Written by andyabby1

6 Jun 2012

Firstly let me tell you a little about ourselves. I am Andy and my wife of 25 years is Abby. The stories I want to tell you about may be a little tamer than is normal in most recollections but I can assure you that they are 100% true albeit with minor embellishments due to the passage of time.

This starts around nearly 20 years ago Abby was in her early thirties and I am 5 years older than her. If I can describe Abby as extremely good looking with shoulder length blonde hair, very slim (8 -10 dress size), small boobs with lovely large nipples and a gorgeous bum.

We both had good professional jobs and due to work commitments only able to get out at weekends. We certainly made the most of that with good meals and clubbing.

I had had experiences of threesomes and foursomes in the past with my first wife. It ended poorly with her leaving me for one of the guys we were sleeping with. Hazards of this type of activity and I swore that with Abby I would not get her involved in that type of sexual activity.

Abby, who I said was very attractive and had no problems pulling other guys had limited experience in terms of numbers in that she had had only 4 previous steady boyfriends and a single one night stand (I think there was more but she will not tell).With her first steady she had given a blowjob which caused her to throw up as the spunk hit the back of her throat and this put her off giving a full BJ in the future. Another boyfriend, who was 10 years older than her 20, preferred to give anal and she told me that he took her in the arse more than in her fanny. She loved that!

Anyway as I said I had not intended asking Abby to participate in any sexual activities involving others. Intention is one thing but the thought of Abby taking a hard cock from another guy really turned me on and we often discussed this particularly when having sex. It did seem to turn Abby on.

Our first try came after a night out at a club. The owner John, who Abby had known for a few years, asked us if we wanted to stay behind and have a drink while he cashed up. The music in the club was kept going and Abby was dressed in a shortish, thin cotton dress with only a small pair of knickers on underneath.

John asked me if it was alright to have a dance with Abby and I agreed. I watched them get closer together and become more intimate with John kissing her neck and his hand on the top of her bum pushing her hips into his. We decided it was time to go home and asked John if he wanted to come back which he was happy to do.

As it was starting to become light we had a quick drink at home and John fell asleep on the settee. Abby and I went to bed and we talked about the club and I asked her if she fancied a threesome with John to which she said yes.

She got out of the bed and put on a very small thin robe and went back downstairs with the intention of bringing him back but it was 20 minutes later when she came back to bed on her own.

I said “well” and said that John was not into sharing and would I kiss her. Thinking she felt rejected I kissed her and to my surprise I could taste spunk on her lips and in her mouth. She said that when she got downstairs John was asleep but lay naked on the settee so she decided to wake him up with a blowjob. She had not intended to go as far as bringing him off but had felt a hand behind her head holding her in place until he came in her mouth within a short time and she swallowed it all. After a few fumbles she came back to bed and told me she had enjoyed swallowing his cum and would I fuck her now

After this we decided we would indulge our fantasies a little more and had a number of guys for threesomes and the occasional solo plus Abby had an affair with her boss which you might like to hear about.

Let us have some feedback and I can let you into some more of our sexual encounters.