Written by reecy

10 Apr 2008

A Naughty Night

My job involves some travelling now & again, which also means I may need to stay away over night. Anyway me & my hubby have a fantastic sex life & have met a few couples over the years & had some great experiences.

What turns my husband on is me being pleasured by another man or in fact the thought of me with another cock!! That really turns him on. I had only been slightly naughty once which was my hen weekend in Dublin, I managed to give a cute guy a blow job over two nights… well that’s what I told my husband! I am not sure if I should confess to the quick fuck we had! Still my hubby loved me telling him about the weekend & how the guy had come on to me & how I ended up sucking his cock.

More recently (last week) I found myself visiting a workplace which was 60 miles from home & I would need to be there for 2 days. I decided rather than travel it would be easier to stop in a hotel close to work & save myself the hassle of driving early in the morning.

The morning I left for work I said goodbye to my hubby & I will see you tomorrow evening, we kissed & I could see a naughty twinkle in his eye…(the one that says I want you to be naughty)! Anyway I thought on a work day how can I be naughty!..

The day went by & I finished work at approx 430pm. I headed back to the hotel where I had dinner booked for 8pm. I needed a shower & change of clothes as it had been a hot day in the office with no air con. The show was great & sorted me out, I also shaved my pussy till it was smooth as silk.. (habit). When I went to my case for some fresh clothes that I had packed I realised that they were missing & had been replaced with some short skirts & sexy tops? But worse still my fresh underwear was nowhere to be seen? I then spotted a note saying.. Sorry Babes, Be Bad, Love Roony!!

I reached for my phone & dialled home quite what he had done, but there was no answer! After 20 mins or so I was really hungry so phoned room service, they told me that there was no service that evening & I could only eat in the restaurant! Damn! After a few minutes I thought what the hell, the place must be quite on a Tuesday evening? So I got dressed in the mini shirt & revealing blouse. Looking in the mirror I thought wow what a babe but a little tarty for a Tuesday evening!

I got the lift to the restaurant & as the doors opened & I stepped out I suddenly realized how full the place was, & all of them were business men & they were staring at me! I had to walk past all of them to my table before sitting down to order, I felt a mixture of embaressment but also as horny as hell. In fact my pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I ordered some food & wine & passed the next hour or so getting tipsy & noticing all the guys still looking at my sexy legs in my short skirt!

At around 10pm the restaurant close & I was asked to move to the bar area! I was about to say no when the waiter took my drink away & headed for the bar! Shit I thought this skirt is getting shorter & I have to walk past these guys! But I did it & placed myself on a stool at the bar. (thighs well on show)!! Gradually the bar got quieter until there was just myself & a younger looking guy at a table opposite… (quite horny looking). Anyway he came over to order another drink & was polite by saying hi & did I want a drink? It was getting late but hey why not I said! We got chatting & I could tell he fancied me as his eyes were peering at my legs & tits.. He actually asked me if I was a hooker!!! I nearly fell off my chair & felt that I had to explain that my hubby had set me up! He was stunned & asked was I going to let him down? At that point I realized the opportunity was upon me to do what I wanted with another guy.

At first I felt guilty, but then a text came thru saying hope your having a naughty night I want to know all about it tomorrow! I then said to the guy what did you have in mind? He said there was a bottle of wine in his room & would I like to join him? Oh go on then I said, being a little tipsy! As soon as we got in the life he put his hand up my skirt & felt my wet shaved pussy, wow he said & I could see the buldge appear in his trouses! By the time we got into his room I was soaking wet & dyeing to see his tool, he made me kneel in front of him & then told me to remove his cock from his pants, I did as I was told & wow what a cock it was, shaved, bigger than my husbands & hooked & a good 4 inches thick. I let it flop out then slowly started to lick the shaft making him moan & want more. As I took it all in my mouth I cupped his balls in my hands sqeezing them gently, he loved every minute & kept telling me to such harder. My mouth was stretched fully around his shaft & I felt like a right naughty slut but I knew that my hubby was going to get really horny when I told him what I had been up too.

Without any notice the guy pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled me up & turned me around, he then bent me over his bed pulled my skirt up telling me what a fantastic arse I had. ((I have always been told my arse is sexy) he then stuck his cock into my pussy. How could I complain, after all I had teased him all night!.. We fucked me hard & fast calling me a dirty wife & what would my husband say.. I kept saying that he wanted me to be fucked by another guy & used as they like.. This was too much for him & he pulled his cock out my pussy shooting his cum all over my back.

We both fell onto the bed for a rest & some how both fell fast asleep, I woke at around 6am with a big hard cock poking into my back!! Within seconds he was on top of me & I was being fucked again but this time sober! It was proper naughty as he did not take long to shoot his cum over my stomach! I jumped out of bed & quickly got dressed knowing that I had to make it back to my room before the guests were up & about! We said our good byes & that was that!

When I got home that evening my hubby know that I had been naughty, he could see it in my face… The best bit was telling him all about it as I sucked his cock that evening, boy was he turned on…. X