Written by Harry & Sue

15 Oct 2017

I posted a series of stories on SH recently about meeting a widow called Helen, who lives in our town, and how we struck up a rather close friendship involving regular sexy romps. If you are interested, search “Our new friend in Waitrose” to find the details. My earlier tales also explained how our sex life had changed over just a few years, and we are now, in our late sixties, enjoying active and enjoyable sex like never before.

It was after one of our regular Saturday evening meals with Helen, when we had enjoyed the usual threesome and slept the night together in her bed that Helen announced over breakfast that she had met a new man who she thought might develop into something more serious. He is a retired partner from the solicitors’ practice where she worked part-time. He had popped into the office one day to talk to the other partners and had struck up a conversation with Helen. George is rather older than Helen at 65 years of age, although she said she now found she was attracted to older men (she said while smiling in my direction). Like Helen, George had lost his wife to cancer a few years ago and they had begun going out together for trips in the countryside. Helen had decided that the sex with us had to stop, for the time being at least, although she said she would always remember the fun we had together, no matter what direction her life took in the future. That was over a year ago and, although Sue sees Helen at their Zumba classes from time to time, I gather she has not said very much about her friendship with George.

A few weeks ago, Sue was late coming home from her Zumba class, she said that Helen had invited her back to her place for coffee, which she still did quite often, but this time it had involved more than the usual quick chat. Sue said that Helen had been quite pensive to start with and Sue sensed that Helen wanted to ‘open her heart’ to Sue. Eventually, Helen said that her friendship with George had become quite close, which led to them going away for a short break to a hotel in Wales and sleeping together.

Helen said it subsequently transpired that George and his late wife had been swingers for many years, and George had persuaded her to go to a swingers’ club, where they had enjoyed sex together, with other people watching them. The long and short of her tale was that George had introduced Helen to the world of swinging and they had had various encounters with other couples, some of whom George had known for years. After unburdening herself, Helen seemed so aroused and they had just fallen into each other’s arms and rushed upstairs to Helen’s bed. Sue said they had made love to each other, something Sue had not done with a woman since the last occasion with Helen over a year ago and Sue said she had quite forgotten how much she enjoyed it.

Sue noticed her tale was making me feel aroused, but she said “no. wait, there’s more” and she went on to explain that, after they had showered and come downstairs, there was a knock on the door, which turned out to be George calling in unexpectedly. I thought she was going to say that George had fucked her, but she went on to explain she had met him for the first time and had found him very nice. He was about our age, smartly dressed in a suit and seemed quite distinguished, pretty much what you would expect a retired solicitor to look like. They had made small talk for a few minutes and, when Helen got up to leave, George had kissed the back of her hand, which Sue thought was very gallant. As Helen let Sue out of the front door, Helen had whispered “I haven’t told him about us yet”.

Helen noticed my arousal had calmed a bit, so she said “this is usually the part where you call me a very naughty girl and take me upstairs to spank me”. I don’t actually spank her, not yet anyway, but she had reminded me of our usual ‘ritual’, so I grabbed her hand to rush upstairs and have my wicked way with her.

A few days later, Sue said that Helen had invited us to dinner at her place the following Saturday evening, she said George wanted to meet both of us and I did wonder what this might lead to. As we were getting ready, Sue said to me Helen had told her that George is bi-sexual, she had watched him sucking off another guy at a club once and the other guy had sucked him too. Apparently, George is quite discrete about it, but Helen didn’t want me to freak if the subject came up. I just thought I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

When we met on the Saturday evening, George was less formally dressed in a blazer, slacks and a tie, much the same as me, but I am not into blazers. As Sue had said, I found him to be a really nice guy – chatty and sociable, and it wasn’t too difficult to notice the retired solicitor in him. He was very attentive towards Sue, kissing the back of her hand and I thought she was returning the stare into his eyes briefly. I assumed I should not make too much of a show of my greeting to Helen, simply giving her a peck on the cheek, but she insisted on kissing me on the lips, quite passionately I thought bearing in mind her new boyfriend was watching.

Helen had cooked a really tasty meal of spicy lamb, which we all enjoyed. She said the dessert course was in the fridge, so wouldn’t spoil if we didn’t eat it straight away. Sue helped Helen clear away the dishes from the main course and, when they returned to the table to continue chatting, and sipping our wine, Helen began slightly hesitantly by saying “George, I haven’t been totally honest with you. I told you that Harry and Sue used to come to my place for a meal occasionally, but what I didn’t say was that this was the point where we often go to bed together”. I watched George to see his reaction to this revelation, but only noticed a flicker of surprise, and he continued smiling.

Helen continued “you know how you said you found Sue quite attractive, well this could be your chance if she is amenable”. George turned to Sue to smile, saying “that would be nice” and she smiled back, so I knew it was ‘game on’. Helen suggested she and Sue went upstairs first, leaving George and me to chat. George said that, fortunately, he had some condoms with him, to which I expressed surprise, I told him I thought Sue would be disappointed if he wanted to use them. I realised that, having been a swinger for many years with possibly many different partners, he had grown up with the approach of always using them, but Sue and I approached this situation differently having come to the lifestyle in a different way. I told George that it was up to him, but I didn’t think Sue would expect him to use protection.

When we went upstairs, the ladies were laying naked side by side on Helen’s king-sized bed, I assumed they had been playing a bit as they were giggling to each other. George and I started to strip off and, as I slid my trousers down, Helen called me to her side of the bed so she could sit up and slide my boxers down, as soon as she grasped my cock I could feel it growing. I noticed that Sue was doing the same to George on the other side of the bed and he was murmuring softly.

George and I were standing on opposite sides of the bed facing each other, so I could see his reaction to Sue sucking his cock, and I knew from experience that she would be doing a good job. He had his eyes closed and I watched Sue eagerly bobbing up and down on his erection, in between slurping the end of his cock. I suddenly realised I needed to curb my own reaction to Helen giving me similar attention, and I grabbed hold of her head so I could bend down to kiss her on the lips and say “it’s my turn to give you a good seeing to”.

With that, I walked round to the end of the bed, while Helen lay back, allowing me to crawl up between her legs, which she opened wide. I know that Helen particularly enjoys this part of our coupling, so I always try to prolong it by staring into her eyes lustfully while she holds her breath in anticipation, and the moment when I slowly lower my face to her pussy is such a release for both of us. I licked her clitoris with the full length of my tongue, before sliding it between her labia, making her gasp and say “oh yesssss”. I slipped one, then two fingers into her cunt, which was continuing to become very wet, and then sucked her clit between my lips, giving her a noisy orgasm.

At that moment, I heard Sue begin to pant beside us and I realised that she was getting similar attention from George. I looked up to realise the two ladies were grasping each other’s hands as they orgasmed together. Helen said “I want you to fuck me on our sides …… so I can watch George doing the same to Sue”. We shuffled ourselves into position, and I slid my very stiff cock into Helen’s wet pussy.

Sue and George were busy arranging themselves, and I then realised that Helen’s real reason for this position was because the ladies wanted to stroke each other’s breasts as we fucked them. I hadn’t noticed whether George had donned a condom before entering my wife, but I guessed not as Sue was noisily enjoying George’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. The ladies would occasionally giggle to each other as they pinched each other’s nipples, but their vocal encouragement was mainly directed at George and me as we fucked them with increasing vigour. Helen reached down to stimulate Sue’s clitoris, and she opened her legs wide so I could clearly see that George was indeed bareback. I could see copious amounts of Sue’s juices leaking out around George’s cock, coating his scrotum, which I found so erotic.

Helen’s attention to Sue’s clit was obviously having an effect on George’s cock, because he suddenly began to gasp “I’m cumming” and I watched him thrust himself into my gorgeous wife as he flooded her pussy with his sperm. When Helen had started to stimulate Sue’s clit, I decided I didn’t want Helen to be left out, so I had reached round to do the same to her, she felt so wet and the sight of Sue and George orgasming together tipped me over the edge. As I pumped my sperm into her willing cunt, I switched my attention to her tits and mauled them roughly, pinching her nipples between my fingers.

It was quite some time before we all calmed down, I think we were all a bit surprised at the intensity of our coupling. Eventually, Sue said “I think I’m a bit wet down there, so I’ll need a bit of cleaning up …… are you up for it Harry”. I can’t remember my wife ever asking me to do that before, but I found the thought so erotic that I readily agreed. George seemed up for sorting out Helen too, so we rearranged ourselves so the ladies were laying side by side with George and me between their legs, and we gave them a thorough licking out. I can’t remember tasting another man’s sperm before, but it wasn’t unpleasant, and the orgasms that the ladies enjoyed certainly made it worthwhile. Sue and Helen were twisted round so they could kiss each other, but they found it difficult to concentrate when George and I continued to bury our faces in their cunts.

Eventually, we all calmed down, and decided to go back downstairs for dessert. It felt odd that none of us was inclined to get dressed again, and I hoped that no one would knock on the door unexpectedly. Helen had retaken her seat next to George, with Sue sitting next to me, and Helen began to stroke his thigh with her hand. She said “do you remember that time at the club when you sucked that guy …… well I found that so erotic …… do you think you and Harry would be able to do that for us girls”. There was then a pregnant pause when nobody said anything, and I wondered whether George was feeling awkward because his secret was out. I don’t know why, but I felt obliged to fill the silence by saying “well it’s something I’ve never done, but I’m game to give it a try, how about you George”.

That seemed to break the tension, and we all trooped through to the lounge. The ladies seemed to want to sit together, so they took the sofa, leaving George and me to arrange ourselves. I sat down in a chair and George kneeled on the floor at my feet. Initially, it felt quite strange, my cock did not react to him but, when the thought crossed my mind that I would like to suck him too, I quickly felt my erection growing. I suggested we get down on the floor into a 69 which he thought was a good idea too. As we arranged ourselves on the floor, I noticed that the ladies were trying to stimulate each other, which was proving difficult as they both wanted to watch what we were doing on the floor.

To cut a long story short, we licked, sucked and slurped each other, with great enjoyment. George is not circumcised like me, so handling an uncut cock was something new to me. Pulling his foreskin back to reveal his bulbous head was quite fun but, when he was fully erect, it remained visible for most of the time. George gave me plenty of warning that he couldn’t hold back much longer but, when he started to cum, I just enveloped him in my mouth and swallowed the lot. Needless to say, he returned the favour to me a few minutes later.

When we had all calmed down Sue and I decided it was time for us to return home, and we went back upstairs to find our clothes. We returned to the lounge to find Helen and George still naked cuddling on the sofa. We said our farewells and we let ourselves out of the front door as Helen was cautious about showing herself in the hall. When we got home, we didn’t make love again as I think we were both tired, but we did talk at length about the events of the evening. Sue said she found the sight of George and me fellating each other so erotic, I said I had quite enjoyed it too, but it was too soon for me to describe myself as bi-sexual.