Written by albylew

2 Jun 2010

A true event continued

After removing the blind fold and once she had returned to earth she thanked me and we laughed, we all had a cup of coffee and Chris left. Lyn arranged her own surprise for me with a sexy lady called Joan, this day Joan arrived and after a little small talk, Lyn announced she had to go a collect a parcel at the post office but just before she left she said to me that she wants me to fuck Joan while she is out, at this I was both excited and nervous, so I waited for Joan to be seated in our training room (we ran a training business from home in those days) So I positioned my self behind her and with very nervous hands started massaging her neck and shoulders to which she responded with a gentle pleasure moan so I continued gently edging nearer and nearer to her beautiful breasts, her nipples pointed right through the summer dress she was wearing, by this time my cock was pulsing with passion, I aliped my hands down the front of her dress and gently squeezed her perky tits, I felt her hand slide up the inside of my leg and massage my cock slowly unzipping my fly and guiding my cock to her eager mouth, I slipper her bra off and continued down her stomach to her now moist swollen pussy, I slipped two fingers inside her immediately, she moaned with delight and forced my other fingers inside her with even missing the rhythm of sucking my cock, I helped her up to her feet and led her to the end of the training room where I lay her on the desk top and slide, no ram, my pulsing cock deep into her. She grabbed my buttocks and held me in position where I could feel her pussy pulsing almost sucking on my cock so I held her by the ankles and teased her by slowly sliding my member in and out of her until eventually she went absolutely wild under me until I could resist no more and I pounded her to submission where we both exploded simultaneously, we were still hot when Lyn returned so Joan approached Lyn and started kissing her guiding Lyn’s hands to her pussy Lyn was already hot thinking about what must have gone on between Joan and I So not much to get the party started again Lyn led us both to the bedroom and after eating Joan and driving her wild she directed me to Joan’s pussy where I willingly obliged and fucked her while Lyn was rubbing her clit with one hand and slipping her other fingers into Joan’s pussy together with my cock, I later lay Lyn down and Joan and I fucked her senseless until we all three climaxed and just to exhausted to leave so we fell asleep just where we lay.