Written by Anonymous

16 Jun 2008

My girlfriend Lesley and me have a good life together and our sex life is much what you would expect.

Like a lot of guys on here i have fantasiesed about watching her with another man. Even at weddings, if she dances with another man or even kisses him on the cheek i imagine her sucking his cock or worse.

It has formed part of our bedroom fantasy now for a while but when i suggest taking it further she always is better left as a fantasy.

We were recently both off work for the day and decided to go out, we drove around for a bit all over Kent and after a stop at a pub we know and like we ended up at a local picnic spot called bluebell hill.

We parked up and were the only car there.Probably as it was midweek.

After a while i started stroking her legs and brushing my hand across her breasts.

We started kissing and touching each other, really just fooling around.

This gradually went a stage further as my hand crept up her skirt under her panties and over her moist pussy lips.

She was rubbing my cock through my jeans so i realeased my belt and unbuttoned the front.

She reached in to my shorts and started wanking my cock and running her fingertips over the tip.

I pulled her closer and unbuttoned the front of her blouse, i reached back and undone her bra clasp. Although still well covered her breasts were accessable now.

She lowered her head and flicked her tongue over the top of my hard cock.

She took it in to her mouth nice and deep.

As she was slowly mouth fucking my cock i saw another car pull in to the car park. Bloody typical i thought, this will make her stop, fun over.

But she didnt stop at all, she carried on sucking.

The car was a mini cab from a local firm and he had parked at the opposite side of the car park from us. I could clearly see him light up a cigarette and look over.

Whilst enjoying the attention i was getting i kept my eye on him.

After a couple of minutes he started the car up again and i thought he was going but instead he reversed and moved his car over to pull alongside ours. There was about four or five feet between our cars.

He looked over and deliberately sat up and peered in, smiling he saw Lesleys skirt up around her thighs, her blouse loose and her head moving up and down on my cock.

She said \"Do we have company?\"

\"Yes, there is a guy right alongside us\" i said.

\"Just when i was going to fuck you\" i said.

\"Are you stopping then?\" she said smiling.

It took me a second to realise she meant it.

We started kissing and fumbling with our clothes.

From where we were parked his car was the perfect shield from any other possible prying eyes.

I had my shirt and jeans off in a flash and kicked off my shoes then shorts. She had removed her blouse and skirt leaving her in panties and her bra just drapped loosely around her and her boobs barely in the cups.

I moved over to her side as best i could. I put the car in gear and took the handbrake off. She pressed the lever that lowered the seat right back. I parted her thighs and pulled her panties to one side. My cock slid straight in and we were fucking hard, our tongues locked and we were really going for it.

There was no stopping now.

As i thrust hard in to her the passenger door gently opened, to be honest this helped slightly as i wanted her legs wider apart. Her left leg hung out of the door and her right leg was on my seat, she was panting and very flushed.

I knew the cab driver was there but i was trying not to look up. Without any of us aknowledging each other he reached in and as Lesleys bra had slipped off he started rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples.

A minute ot two later he stopped and i wasnt sure if he had gone or not. I was past caring.

The car was so bloody cramped, but i was near to cumming and loving it.

\"I am gonna cum\" i said.

\" No, not yet\" she said.

\"Go on cum, then i can fuck her\" i heard the cab drivers voice say.

Perhaps it was the thought of this i dont know but i started cumming and cumming.

Lesley was anxious and desperate to cum, i could tell by her expression, she tried to hold my cock inside her but i was softening already and i soon slid out. She started frigging herself hard, looking lost.

I sat up and climbed out of the passenger side.

The cab driver smiled and then i noticed he had his cock standing proudly in his hand with his trouser front open. It wasnt as thick as mine but it was definately a good three inches or more longer and the head was enormous.

He said nothing but climbed in to the car and as i watched he leant in, shrugged his trousers down and whilst holding his cock slid it straight in to my Lesleys gaping pussy.

She called out my name and i thoght she wanted it to stop but as i looked in i could see her gasping and smiling. They kissed and he sucked her breasts as he fucked her hard.

It only lasted about two or three minutes but it was a sight i will never forget.

Her face was a picture of pure sex and porn.

He sat up slightly and as she orgasmed he pumped his sperm up her bright red pussy in to her belly.


He climbed out and laughed,\"fantastic\" he said.

He git back in his car and slowly pulled away.

I got back in the car unsure of how she would be but as it turned out all was well. We went home and fucked like rabbits for the rest of the day. Although she hasnt agreed to a repeat performance i am sure it will happen.