Written by Swingersacrossthepond

22 Dec 2017

Me and my wife Anna don't really live a "normal" lives.

If you have read anything I have written before you would know that we are very experienced swingers.

I feel a little guilty writing on here because most of the stories seem to be about the first time seeing your wife with another man or something similar. There always seems to be a long period of time before a man approaches the subject of swinging with his wife. For me and my wife the subject came up on the day we met and the very next day I watched her "pull a train" with five guys we met ay a restaurant that overlooked Fields Avenue in Angeles City in the Philippines. Me and Anna had been discussing what our ideal sex life would be if we ended up together. I was very honest and told her what I wanted (to be involved in the swinging lifestyle). She was a little skeptical at first because she thought most men would want that just for the chance to fuck other women. I told her that "strange" pussy is only part of it and that it really turned me on to be able to watch other guys fucking "my woman". She still seemed skeptical so I said I would prove it and we went looking for some guys for her. This happened in the late 90's. The five guys we met were all in the mid 40's to mid 50's. They had been having a dinner before going out to the clubs. After talking to them and explaining what we wanted they all jumped at the chance for some free pussy and they came with us to my hotel room. I had been fucking Anna quite a lot the day before and she said she was a little sore so she wanted them to "not take too long" to cum. The guys all stripped and started jerking off while watching her play with herself. After a few minutes I went down on her to get her ready after telling the guys to let me know when the first guy is almost ready to cum. After about 10 minutes I heard a guy say "I'm almost there". I got up and went to kneel at the foot of the bed and watched the guy climb on top of Anna in the missionary position. I could see between their legs and see his shaft pumping in and out of her opening. He lasted about 20 strokes and then he grunted and clenched his ass as he made a deposit. He continued slow strokes as the cum seeped out around his cock. I went and got a warm wet washcloth and a dry towel. Anna barely got cleaned off before the next guy mounted her. When all 5 guys had a turn I showed them out. I went and got on the bed with Anna and took my turn inside a really slick and sloppy pussy. Since my first divorce ,about 7 years before meeting Anna, I had fucked countless women and for some reason my mind was turned off to the possibility of falling in love again. But then when I was thrusting balls deep inside Anna's cum filled pussy something clicked in my head and I knew right then and there I would end up marrying her.

So now me and my wife are in a polyamorous relationship with her twin sister (Sylvia) and her cousin (Maria). Only our closest swinging friends know the true nature of our relationship. I am legally married to only my wife but otherwise it is as if I have 3 wives. Previously we lived in a different state (Texas) and let some people know about our relationship. This led to some problems with some religious people wanting to try to charge us with Polygamy. Nothing came of it because legally the marriage was just between me and my wife. It seemed kind of crazy that we could live in the same neighborhood as a rich Arab that had many wives and no one would care about that. We also decided to move just because one particular guy from this religious group was trying to damage our reputation. He had a vendetta against me because I had swooped in on a land deal (worth several million dollars) that was supposed to be "set aside" for a democrat politician who happened to be a friend of the religious guy. It ended up that the wife of the religious guy heard what her husband was doing and called us to apologize for her husband being an asshole. It ended up that we (me and my wife and her sister and her cousin) met his wife and we had a 5 way sex session with me having his wife bareback and coming inside her three times. I still find the thought of sending her home to that guy so satisfying after all these years.

There was another reason we moved that has to do with what my wife and her sister and her cousin were doing while I would be out of town on business. The three of them were basically running a business working as call girls and offering the "Girlfriend Experience". I honestly liked the idea of them doing this and can't really mention how much they made in so little time...but we really needed to hit the "reset" button and become totally legitimate in all our business. The more money you aquire the more someone sees you as a target...including the government.

We have raised 3 kids that are almost ready for college.

I have 3 additional biological kids from 3 different women that know me as their "godfather". I have contributed to their college fund in a very significant way. There are probably other kids of mine that I do not know about for various reasons.

One reason is that I had donated sperm to a sperm bank many years ago. The only thing I know about it now was that I had a "popular" profile. Another reason I may have "unkown" kids is that I have had a lot of one night stands in my past and hardly ever used a condom. It seemed that most women on birth control wanted to feel my bare 8 inch cock make a deposit. I traveled a lot and tended to not use my real name so any woman would have trouble tracking me down. Picking up women in bars and night clubs back in my 20's and 30's seemed like the easiest thing in the world.

Also I have had quite a few encounters where a single or married woman was trying to get pregnant and wanted sperm from a highly intelligent 6'2" muscular man rather than the sperm of the man she was with. So I don't really know how many biological kids I actually have. There are those that would question the morality of impregnating so many different women. I really am proud of the fact.