Written by horny nudist

26 Dec 2010

I have shared my wife many times over the past twenty years and have enjoyed watching her getting it on with other guys immensely. She,s always loved sex and seems never to have had enough. It was with my encouragement and at my suggestion she first flashed a stranger but she was so turned on by that first experience I have never needed to push her to do it again. She is always flashing guys and we both love it. There was one thing we had never experienced though. I loved reading stories about women in adult cinemas and for a long time had wanted to try that but there was nowhere close to us where we could do anything. We were in Sydney on holidays and had spent the day at Lady Jane beach, a nudist beach in the harbour where we often go when we,re down that way. It had been a fun day with my wife doing a lot of flashing laying with her legs apart showing a lot of cunt and we had attracted much attention since she was the only woman on the beach. We were both very turned on even though she hadn,t managed to do any more than flash. As we travelled back to the city on the ferry I suggested we find an adult cinema and watch some porn and she agreed. As is always the case the little theatre was all men, the raincoat brigade. We took a seat in the back row and I immediately slid my hand between her legs. She had no panties on and I ran my finger along her slit. She was wearing a dress that was almost knee length but which buttoned up front and she and she obligingly undid the lower buttons to make it easier for me. Within a minute we had a guy move closer to us to watch. I whispered to my wife to have a look as he already had his cock out. When she looked his way he began wanking it for her as he watched me playing with her cunt. It wasn,t long before others moved closer as well and within just a few minutes every guy in the theatre which was about 8 of them were around us watching and wanking and no one was watching the movie. I undid a few of the top buttons on my wifes dress so she was showing some tit and when I stopped she took over undoing the last two buttons and opening her dress up so she was sitting there virtually naked. There were a couple of guys in front of us kneeling on there seats watching and as she opened her dress up he reached over for a feel of her cunt asking did I mind. I pulled my hand away letting him have a go and he slid a couple of fingers in her cunt making her moan. With that it was like everyone seemed to move closer and she was getting hands all over her feeling her tits and her cunt and then they started cumming. One guy blew on her leg and another on her tit. She grabbed one cock that was ready to explode in her face directing his spunk onto her belly. By the time she called enough most of the guys including me had shot a load over her and she had spunk everywhere. One guy offered her a handkerchief to clean up with but even so she was still a mess as we headed for the exit. The guy at the front counter grinned as we walked by and said to us to have a nice night. My wife stopped in her tracks and turning to face him opened her dress which she had only half buttoned and asked if he had a tissue to clean up the mess with. He told her to come round the counter and with me and most the guys from the cinema watching he opened her dress up and began wiping her down. When he got to her fanny he slid his finger into her and looking at me and grinning asked did she have any in there. “Not yet”she said “But I wouldn,t mind” He turned her round and bent her over the counter and slid his cock into her and fucked her while we all watched.