Written by jbim04

3 Feb 2007

I have previously written about some of my earlier experiences (do a search under jbim04 if you'd like to read them), so I thought I should write up something more up to date.

I arrived in Bournemouth one Wednesday almost a year ago. In the evening I went to the Health Club I had heard about. It was a shop front. I went in and paid, got a locker key and stripped off, wrapping a towel round my middle. I left my key at the desk and the guy called a topless girl to show me round - she had quite small tits with slightly erect nipples. She showed me the bar (non-alcoholic), the showers, hot-tub, steam room and told me the toilets and other rooms were upstairs.

I went for a look round and was disappointed to find the place virtually empty. The hot tub had room for about 8, I didn't go in the steam room. Upstairs was a "rest room" with a double bed and some smaller ones with singles, toilets, and a large room with loungers, a big screen-projection wall for porno films and a sling hanging from the ceiling. In this room there were three other guys at first -- one soon left, leaving one guy at the far end and me and other guy talking at our end. After some time openly wanking watching the porn, he told me about the good nights, but said this one wasn't looking good and he would probably wank and go home. I offered to wank him and he refused. Later I offered a blow job pointing out a male mouth isn't really different to a female, but still he wasn't taking.

Just as things were looking desperate we saw a woman come up the stairs and go to the toilets. When she went back down, the lad was off like a shot, so I followed. He dropped his can of drink (he had been smoking pot and was a bit fuddled) and stopped to sort it out so I was in the bar before him. At first there was just one woman there (besides the topless girl behind the bar). She was 50-ish, plumpish and obviously had biggish tits under the towel wrapped round her. She was chatting to another man in the corner. Another woman came in, said something to her friend and then went back out. I sat on a chair and the second woman came back again carrying a water bottle (actually the water was laced with gin, I learned later). She was late 50s at a guess, slimmer than her friend, but still pleasantly shaped. She looked at me on the way back and we smiled. She said about it being her first time and I said "Me, too." She started talking with me as she sat down and I moved to sit by her. It was that easy. Her name was Jayne.

And straight away we were talking sex -- as she said, we know what we are here for. It turned out she was with the other woman, Lynn, and her friend Kevin. Jayne was in town visiting her ex-husband, who was still her lover. She had met Lynn because her ex-husband was also fucking her. Jayne's second husband had died a couple of years ago and then about 15 months ago she had put an ad on a website and had had over 100 replies in ten days. From this she had started fucking round and enjoying sex. She had tried lots of new things and was thoroughly enjoying it all.

We soon went to the hot tub and saw each other nude for the first time as we got in. She had good sized, but loose, tits and a shaven cunt. She was quite trim for her age. We sat together (there were others in the pool too) and I let my leg rub against hers as an invitation, which she responded to by putting her hand on my leg and turning towards me. I leaned towards her and we kissed lightly, and then more deeply. My hand went straight to her tits and hers went to my cock, already stiffening nicely. She was amused by the way her tits floated in the water and I lifted them out and kissed them. Her work on my cock had produced a good stiff one by this time so I put my hand between her legs. She opened wide and was clearly pleased by my touching her clit and cunt.

We got out and dried off and set off upstairs to the large rest room. I had to get condoms out of my locker, but with that slight delay, we were soon relaxed on the bed. She was very relaxed and each time I touched her breast or her pussy, she would let out a small moan of open pleasure. We took it in turns to give each other oral -- she said she didn't like 69 preferring to concentrate on one thing at a time, either giving or receiving. While I was down on her, I worked one and then two fingers up her wet cunt. I ran my tongue over her anus, her cunt and then concentrated on her clit and she had her first orgasm.

Then my usual disaster struck, in spite of taking a half-Kamagra tab, the moment I stopped to put the condom on, I began to lose my erection. It seems to be one of these jinxes I have -- I know it will happen so it does. I managed to keep stiff enough to just about get into her cunt, but soon fell out. She went on all fours for a doggy fuck, and I did get in again for a while, but the whole thing became impossible. She was totally relaxed and didn't mind, said she was getting a lot of pleasure from being with me anyway. I gave her more oral and this time I put one finger into her arsehole and one up her cunt which she seemed to appreciate -- she had told me she had come to like anal fucking.

Well after this we wound down and then moved back downstairs for a drink. After that we found the others in the hot-tub and soon a regular orgy was up and running with the two women being groped and fingered by four men, and the women were groping and sucking the men. As Jayne found me erect again, she moved onto my lap to sit on my cock without a condom. I was past caring by this time and pushed my cock into her. As she leaned forward to suck Kevin, I fucked her doggy fashion. I withdrew and allowed one of the other men to put his head between her legs as she stood bent over in the pool. I finished myself off as I watched them all.

Jayne went on to fuck at least one other man there, and the last I saw of her she was on her way upstairs to the sling to have another guy.

We exchanged e-mails afterwards and she told me that she had had a long night of fucking and gone away thoroughly satisfied.