get off whilst alone. We usually do this in bed and he loves it. This time I made out that I left the nightclub with a sexy lady and it went from there. It got me so wet I had to relieve myself in the room next to my sleeping friend! xxx

I have written this in short lines as I did it on my phone in bed. :)

The beach club party ends

The club starts to thin out as people leave

The blonde in the red swimsuit with the amazing arse comes over to me

She takes my hand

She knows I've been watching her all afternoon

Loads of people have been watching her all afternoon

Her swimsuit is cut high forcing her bum cheeks to fall out each side

The swimsuit emphases her over sized perfect bum beautifully

Her skin is silky smooth

I'm amazed she picked me

I'm excited

We leave the club together and get in a taxi leaving Kim behind chatting to some bloke she's pulled

The blondes a bit pissed but looking lush

Long blonde hair

Big red lips

Pert big tits

Nipples slightly erect and pushing up through the red Lycra swimsuit

High gold wedges at the end of her long brown tanned legs

Big brown eyes looking at me

What's not to like?

What's not to want?

She wants me

She starts stroking my thigh in the taxi

I know the driver is watching us in the rear view mirror

I know he's turned on by us

It's 30 mins to my hotel

I can't wait that long

I ask him to get us to my hotel as quickly as possible

He drives fast

I move up closer to the blonde

Our thighs are now touching

I can feel her heat

I'm getting moist

Her hand moves up my thigh

I lean my head back in the taxi and spread my legs so she can feel me

The taxi driver keeps looking in the rear view mirror

I know he's not concentrating on his driving

He knows I know he's watching us

The blonde is rubbing me gently through my bikini bottoms

She leans over and kisses me gently

I respond by kissing her harder

I like the cherry taste of her

I like the smell of her

I like the feel of her

I want her

I squirm

She rubs me harder

My clit is stiffening

I'm very moist now

I'm excited

I'm ready for her

The taxi driver is watching

It's turning me on that he's watching us

The blonde is now pushing her fingers under my bikini whilst she's kissing me

The taxi is hot inside, or is it me?

The blonde pushes her fingers deeper into me

She leaves the fingers inside me and leans back and looks into my eyes

Is she teasing me?

I can tell she wants me

She wants me badly

I'm squirming in my seat and reach around her to stroke her arse

She pushes her fingers deeper

God I'm feeling horny

That amazing arse that everyone was looking at all afternoon feels amazing

Her long blonde hair falls onto my bikini top as she leans in again for another kiss

She uses her other hand and reaches inside my top and pinches my nipple

It feels good

I can't wait to get back to the hotel

How much further have we got to go?

I don't recognise where we are as we drive along the motorway

I just want to be back in my hotel room with my blonde new girlfriend naked next to me

Its hot

I can feel a bead of sweat on my back

We're nearly at the hotel

I keep stroking her arse

My hand moves between her legs

She feels on fire

I stroke her

She moans

The taxi swerves

I look up at the taxi driver in the rear view mirror

He's still watching us

We finally get to the hotel

The taxi driver turns around and looks at us

I tell him to follow us to my room

He parks his cab

I don't pay him

We get out of the cab and walk through the hotel reception

I call a lift

We go up to the 5th floor

The blonde and I are kissing in the lift

The taxi driver is erect through his jeans

He is so turned on he can't wait to see us naked together

We walk to my room

We go through the door

The bed is made

The room is cool

White sheets are waiting for us

The blonde takes off my bikini

I jump on the bed and lie back, legs slightly apart

The taxi driver takes a seat on the sofa opposite the bed

The blonde stands at the end of the bed facing me with her arse to the taxi driver

She strips slowly

The taxi driver undoes his jeans

An enormous erect cock pops out

He starts rubbing his cock

The blonde kneels on the bed

She leans into me

She runs her tongue slowly up my leg

The taxi driver watches every move

I'm so moist and wet I can wait any longer

I spread my legs wider

I know the taxi driver is watching us and that turns me on even more

I arch my back

The blonde gently touches my clit

I jump, it's like electricity

I want her to eat me out

I want her now

I feel like bursting

She bends down and kisses me

She sucks gently

I can't contain myself

I have an instant orgasm

I come heavily

Waves of pleasure sweep over me


And again

I'm feeling amazing

I moan loud

She's pleased I'm so excited

I now want to eat her out

We switch places

The taxi driver has been watching us

His cock is enormous

My arse is up as I kneel to eat the blonde

I duck down between her legs

The taxi driver can't stand any more

He gets up and strips

His enormous cock needs to get inside me

I know he wants me

I'm so wet from my orgasm I know he will slip easily inside me

I push my arse up and look back at him

I see his enormous cock twitching

He comes over to me

He wants to fuck me

I want him to fuck me hard

He pushes into me

I moan

It feels amazing

His big cock inside me and the blonde beneath me

I start to eat her out as he fucks me slowly

He goes deeper and deeper

Stretching me out

It feels amazing

He gets even deeper into me

The blonde is moaning with excitement

She is completely shaved

She tastes sweet

Her clit is engorged

She's going to come

I can feel it

I suck her gently

She moans

I suck her harder

She moans again more loudly

I'm being fucked harder and harder so I suck her more intensely

The pleasure is amazing

I can fell the driver is arching his back

He's going to come inside me

He lets out a massive moan and shudders and comes deep inside me

The blonde responds to my sucking and comes in my mouth

I feel her arch up and push her clit deeper into my mouth

The pleasure washes over me

We are all hot and sweaty and on fire

I  enjoy the waves of pleasure rushing over me

The blonde relaxes

The taxi driver withdraws and lays by my side

We look at each other

He knows he fucked me hard

He knows he fucked me deep

He knows I loved it

The blonde strokes me gently

She kisses me

She gets up

She gets dressed

The taxi driver gets dressed

They leave

I lie there

I then take a shower

I replay it all again in my head

I play with myself in the shower

I come again

It was amazing...