Written by nola

26 Jan 2009

Last Saturday was the fourth time we'd been to our local swingers' club.

I love the sheer unpredictability of swinging. You can arrive absolutely raring to go, and nothing much happens. Or, as on Saturday, you can turn up with your libido at a relatively low ebb, and then suddenly everything starts firing on four cylinders.

My absolute fantasy is being in a pile of warm, friendly naked bodies with everyone just passionately and indiscriminately sucking and fucking. It's a recurring theme in my dreams, but I'd never truly managed to realize it in real life.

We've had some amazing times, though. Anna, my wife, has been gangbanged by four or five guys in one evening and played with other women, and I've made love to women I can barely see in the darkness - but each time there's been a certain amount of polite restraint.

As usual, we started with a long session at the downstairs bar to get ourselves in the mood and eye up our fellow visitors. Sometimes my hand will slip down the front of Anna's revealing dress and I'll play with her nipples in front of a crowd of people.

Then we moved upstairs, which is where most of the action happens. There's a big library-like room with couches for people to play on, a movie theater with more couches (though the picture quality is so poor it's not much of a turn-on), and a row of little compartments separated by curtains, where you can either have sex in private or part the curtains and watch your neighbors. And there's a big circular bed in a windowed room with seats outside so you can play the voyeur.

There's also a big, dark group room with a large bed, and that was where we gravitated. There were three couples there already, all naked, lying around and chatting about other clubs they went to. We stripped off our clothes, lay down in the corner and started making love.

Just then,a very loud, obnoxiously drunk woman marched in and started shining a flashlight on us. "I've lost my hat," she slurred. "I know it's here somewhere, 'cause I was having sex here."

You could hear everyone mentally groaning, and I could feel my cock starting to go soft as the atmosphere evaporated. We lay there willing her to go away, and eventually she did.

Suddenly, and I don't clearly remember what happened, everyone was on top of everyone else. My hand was on the pert ass of the woman next to me, and Anna was sucking my cock.

Another woman, petite with long, dark frizzy hair, came and sat on my cock. We kissed passionately, and her mouth had a lovely fresh toothpaste flavor. At one stage, I looked up and Anna was taking turns with another woman sucking my cock - the first time that had ever happened in my life.

Then I turned the frizzy-haired woman over so that her head was over the edge of the bed, and we carried on screwing, so vigorously that she fell off the bed and ended up slumped on the floor. She just giggled.

Eventually, it was all over. As we put our clothes back on, we grinned sheepishly, exchanged names and went home.

"How did you get on?" I asked Anna afterwards.

"I just got finger-fucked by a couple of guys," she told me. "But don't worry, I had a great time too. And the reason that stupid woman couldn't find her hat was because I was lying on it."