Written by Harry & Sue

11 Apr 2017

Hello, my name is Sue. My husband Harry posted an account on here of our recent most enjoyable holiday in our caravan, and I thought you might like to hear what I particularly enjoyed about it. Harry told you how our love life revived a couple of years ago after far too many quiet years and I have to say how much more attentive Harry is now, and it has totally changed (ie. improved) our personal relationship. I can thoroughly recommend an active sex life to anyone who is drifting towards a sexless old age.

I think I realised shortly after we met Jo and Bill that there was something unusual about Jo’s sexual preferences by the way she linked arms with me as we walked along chatting. She seemed to want to be physically close to me despite the fact that we had only just met, so I was not surprised with what she said to me in the ladies loo while we were at the pub. I knew Harry would jump at the idea of going to a swingers’ party, so I let his wishes make the decision for me.

Being in bed with Jo while the 2 young guys wanked themselves was quite an eye-opener for me. It made me realise that a woman has the instinctive knowledge to understand where and how to touch another woman for greatest pleasure. The first time her tongue touched my clit was absolutely electric! Jo was very adept at raising my sexual expectations, allowing me to ride along on the crest of the wave of my orgasm before sliding down the other side. I tried to copy what she was doing to me as much as possible, and I know I made her cum nearly as much as I did, but I was conscious that she wanted to be the dominant partner. We ended up in a 69 position, which was where I found I could make my greatest contribution to her pleasure by plunging my tongue into her pussy as far as I possibly could – as she was also doing to me!

After a while, Jo rolled off me and we lay on our backs side by side on the bed. We had already agreed with the guys that condoms would be used and Jo simply said “so who wants me first” and they decided their initial partners. I was quite surprised that, after being taken to new heights by Jo repeatedly, this young stud was able to make me cum again with his cock. The significance of Jo’s initial comment hadn’t occurred to me but, when they had well and truly fucked us both, they removed and disposed of their condoms, rolled on new ones and changed places! I have to say that I enjoyed my 2nd fucking just as much as the first, and I was able to cum yet again!

It occurred to me afterwards that Jo had set up this ‘event’ while we were circulating downstairs because 2 older guys, I assumed husbands, came into the room while we were fucking the young studs and they clearly wanted to take over when the studs had finished. They both fucked us both so, by the time they had finished, we had both been fucked four times! The next stage, after they had cleaned up and gone downstairs, and Jo and I were having a kiss and cuddle, was that 2 more young guys came into the room, which I don’t think had been pre-arranged by Jo. They asked if they could join us and before I could say anything, Jo had said “oh, yes please” and they were stripping off.

By now, my pussy was quite sore from the pounding I had been given by the four other guys, so I thought I would try to get away with giving my guy a blow job. He was very considerate, not forcing his cock into my mouth, and he even manoeuvred me round so he could finger my cunt while I slurped away on his cock. When he began cumming, I thought I could easily swallow what he produced but he came in buckets and I had to remove his cock from my mouth to swallow and some of it spilled over. When he had finished, he got off the bed to clean up what I had not managed to swallow and, to my surprise, he rolled a condom onto his still-erect cock and moved back onto the bed. Whilst he had been quite gentle with my mouth, he was much more assertive with my pussy but the fact that I was still sore down there was soon forgotten by the pounding he gave me. He fucked me missionary, cow-girl with me on top and finished off with doggy and I orgasmed in each position. By the time he filled the condom and climbed off, his friend was standing at the side of the bed, condom in hand and with an erect cock. Jo said “go girl” which he took as a positive reply from me, rolled on the condom and slid into me. I don’t remember much about the fuck with him, other than it didn’t last as long as his friend and I was definitely very sore after it.

The most important thing I learned from the week’s events was the difference between making love, as I do with Harry every time, and recreational sex with other people which is more varied and feels like simple animal pleasure. However, it does not come close to the emotional closeness that making love to Harry gives me. I am still thinking how to categorise the sex with Jo.

After ‘making love’ to Jo, I think I would have agreed to anything she said so it was a done deal when she and Bill offered to teach us about anal sex. I think I always assumed that it would be Bill who popped my anal cherry and very nice it was too. Jo was absolutely right when she said that the orgasm from anal sex was a bit special. Also, for both Harry and I, being taught separately by someone with experience made it feel even better. Harry is very keen to DP me with someone else sometime soon and I know that Bill would be a willing volunteer!

After all the new experiences and pleasure we enjoyed at the party that night, not to mention our initial swap with Jo and Bill in their caravan, my greatest pleasure still comes from making love to my very special Harry.

Lots of love.