Written by Who_said_that

22 Dec 2009


Whilst in my final year at university I decided to move away from a shared student house and into a basement flat on my own. Ostentatiously to help my studies but in reality it served simply to give me more privacy.

The flat was the basement of a large Victorian house with my own access but shared access to the gardens. The owner of the main house and my land lady was a buxom forty something woman called Sue. I soon found out Sue was a good laugh as we always stopped for a chat when we saw each other in the shared space and these chats were always convivial.

As is often the way with student life I was at home with very little to do on a dull winters afternoon so I got undressed and took myself to bed with a bottle of lube and a dirty mind.

Laying down I flicked on the stereo and rubbed lube into my hand. Dirty thoughts raced through my mind and my cock hardened. Dripping lube on my now hard dick I took it in hand and gently started to jerk myself off.

Closing my eyes I was soon lost in my own fantasy world oblivious to anything going on around me. As my excitement grew my hand movements became more frantic and my other hand gently cupped my balls. Closer and closer I came to spurting when suddenly my peace was disturbed by a gentle sigh.

I looked up and at the door to my bedroom I saw my land lady Sue, her eyes fixed on my cock and a dirty smile on her face. Seeing me look up her eyes flicked from my cock to my face and she licked her lips.

"You really shouldn't waste that on your hand when your land lady is just upstairs, divorced and horny" she said.

My mind was racing, what should I say....

"How long have you been standing there" was the best I could manage.

"Long enough to know that cock needs seeing to" she said, grinning playfully.

All I could do was smile sheepishly, slowly removing my hand from my cock and a flush running through my cheeks.

"Don't be embarrassed, it's perfectly natural... and that is a lovely dick. Now I have to go out in a moment so I don't have much time but I really think I should help you out with that."

As she walked over and sat beside me on the bed I had time to look her over in a new light. She was certainly a sexy woman. Her long, dark, wavy hair fell over her shoulder and over the straps of her dress showing off her pale skin. Her lips were full and she was wearing a pale pink lip stick, thoughts of long blow jobs ran through my mind as I kept looking further down. Her body was perfect, just a little chubby with big bouncing tits and a lovely curvy round arse. Her dress was knee length so I couldn't tell if she wore stocking or tights but whatever they were the black nylon looked so sexy against her black leather heels.

As she sat on the edge of the bed facing me she crossed her legs giving me the briefest glimpse to her thighs (which I now knew were covered by tights).

"Stop looking up my dress and pass me the lube you naughty boy" she giggled.

Obediently and not really knowing what else to do I reached over and passed her the lube which she opened and applied to her hands without taking her eyes off of me.

"Christ Sue, you are so horny" I moaned, almost gasped, as she first touched my cock. Her manicured finger nails traced a line down the under side of my cock from the tip right down to my balls. My cock twitched and she giggled again taking it into her hand fully, wrapping her fingers around it and squeezing softly.

"You are so, so hard young man. What are we going to do with this?" she asked, slowly tugging my foreskin back and forth.

"What you are doing right now is going to make me cum pretty quick if you keep it up" I groaned, my cock starting to throb.

"Mmm, good. Like I said we have to be quick now but don't worry, if you are around this evening I will give you a treat." Her hand movements started to increase in urgency and she leaned over to lick the tip of my cock. Slowly and deliberately she licked the whole of the head of my dick before taking it in her mouth and sucking, making it wet and even closer to cumming.

"It tastes great too, we are going to have a lot of fun you sexy boy. Now when you are ready to shoot let me know, I want you to make sure you get every last drop in my mouth" she moaned, the head of my cock still in her mouth.

Her hand started to squeeze my cock harder and jerk it faster and she pulled her mouth away from my cock.

"I don't want to get any on my dress!" she giggled.

I could feel my cum rising in my balls so I told her and she wrapped her lips around my cock again continuing to jerk it off. In only a few delicious moments I was shooting my load deep into her mouth and throat. One, two, three, four, thick streams of spunk shot into her and she swallowed gamely.

"Oh fuck Sue" I gasped.

"Oh fuck indeed, that tasted great. Mmm, such a big load." She smiled, licked her lips and continued. "Now I have to go into town, I'll call you later to let you know what time I will be down tonight. That is if you want to have a little more fun...."

You can imagine what my answer to that was!

More to follow.