Written by Jane

26 Jan 2013

Being a 50 year old woman going into town and trekking round bars all night does not really appeal to me , even less so in the snow , but it was my friend Jackie's Birthday so the choice was hers and thats what she wanted to do.

So off we went into town dressed to the nines and freezing, it was in the third bar that i noticed a young lad watching me , as you can see on my profile i do have a thing for young men 25 ish and this guy fit the profile !!, He waited until I went to the bar before he spoke to me asking me if I wanted a drink , i told him we were in a round and thanked him all the same, he said no problem and my names Mark with that he smiled and turned away.

A couple of bars later and the time being about 10.30 , Mark was there smiling over at me, I smiled back then headed to the ladies, when I came out Mark was in the corridor, without asking he just kissed me , WOW i wasnt expecting that, again he turned and walked away , this time i followed him telling the girls i needed to call steve and I couldnt get a signal in the bar .When I got outside Mark was waiting for me , taking my arm he led me down an alley at the side of the pub, pressing me against the wall he kissed me again, this time squeezing my boobs through my top , and pressing his groin against me, I could feel he had a hard on , and i undid his buttons taking out his cock and slowly wanking him . At this point he put his freezing hand up my dress straight into my thongs and gently stasrted to rub my clit, I leaned down and started to take his cock in my mouth , sucking him tasting his pre cum, after a couple of minutes he turned me round lifted my dress and thrust his cock in me , here I was twice his age hands against the wall getting fucked by this young guy , I felt him jerk and quickly realised he was coming in me, after a few grunts he pulled out put his cock away and walked off, I turnud back adjusted myself and joined the girls in the bar , I could feel his cum dripping out of me, I text Steve to tell him I was bringing him home someting to eat ...., I cant say it was great sex in an alley I certainly didnt cum , i felt used , but when I got home after telling Steve I got my just desserts .