Written by Mrs H

12 Jan 2015

We are a married couple, Mr H is 28 and I am 27 the idea of another man joining us had been a long standing fantasy and one which we shared vocally, very regularly in the bedroom.

Following discussions of turning fantasy into reality, ground rules were set and I decided I wasn't going to let just anyone join us. I wanted a well kept, older man to lavish his experience all over my willing body.

Trawling through the messages from willing participants in response to our profile, one in particular caught our attention. Tom, 41, a professional gentleman, intelligent with a body most 20 something year olds would be envious of and a cock that got me wet just thinking about it.....he was the one!

Conflicting schedules scuppered any plans of a quick meet, but what followed was almost 2 months of daily filthy messages, photos and videos. Much to Mr H's delight this left me a horny mess, craving orgasm after orgasm. The mundane drive to work in the morning had even become exciting, imagining what that days filthy messages from Tom would contain or more so what he would make me do. I never imagined stripping naked in the toilet at work and sending him the proof or making myself cum in my car sat in my workplaces car park. I had to have this man and I would have pretty much done anything he asked to please him.

Finally the date was set, the nerves were kicking in but Mr H and I were still fully enjoying the thought of our upcoming evening with Tom.

When we met, we decided a drink would be a good ice breaker before heading separately to the booked hotel room. As per Tom's suggestion I was dressed minus any underwear.

Once in the room Mr H kissed and undressed me while Tom watched and started to undress.

I was soon on the bed, on all fours Tom stood at the foot of the bed wanking his impressive cock whilst Mr H started fucking me from behind. I couldn't wait to have Tom's cock in my mouth and with that I started to slide my tongue up and down his hard shaft, then taking as much of him as possible inside my mouth whilst Mr H fucked me.

I came several times which left me a quivering wreck but Tom continued to fuck my mouth until his cum dribbled out and dripped down onto my tits. I was hungry for more and I was soon laid on my back, Mr H in between my legs fucking my wet pussy whilst Tom pinned my hands above my head and fed me his cum which had dribble down onto my tits earlier. I wanted Tom's big cock inside me so badly but he firstly set to work kissing my pussy, then lapping away on my clit until I came.

I shuddered as Tom's cock pushed inside me for the first time, stretching me gently and then fucking me hard as I sucked Mr H's cock at the same time. I was in complete ecstasy, taking two cocks at the same time quickly tipped me over the edge...again.

At a point where I thought I couldn't possibly take anymore Tom ordered me on top and I rode his big cock until I felt him cum inside me (albeit safely!) but he wasn't quite done with me yet, he fucked me slowly and deeply from behind, his hand working away at my clit whilst Mr H fucked my mouth.

Now my fantasy was well and truly fulfilled it was time for Mr H to have his fulfilled too. Still on all fours, Tom pulled his cock out from my now well used pussy and wanked until he squirted his cum over the soles of my feet. Mr H was wanking his throbbing cock and when I pushed my cum covered toes into his mouth to clean up he couldn't hold on any longer and came.

All expectations were certainly met that night, can only hope for a repeat one day!