8 Apr 2018

I have advertised as a single male on Craigslist a few times. Asking to watch couples fuck and in their most intimate moments really is my thing, Happy just to watch and if asked to join in, well that's a bonus! Had several replies, of course there's the usual timewasters nut have met a few genuine people and had some fun with them. A couple were c2c but most have been real live meets.

Most couples I meet are over 40 which is fine by me. Then, one day, I got a reply from a very young couple, Rebecca and Tony. Rebecca was just 19 years old with long dark hair and a stunning figure. Tony was 22 and must admit a good looking guy. Because their profile was so much out of the norm I was a little suspicious from the off thinking here we go with a timewaster.

After we exchanged a few e-mails I changed my mind and thought this was for real. They lived about 30 miles away. Did I travel to them, them to me or meet halfway? In the end we decided to meet in the middle at a quite bar we both knew. I arrived a little early and after a quick look inside could see they hadn't arrived so went back and sat in my car. Time passed, and about 15 mins after they were supposed to arrive still no sign. Do I wait or do I go? Decided to give it 10 more mins then put it down to experience. If they were scammers they had done a pretty good job!

A short while later a car pulled up a couple of bays from me and I could see it was them. Rebecca looked stunning! They got out of their car and as they made their way towards the entrance I called over to them. Full of apologies for being late Tony explained he'd misplaced his car keys and they had driven like the wind to get here. I told them how I was almost about to leave, stupidly I'd left my mobile phone at home and couldn't get hold of them. We laughed and joked in the car park which turned out to be a really good icebreaker.

While Rebecca went to freshen up Tony explained to me this was their first sexual adventure like together. They were both nervous and excited. He explained they felt more comfortable with a more mature person and both had a desire to be watched fucking. Strictly no touching or other contact but I could get in very close and we would chat and talk amongst us as things developed. I said that was fine by me.

A few minutes later Rebecca came back and Tony gave her a wink which I think was confirmation we had agreed the rules of play. We had a lively conversation which became more and more erotic as time went on. They touched each other lovingly and shad a kiss or two sitting right opposite me. When I suggested another drink Rebecca said why don't we go and find somewhere nice and quiet. Tony just sat and smiled.

As we walked across the car park Rebecca put both her arms round mine pulling me into her body and whispered how much she was looking forward to being watched having sex. We drove somewhere quiet, not a dogging spot as we didn't want disturbing. We parked side by side and they had a kiss and cuddle together before getting out and coming into my car.

They both got in the back while I stayed in the drivers seat in front. As we all talked together they began kissing and feeling each other's bodies. Although dark there was enough light to see where their hands were wandering. In no time I had my cock out and was playing with myself as things went on. Soon Tony had Rebecca's blouse opened, she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see him fondling and kissing her pert breasts. He turned his attention lower down her lovely body swiftly removing her jeans then pulling her panties off. There was this gorgeous 19 year old girl writhing on the seat of my car wearing almost nothing. She pulled his jeans off then proceeded to suck his cock, quickly at first before taking it nice and slowly.

I had moved over to the passenger seat and dropped the backrest down so was as close as I could possibly get to them. It was fantastic! Rebecca sat astride Tony and I saw his cock slide deep inside her. She was loving it and of course I was giving words of encouragement as she bounced up and down.

They shifted position so Tony could fuck her doggy style. Rebecca was facing me, her head almost on my lap and one hand on my thigh very close to my cock but not quite touching it. She was very excited and moaning as Tony pounded her from behind.

At one point she asked me to kiss her, driving my tongue deep inside her throat we kissed passionately. I could feel her body shaking with excitement. She asked Tony to come inside her which he did while kissing me. It was fantastic!

They suggested we go back for another drink. This time we sat in a corner with Rebecca in the middle of Tony and me. It was hard to imagine that just a very short time ago I had been so close to this lovely couple fucking. I knew exactly what Rebecca was like underneath her clothing and how lovely she looked. Rebecca reminded us she was full of Tony's sperm still inside her juicy cunt and she could feel it dripping out of her. Dirty girl!

We all agreed it had been fun and we would meet again. We did, and still do, but that's another story if you want to hear it.