Written by James

26 Sep 2017

My name is James, 29 years of age, 5’ 8” tall, a pretty ordinary sort of bloke. My wife Hannah is the same age as me, 5’ 6” tall, very slim and utterly gorgeous. We married 3 years ago and, with some help from my parents, we managed to get a foot on the property ladder straight away. It’s a bit of a struggle, but we both work hard and we hope that, in time, paying the mortgage will become easier and we might be able to start a family eventually.

I work night shifts in a packaging factory and Hannah works in a department store, so we are a bit like ships that pass in the night. The only time we get together during the week is a few hours after Hannah comes home from work in the evening, when she wants to talk about everything that happened during her day, so we have little time for sex. Our sex life was quite good for our first year together, but it has since dwindled and is now usually once a week on Saturday night. I know this doesn’t sound very exciting, but I am assured by my friends this has to be the way until we can establish ourselves financially.

A few weeks ago, when I arrived at work at 8.00 pm, there was a power cut, which wasn’t expected to be fixed until at least 11 o’clock, so I was told I could go home for a few hours if I wanted to. I thought this would give us a few more hours together, and the surprise might prompt Hannah into some intimacy, so I hopped in the car and raced home. I was slightly surprised to find a strange car parked on our drive, so I had to park a little way down the road. By the time I got back to the front door, I was thinking the strange car must be one of Hannah’s friends from work and, as I let myself in, I was expecting to hear conversation in the front room, but there was nothing.

Then I heard noises coming from upstairs, which I listened to briefly and recognised the familiar sound of Hannah in the throws of an orgasm. My first thought was to storm upstairs and demand what the hell she was doing, but then I thought perhaps she was masturbating herself …… she might even be locked in a lesbian romp with one of her friends from work …… the different thoughts that ran through my head were so wild and I couldn’t just burst in on her …… or them …… so I decided to creep upstairs quietly.

As I got to the top of the stairs, the landing was in darkness and our bedroom door, from where the noise was coming, was open a few inches. I crept forward towards the door and pushed it open a bit wider, so I could have a clear view of Hannah and a man on the bed, they were both naked, and he was clearly fucking her. She was lying on her back, with him on top, her legs were spread wide, her feet waving about in the air and he was thrusting into her vigorously. She was clawing his back with her nails, demanding that he fuck her harder …… “that’s it, fuck me harder …… I want your big cock inside me ……make me cum …… I want you inside me …… cum inside me” she was saying repeatedly. I watched with open mouth as I saw his buttocks clench, and then he began grunting as he reached his orgasm too. She locked her feet behind his back and he thrust into her firmly and held it there as she screamed “Yessssss”, burying her face in the side of his neck.

As they calmed down, he rolled onto his back beside her and I could see his cock, which was rapidly shrinking, but it was obviously an impressive size. Hannah lay there with her legs still wide apart, her pussy lips wide open, and I could see his sperm starting to ooze out of her cunt, she reached down to scoop some of it up in her fingers and placing it onto her tongue and swallowing it, saying “yum yum, that does taste nice”. She then proceeded to scoop up some more and spread it over her tits, rubbing it in like suntan lotion, and telling him how nice and creamy it felt.

My mind was reeling, I wanted to burst into the bedroom and demand what the hell was going on, but I was so turned on …… I suddenly realised I had an erection which was trying to burst out of my trousers and it was almost painful. For some reason, I realised I did not want them to know I had been watching, so I turned and sneaked downstairs, leaving via the front door as quietly as I could. I hurried back to my car and drove back towards the factory, stopping in a layby for a while to try to gather my thoughts. I felt an overpowering desire to masturbate myself, I don’t know why because part of me was saying I was disgusted by what I had witnessed, but fortunately the layby was too public for me to do anything about it.

When I got back to work, the power had been restored and I was able to start work, although I continued to think about what I had seen all night. At one point, the desire to masturbate was too much and I had to go to the toilets to release my aching cock. Afterwards, I felt disgusted with myself, but I just felt so aroused by the sight …… the memory …… of Hannah being vigorously fucked by this stud with the very large cock. When I arrived home from work the following morning, all was normal. I made myself a milky drink as I usually did and Hannah came downstairs to give me a peck on the forehead as though nothing had happened.

I didn’t sleep very well that day, I kept waking up to the memory of Hannah orgasming as this guy fucked her vigorously and the erection that resulted made me feel disgusted with myself.

At the end of the working week. I tend to set the alarm when I go to bed on Friday mornings to wake me up at lunchtime, so I can sleep on Friday night. When I awoke at the end of that week, I decided to fire up the laptop to check my emails and it quickly became apparent the computer had not been shut down properly the last time it was used. The first thing I saw was an SH login screen with the user name pre-filled, which confused me initially, but when I realised this must have been something Hannah had been doing, it didn’t take me too long to work out the password.

This led me into an SH profile, which was clearly supposed to be Hannah and me as the ages and physical attributes fitted, and then I found sexy photos, clearly of Hannah, taken in the mirrored wardrobes in our bedroom. I was shocked, I didn’t understand why Hannah had placed this profile on the site without saying anything to me. The profile said we were seeking couples and single men, then I discovered a series of messages from different members, lots of them single men who wanted to come round and fuck Hannah senseless. I found one from a guy called Seb, who was obviously the guy I saw a few days before, as he was thanking her for a wonderful time the night before and hoping they could do it again soon.

The thought of having sex with other people was not totally alien to me, I remember thinking of getting involved in swinging a year or so before, but we had never talked about it and I was shocked that Hannah had gone ahead without talking to me. I think I may have thought about watching Hannah having sex with another man, which is why having seen it happen gave me such an erection.

When we went to bed on the Friday night, Hannah was feeling randy, she wanted me to make love to her and the memory of watching Seb fucking her quickly got me hard. The sex was amazing, she even sucked my cock, for only the second time since we wed, and she orgasmed massively as I fucked her. Afterwards, she insisted that I lick her clean, which I had never done before but I found the taste of my own sperm quite pleasant, and Hannah had another massive orgasm, which made the experience all the more enjoyable for me. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, me thinking that had been the most passionate sex we had had ever.

When I woke on the Saturday morning, Hannah was already awake and she clearly wanted sex again which, like the night before, was really passionate again. As we lay enjoying the afterglow, Hannah said “so you found our SH profile then” and it suddenly dawned on me that my discovery on the laptop had been carefully arranged by Hannah. She went on to explain that she had done the profile some time ago in an effort to find out a bit about swinging, as she wanted to spice up our sex life, but she was then inundated with messages from single men, and had found some of them too much to resist.

It was Hannah’s week to have Saturday off work, so we had plenty of time to talk that day, and she told me that the time I saw her with Seb a few days before was the second time she had had sex with him. He had wanted to fuck her bareback and she had given in to him because she so wanted his big cock, but she assured me that she had ever done it without a protection before. I said “so you knew I was watching you” and she said “yes, I was too far gone by the time I realised you were there, so I just let it play out”. She said that her original thought had been for us both to get involved with other couples but she had found that her having sex with other men had become almost addictive. She said that I was the most important man to her, and the life we were building together means everything, but she hoped I would understand her needs.

This all gave me much food for thought, which I was mulling over during the remainder of the weekend. I usually try to have a little nap on Sunday afternoon, in preparation for changing my body clock back to ‘working time’. I was woken a bit earlier than normal by Hannah sliding into bed beside me naked, she told me that telling me everything had made her so horny and she wanted me to “fuck her senseless”. I have always regarded making love to Hannah as just that, a gentle experience with lots of consideration for her needs, but on this occasion, I knew she wanted something different, and we were both like animals satisfying our primal needs. Afterwards, she told me I could do that more often if I wanted to.

When Hannah came home from work on the Monday, our conversation was less about her working day and more about the events of the last few days. She said she assumed I was not going to kick her out, and I replied that I had found my discovery quite arousing. She said that was good, because she wanted to carry on having sex with other men. There was then an awkward silence while I thought about it, before I said I suppose I would have to accept it as one of her needs.

A few weeks later, Hannah said she wanted to meet a guy called Robert who had fucked her a couple of times already. She told me he was a lot older than us, probably mid-50’s, married but his wife had totally lost interest in sex. Hannah said he was nothing special to look at and didn’t have a large cock, but she said he was very considerate to her needs, it almost felt like he was making love to her, and there was never any suggestion he wouldn’t use a condom, which made her feel even more comfortable with him. She said he had even paid for a hotel room the last time they met.

Without thinking about it, I said I would like to meet Robert too, Hannah was surprised initially but she agreed as I seemed to be happy with what she was doing. We arranged to meet in a quiet country pub one lunchtime when Hannah had a day off, he was obviously nervous but when he had relaxed a little, I quite liked the guy. Hannah said afterwards that she was pleased that I liked Robert because she said she really liked having sex with him. Her comment intrigued me a little, but then I realised we were now well into swinging.

Robert’s wife was going away on a weekend trip to Amsterdam with her friends a few weeks later so Hannah invited him for a drink at our place on the Saturday evening. He was a bit nervous to start with, but when Hannah came downstairs wearing a sexy off-the-shoulder dress, clearly no bra and hold-up stockings that showed the tops off as soon as she sat down, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I had told him that Hannah was a lady who had needs, which she thought he could satisfy, to which he replied “well, I will do my best”.

I made an excuse about needing to go to the loo, and deliberately took my time about it so, when I came back downstairs to the front room, they were on the sofa together, kissing and fondling each other. Hannah looked at me as I came into the room, so I said nothing and quietly sat down in the chair opposite them. Robert seemed to realise I was comfortable with what they were doing, as he pulled down the front of Hannah’s dress to reveal her small tits, with nipples that were already standing to attention, which he began to suck. He slid his hand between her thighs and I noticed a look of surprise on his face as she spread her knees apart to reveal no knickers and a freshly shaved pussy.

Hannah grabbed hold of his head to kiss him passionately before she growled “take me upstairs, I need you to fuck me”. They walked out of the lounge hand in hand and, as I had arranged with Hannah beforehand, I stayed there for a couple of minutes to allow them to get comfortable upstairs. When I got to the bedroom, Hannah was already naked on the bed, and Robert was just removing the last of his clothing before climbing onto the bed beside her. I sat down on the chair which we had placed strategically against the wall to one side of the bed. Hannah looked at me a little nervously, so I smiled back at her trying to look confident and I think she realised I was comfortable with what was about to happen.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, I got to understand why Hannah had said she enjoyed the sex with Robert as he seemed to be totally focused on her needs. He went down on her, licking her clitoris until she came repeatedly. He seemed very adept at bringing her to orgasm, before allowing her to calm down and starting again. He kissed her body all over, paying particular attention to her nipples, which seemed to be constantly erect. Eventually, he fucked Hannah, using a condom which he seemed to produce from nowhere. He fucked her in every conceivable position, making her orgasm time and again, without cumming himself, each time finding another way to stimulate her as he pistoned into her willing pussy.

Eventually, he announced that he was cumming and he thrust firmly into her cunt as I watched his buttocks clench, Hannah wrapping her arms firmly around his shoulders and locking her legs behind his back. I had realised not long after they started that I could easily cum in my trousers, so I had released my rampant cock from my trousers and was grasping the head firmly in my fist to prevent my ejaculation. I wanted to save that for my lustful wife later.

After they had calmed down, Robert went off to the bathroom to clean up and dispose of the condom. Hannah and I looked at each other, her lying on the bed naked with her legs still slightly apart, and I could see her pussy lips extended and engorged. She realised I was watching her, so she spread her knees wider and began finger fucking herself. I think we both realised at the same time that we wanted each other so I almost leapt onto the bed and began devouring her nipples. Her arousal from being fucked by Robert quickly returned and she demanded that I fuck her missionary, which I did pumping my sperm into her willing cunt.

By the time we had calmed down, we realised that Robert had come back from the bathroom and was sitting on the chair I had vacated earlier. He commented that watching us making love had been beautiful, so arousing. I noticed that his gaze was focused on Hannah’s pussy as she lay on the bed, where some of my sperm was leaking out. I saw him licking his lips, then glancing at Hannah’s face, which she recognised as him wanting to ask a question. Hannah turned to me and said “I think he wants to clean me up …… please say yes”. How could I refuse Hannah this further pleasure, so I watched with a broad smile on my face as my wife orgasmed repeatedly with his face buried in her wet and sticky cunt.

You will not be surprised to hear that Robert visited us several times after that. In fact, he was the only guy Hannah wanted apart from me, and he even fucked her alone while I was at work. The story did move on, but those developments will have to wait for part 2.