Written by Gary

8 Sep 2007

My story begins with my girlfriend Tara and myself often fantasising about swingers parties and group sex,watching her get fucked and loving it,although it was just a fantasy spoken about during our own sexual activities.

The fantasy finally became a reality when she had said that she had contacted somebody holding a swingers party and we were going,my cock growing with excitement as she was explaining it to me.the weeks leading up to the party we got a crotchless catsuit with an opening revealing her perfectly shaved and pierced pussy which i know would be irresistible to men and women alike.The evening finally arrived and as we got dressed we were both filled with excitement,putting on her catsuit and covering it with a long coat we were ready for the nights activities and off we went.On arrival we were both very nervous as this was our first time,but were soon welcomed by the host and made to feel comfortable,we headed for the bar for a few drinks to ease the nerves,watching others scantily clothed and chatting and feeling others eyes waiting for us to get our clothes off and mingle.As the drinks started to flow and the dutch courage set in we got our coats off,to the delight of everybody watching and scanning her body from head to toe.After a few minutes we were joined by a couple John and Debbie who had been to many parties and as we were talking they were guiding us through the goings on and what to expect all the while looking us over.

As the talk got to more of a sexual nature Tara was looking over at me to make sure i was comfortable,which i was and also excited by people taking interest in her and getting turned on,John started asking about her piercing and asked if he could touch it, Tara looked over at me and i winked,so she nervously agreed but i could see the excitement as Johns fingers caressed her pussy playing with her clit and letting his finger enter her just slightly,by now my cock was bulging which Debbie caught sight of and started rubbing my cock over my pants and with her other hand helping John play With Tara\'s pussy,we were now like a volcano about to erupt and we moved off to a more comfortable place to carry on the evenings activities,Tara now more wet than i have ever seen her knelt down and slipped John cocked in her mouth Debbie taking the opportunity to lie down and position Tarra\'s wet cunt over her face and started licking and sucking it as if her life depended on it much to Tara\'s enjoyment.almost without thinking and so turned on i buried my face as deep as i could into Debbie\'s sweet pussy Tara looking over her shoulder with cock in hand a face on her pussy to give me a smile.After about 15 mins of oral pleasure i decided i couldn\'t take it anymore and slipped my cock into Debbie,Tara seeing this and followed suite as we were new to this and to excited neither of us bother with condoms but John and Debbie didn\'t seem to mind,it was hard fast fucking Tara and i positioning ourselves to see one another the tempo between us the same as if to the beat of a drum,after some time and great sex i had to cum Debbie requested i cum inside her and i obliged, to my amazement Tara bent over and started licking my cum out of Debbie\'s pussy while John fucked her from behind,i stood up and watched as shortly thereafter John exploded in Tara\'s pussy.Everybody lay in a heap for a few moments and none us us even noticed a gathering of people watching some guys jerking off.

After a while we cleaned ourselves off and left John and Debbie to go back to the bar for a drink both with big smiles on our faces,that encounter seemed to unleash the inner beast within Tara because as i returned from the toilet i saw her sitting on a a guys lap with his cock inside her chatting away with no care in the world,as i joined her she grabbed for my cock and introduced me,starting to jerk me off and moving around on this strangers cock.The sight of this must have excited others as more men and women gathered round and before long Tara had another cock in her hand and was snogging a beautiful woman,it was not long before we headed for a room for a gang bang Tara taking centre stage and proving to me she could do things is never thought possible from her almost as if she had turned into a nymphomaniac,i watched as she sucked cocks and pussy and had guys taking it in turns fucking her while others were jerking off waiting for there turn,she was like a porn star and was loving it, as the guys were pleasuring themselves inside her and finishing off by cumming all over her it was time for one last fuck of the evening and now it was my chance her little pussy was fucked raw but with a women sitting on her face and occasionally snogging me,it was the best fuck i had ever had knowing that she had pleasured so many that night.

As we left i had a new found respect for Tara and knowing that she loved every minute of it still excites me.